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Ramon Stalenhoef
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June 4, 2014, AAB

Ramon Stalenhoef - The Experience Photography ProjectRamon Stalenhoef‘s business card reads Creative Director Copy (at SSSS & Orchestra), but besides that he is also an avid photographer. Sometimes he can take his passion for photography to work – like when he did the photos for SSSS’ recent, quite distinctive Van Gils campaign. However, his love for photography really flourishes in his free time and he has thus built up quite a portfolio. That’s why ADCN chose him, among others, to exhibit his work at their special Gallery within the KunstRAI - a public art fair showcasing Dutch fine arts, styling and design. Stalenhoef’s exhibition “The Experience Photography Project,” starting today today and closing on June 9 – is a series of landscape photographs, with each piece representing a special experience. And since experiences can’t be expressed in monetary value his works are not for sale. Instead Stalenhoef asks his viewers to offer him a new photogenic experience (a special trip or project for a good cause), and in exchange they receive one or more prints in return.

Manuel Ferrari
Amsterdam Ad Blog

December 2, 2013, AAB

2013 12 Manuel Ferrari sketches MINI

We already spotted Manuel Ferrari, who is animation director at post production house The Ambassadors, a while ago when the films he did for Part of a Bigger Plan impressed us – this film, for example. Last month he impressed us again with the ‘Mini-auctions’ film that he created together with Kingsday. When Ferrari finished the storyboard, he only had 3 weeks to make everything; from design to directing and animating the film. We asked him three questions about the process. More…

Billy Pols
Amsterdam Ad Blog

November 5, 2013, AAB

Zombie by Billy PolsDirector Billy Pols recently did a commercial for Transavia together with hazazaH, the production company that represents him in the Netherlands. Though in itself craftfully made, that’s not the reason why we’ve made him Talent of the Month. The reason is the recent release of an impressive teaser for the documentary Zombie he shot over the past years with skateboarder Tim Zom, who is sponsored by Nike.

We asked Pols how this project came about:
A few years ago, after making the multiple award-winning documentary
 Plank, I was approached by Dutch TV broadcaster BNN and asked if I would 
be interested in making a feature length documentary on any
 subject I liked.
 I was slightly hesitant at first, since making a feature length 
documentary is no joke, but told them about Tim 
Zom – who I knew from my own skateboarding days – and the kind of film I wanted to make about him. What I like about Tim is that he is not your typical clean-shaven Nike sponsor material. He is actually the kind of guy who was dealt a very bad hand in life, but who was able to escape destiny by 
being an extremely talented skateboarder.
 To my surprise the project was approved in no time.More…

Bram van Alphen
Amsterdam Ad Blog

September 12, 2013, AAB

2013 09 Bram van Alphen The RingDirector Bram van Alphen (Caviar), recently released another one of his personal films; The Ring, a short that shows a fierce cockfight on a small peninsula on Bali, Indonesia. Van Alphen started making these kind of shorts in 2011 – other examples: The Cage, shot in NYC in 2011, and The Fairground, shot in Amsterdam last year. He makes these intuitive films because he every now and then likes to get away from the big ad productions – things like the scripts, PPM’s, crew, and the post production. By handling the camera himself, he can be nimble, react on things that happen spontaneously, and behave like a fly on the wall. The style he uses for his shorts is inspired by street photography, which means it’s about that one decisive 1/100th of a second you capture a special moment; never conceptual or with a narrative, but with a poetic touch. His shorts are like a tabloid vivant, a living moment in time, but shot from different angles and edited simultaneously as well as chronologically. For The Ring he added the sound of a boxing match to show the fight with a different perspective, to convey our aggressive nature. Personally he felt ambivalence after the fight; the cocks seemed to be treated with respect, but their death felt rather meaningless.

Wawa Wang
Amsterdam Ad Blog

June 17, 2013, AAB

Wawa Wang posters - June 2013We received this message from Wawa Wang: “I’m a creative who has recently moved to Europe in hope of living the dream (experiencing the European lifestyle). Currently, I’m based in London, mainly because I have good friends who’ve offered me their couch, but I’m really hoping to find a place in an agency in Amsterdam. Since I’ve made the move, a lot of people have told me to get an Art Director. So I was wondering if you could help me with my search.” Wawa Wang was born in Taiwan, raised in Auckland, New Zealand, and has worked for a while in Sydney. Well, Wawa, we’d love to help you experience the European lifestyle, and since we very much like your posters, we’ve just made you ‘Talent of the month’!

