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In memoriam: Steven Craenmehr

March 14, 2014,

Steven CraenmehrYesterday I woke up to the news of an incident at SXSW. Some drunken idiot had run through a barricade and into a crowd. Two people were killed, many others badly injured. I found myself doing a quick check to see if there was anyone there I know, then figured what are the odds and dismissed the possibility altogether. Only hours later I found out that one of the fatalities was Massive Music’s Steven Craenmehr and the world came to a grinding halt. More…

Explicit Tours

November 1, 2013, AAB

Stedelijk Malevich Explicit tour - November 2013Especially for the Museum Night, this Saturday, Achtung! developed an app with which you can look at the Malevich exhibition in the Stedelijk with some layman commentary of Dutch celebs. They say things like: “He must have been on mushrooms when painting this” and “You can get all philosophical about this, but it’s not much more than a black square.” We’d be more interested in the expert’s point of view, but we also never visit a museum at night. And since the Museum Night aims to draw a younger (read: less experienced) audience into the Amsterdam museums, this concept might just work. The app is developed by Antenna and can be downloaded here (Apple) and here (Android)

In memoriam: Melinda Eskell

June 11, 2013,

Melinda EskellTaking complaints at the gas company in Australia. Singing jazz and learning to cook at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. These are just some of the things you may not know about the extraordinary Melinda Eskell if you only read the trade announcements that she has left us. It’s these lesser-known things I’d like to save, here in this corner of the Internet, while I try to say goodbye to a dear friend and mentor.

Mel was my boss for a couple of years at StrawberryFrog Amsterdam. Within the first month of her arrival, she invited the entire agency to a cocktail party at her home. That was her modus operandi. She couldn’t know you unless she fed you. Feeding people was her way of showing she cared, her way of giving before she even knew you. More…

Tame the beast
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 26, 2013, AAB

Barber Tame The Beast - March 2013Created by 180 Amsterdam for the überhip new barber Barber in the Binnen Oranjestraat 24 that not just does shaves and trims, but also offers you a whiskey when they’re taming your beast.

Art of Raw

February 18, 2013, AAB

When you sell jeans, you could tell people you have this great fit. You can also show a model or a celeb wearing your garment. After all, if someone beautiful or famous wears it, it must be worth wearing. Or you make an awesome animation that shows how cotton turns into denim. In December, when we covered the move of adman Peter Hamelinck to G-Star, we wrote: “We hope he’ll be able to add some concept to the world of fashion.” But when you make a film like this – dubbed ‘Art of Raw’ – you don’t need a real concept – we don’t even care why they chose to dress the skeleton of a dog in denim. This film simply makes the brand desirable – full stop. The idea was conceived by G-Star’s creative team and the animation made by Glassworks Amsterdam – made and directed in-house by the Head of the 3D department, Rudiger Kaltenhauser.

We just WordPressed to say…

February 15, 2013, AAB

…we love this topical ad from Vodafone and THEY to celebrate Valentine’s day – click for full image. Doesn’t need much explanation. Which is actually what makes good ads.

The DrawSomething winner

August 15, 2012, AAB

A while ago we wrote about Muse recruiting an intern via a very original contest. They used DrawSomething to find the best artist. Over a 1000 games were played and this video shows the result. Strangely enough the winning drawing isn’t part of this film. When we asked about that Muse told us that the responsible person at Muse left and that the winning intern is on holidays. So nobody knows. Anyway, we still love it and congrats, Hidde Stokvis.