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The Festival Reporter

July 9, 2014, AAB

IAmsterdam Festival Reporter - July 2014Natwerk was asked to promote The Summer of Amsterdam, a theme that celebrates everything there is to do in Amsterdam this summer. The agency came up with The Festival Reporter; comedian Sina Khani will show the diversity of Amsterdam’s 300 summer festivals. And probably thanks to the success of Bart’s Fish Tales on Instagram, the agency again chose for this snappy medium. Maybe a little too snappy, if you watch this ‘report’ of last weekend’s Pitch festival. But then again, way more dynamic than just putting up these huge ‘IAmsterdam’ signs throughout the city.

Your home reproduced

July 2, 2014, AAB

Not many people know that the famous ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’ painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665, is located at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Many people however have a reproduction on their wall. Combine this insight with the Mauritshuis’ request to make the chic museum more approachable and you might just come up with the idea to bring the Mauritshuis to the people’s homes. However, Koen, together with sister Publicis, turned the activation around and brought a New York apartment into the Mauritshuis. A little odd, but that’s exactly why it sticks. And if you want your home reproduced in the Mauritshuis, you need to take a picture of your reproduction and upload it on the museum’s Facebook page. Directed by Maurice Heesen (Smarthouse) and filmed by Lennard Hillege. Sound by Robin Schlösser (Studio deKeuken) and Soundtrack Dandelion by The Black Atlantic.

Sell Your Selfie

May 22, 2014, AAB

Energize-Sell-Your-Selfie---May-2014In the series; ask potential juniors to advertise themselves to your agency through social media, here’s another one; Energize asks potential interns to make an Instagram selfie with the hashtag #SellYourSelfie. Not too complicated, but interesting enough. Oh, and don’t forget to include @EnergizeAMS in your post. Here are some other social media application-activations we came across in the past years: Snapchat, Vine and Draw Something.

Phonetic bird tweets

May 20, 2014, AAB

Vogelbescherming-TwietTwietWeek---May-2014The Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds (Vogelbescherming) organises the National Bird Week – from 17 till 25 May. A week that aims to stimulate people to discover new birds. But instead of urging people to go out with their binoculars, the society has given 140 birds a voice through Twitter – how appropriate. Phonetically you can study the sounds of typical Dutch birds, such as the tomtit (“pienk tiek-tiek, pittik. Pruu-tie, pruu-tie, tie-tie-fuu tie-fwie-fwie”), blackbird and magpie – that latter can be quite annoying, we already knew. And of course the less ubiquitous birds are represented through a special Twitter handle: @twiettwietweek. Fortunately every tweet also contains a link to the actual sound, cause reading the phonetics requires some skill – as the tomtit clearly proves. Created by THEY.


March 20, 2014, AAB

NextframeLast month we wrote about Absolut’s creative collaboration project #Nextframe, with Brazilian graphic novel creator Rafael Grampá and Red Knucles (who is behind the 3D animations for the band Gorillaz), inviting consumers to co-create an animated film. The ideas for the characters and storyline came in through the brand’s Facebook page, and were transformed from 2D characters into 3D. The final result was presented last weekend at creative hub MADE in Berlin. We didn’t really get the plot – which shows how difficult creative collaborations are – but it is a beautiful film nevertheless.

Don’t play this in your car

November 7, 2013, AAB

This game links your mobile to your desktop and makes you experience what it’s like to Tweet, chat, and Like while driving. Sounds like a convincing concept. It was created by N=5 (concept and commercial) and Media Monks (game and sound) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environmental affairs. But don’t play this in your car, cause it’s quite complicated to get it working. First we had to visit this URL on our mobile, then we had to fill out a special code, then we had to send a text message to our opponent (which was a random opponent, since we didn’t want to bother our Facebook friends), then we had to connect to Facebook on our mobile with our password, and then… ‘wrong password.’ So we gave up. But the film more or less conveys what the game is like, so we got the picture anyway.

Update: MediaMonks urged us to play the game anyway. After looking up our Facebook password, we did. We have to admit it does let you experience what it’s like to combine driving with mobile/social activities. MediaMonks is now working on a desktop-only version. But if you want to experience the real thing, try it in combination with your mobile


July 31, 2013, AAB

Fitzroy UN-trouble - July 2013Last week the UN announced that more than 100.000 people have died so far in Syria. On top of that, more than 1.6 million people having fled their homes. Fitzroy developed a visual petition, to raise awareness for this war – and, let’s be honest, for their own agency. On a special website you can upload a photo of yourself, making the peace sign, create your own Syria-logo, and share it on Facebook. It reminded us of an activation initiated by the Dutch Red Cross of a few months ago for Syria as well; people were asked to make a heart with their hands and share it. This is one looks much sexier. The question remains though whether it will “make President Bashar Hafez al-Assad understand that this war has to end.” Or whether it will trouble the UN at all.

Vine Something

June 12, 2013, AAB

FHV BBDO - June 2013Vine, the newest, hippest social medium on the block, allows you to make your own visual stop motion ‘tweets’. At FHV BBDO they are using it to find a new intern, who knows what’s happening online – “information specialist” they call it. Even if you can read Dutch the loop contains a little too much information; you need to watch it a few times to be able to read the full text. In fact, only when reading the message for the fifth time, we found out that you need to apply for this role through Vine – using the hashtag #work4fhv. But maybe our slow reading makes us unfit for the job. Anyway, quite a nice idea. It reminded us of this application procedure through Draw Something by Muse.

Must see map?

February 19, 2013, AAB

This concept, conceived by Code d’Azur for KLM, feels a bit like going back in time. It turns your socially crowdsourced travel tips into a ‘Must See Map,’ a physical (read: paper) map. Though an attractive idea, we don’t really see the added value above asking on Facebook things like “Does anyone know a good restaurants in Rome?” Besides from being a little anachronistic, the concept also entails a Catch 22; only when you have enough crowdscourced tips, the paper map becomes interesting. But if you are socially active enough online to gather enough travel tips, you’re probably not the kind of person to use this kind of map – which takes, mind you, three weeks to be delivered on your doorstep. So, pretty superfluous. But, as we’re used from KLM, art direction-wise it looks pretty slick.

Movie Match

February 13, 2013, AAB

Internet provider XS4ALL, one of the first internet providers on the market, prides itself in being a bit nerdy. In its past campaigns real employees – with somewhat alternative looks – played an important role in explaining that the company has a technical (read: geeky) background and cares about its customers – a unique positioning in the commodity market of internet access. Anyway, interactive agency bone came up with this online activation to promote the 100 films free to watch together with one of its packages. The activation is all about guessing classic film scenes impersonated by, again, real XS4ALL employees. You can challenge your friends through a Facebook log-in and measure who knows his classics best.