Michael Middelkoop & Sharif Abd el Mawla
Amsterdam Ad Blog

May 10, 2013, AAB
Michael Middelkoop and Sharif Abd el Mawla

Partly Egyptian, partly Congolese and partly Dutch; from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Michael Middelkoop (art) and Sharif Abd el Mawla met during their Media studies at the University of Amsterdam seven years ago. The two friends first worked apart, then together on music videos and TV and film production before officially becoming an advertising team. Starting as interns at Strangelove in Amsterdam, they made a video that we featured back in 2011, celebrating Ajax and Amsterdam. During their next stop at Pool Worldwide they, amongst other projects, created a video for Greenpeace’s Fashion Victims, which also caught our attention. The duo’s latest work is a collaboration with Dutch singer Anouk and insurance company Centraal Beheer. As part of the most recent ‘Even Apeldoorn Bellen’ commercial (uniquely made by Pool and not DDB), they created several short videos, fictionally shot mobile-phone-style to create some rumor around the actual commercial. Here‘s one. The videos show Anouk drunk out of her skull before she wakes up in the actual commercialThis project also marks their farewell to Pool Worldwide. That’s why these talents are “looking for a new pool to swim in“. If you want to learn more about them check out their site, hire them, and make sure we can feature some more work in the future.

Rutger Paulusse a.k.a. Gwer
Amsterdam Ad Blog

April 8, 2013, AAB

Rutger Paulusse - Ford KaRutger Paulusse (29), or Gwer, is a complete sucker for type. Directly after he finished St. Joost in 2009, an education for graphic design, he started freelancing in Amsterdam. He then moved to New York to work for illustration agency Vault49, and recently moved back to Amsterdam. Though Paulusse especially likes to work with authentic materials, such as pencils, paper and ink, he also works with 3D software. This makes Paulusse a versatile designer, working on all sorts of illustrative typography; from custom lettering to CGI illustrations. One of Paulusse’s most recent jobs, via Ogilvy and Artbox, was making 30 custom ‘word images’ for a campaign for the Ford Ka – some sketches here. Other work of Rutger Paulusse can be found on his website.

Jan-Willem de Man ‘y’ Frenkel Schönfeld
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 15, 2013, AAB

The only resemblance between this film and creative team Jan-Willem de Man (art) & Frenkel Schönfeld (copy) is that they have brown and blond hair respectively and did meet in Nerja, close to Malaga in Spain, around April 2001. Oh, and they are both very fond of Spain. When we asked Schönfeld, did you really have that fight, he answered: “No, but we probably both thought the other was a bit of a douchebag. I had a bleach-blond-fail hairdo and Jan-Willem was a preppy adolescent with a Honda SS50. At that point we couldn’t have imagined ending up working together in advertising.” But they did. And still do. They started as a team at CCCP, working on – among other brands – The Dutch Maritime Museum. For this museum they created a take-over on Dutch news site and filled it with ‘Spanified Dutch news’ to show that the Netherlands would probably still be reigned by Spain, if the Dutch hadn’t sailed the seas in the Golden Age. After 3.5 years CCCP, they joined Taxi in 2012, where they still work.

Amsterdam Ad Blog

November 2, 2012, AAB

We’re launching a new item on Amsterdam Ad Blog, called ‘Talent of the month.’ The section is for talented people who have the ambition to work in advertising or have just entered the world of advetrising and want to share one of their portfolio ideas. Here’s our first pick; Daniel Disselkoen. He just finished the Royal Academy of Arts in the The Hague, where he conceived the Man-Eater. This video explains how it works. For four years Disselkoen each day took the same tram to the Art Academy. He got bored looking out of the window, seeing more or less the same thing every day. That’s how he came up with the this idea to make his and his fellow passangers’ journey more exciting. Disselkoen ends his e-mail to us with “Man-eater is coming to Amsterdam soon.” Well, we’re looking forward to it.