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December 9, 2013, AAB

Poopy PetsThis is what TBWA wrote us when sending us their ‘viral‘; “Poopy Pets is not TBWA’s largest client, but it is a very likable, local, start-up that produces disposable, biodegradable litter boxes named Poopy Cat.” At first we had our doubts, but then we all of a sudden remembered the wise words of John St. and realised TBWA has created a winner.

What’s in a name?

November 28, 2013, AAB

Painful, if you recognize yourself in this film as the expert who tells Michael Mikrivaz (anagram for Kazimir Melevich) that Malevich’ work is not good enough to enter the art academy. It reminded us of Banksy selling his work incognito for $60 apiece and hardly selling any. Rumor has it that Achtung! made this. The agency recently created the Explicit Tours for the Stedelijk Museum, and apparently they wanted to give the Malevich exhibition a bit of a boost. You can thus see it as after sales services – and a bit of fun for the agency, of course.

Bound for more crap

November 26, 2013, AAB

We’ve all seen the new video clip by Kanye West and his naked Kim Kardashian by now; Bound 2. Though we first thought Kanye had taken bad taste to the next level, we found out it’s actually quite an intelligent film – apparently Kanye uses the paint brush art of racist Americans to disarm them of their symbols. Anyway, mobile provider Hi, recently introducing ‘#morecrap from the web’ and thus recognizing crap when it sees some, picked it up hoping to be able to lift on all the publicity around it. The agency responsible for #morecrap, FHV BBDO, denies to have anything to do with it. So, let’s just say this is one big coincidence…

Budget retirement
Amsterdam Ad Blog

November 13, 2013, AAB

Delta Lloyd Budget Retirement - Nov. 2013Insurer Delta Lloyd’s briefing: how do you get people to think about their pension, when “as soon as the word pension is mentioned people stop listening.” (indeed, we were quite happy to have finally learned to live in the now!) Since hoaxes are the new ‘truth ’ TBWA created a nightmare scenario (case film); an entrepreneur transforms an old jail into a fully automated budget retirement home “where the elderly are kept alive as efficiently as possible” – with small basic rooms, computerized care etc. You can easily imagine how journalists jumped on this. And then the hoax was revealed live in a talk show. This is how Delta Lloyd ‘earned’ €2.1 million in PR. Simple as that.

Hacker’s tutorial

November 6, 2013, AAB

Digibewust hacker's tutorial - Nov. 2013A 7-minute film that teaches you how to hack €100K from people’s bank accounts in 5 steps, was dropped online last week. Though it looked quite real, it was a hoax created by production company Wefilm for Digibewust (‘digit-conscious’) to show people they should be careful with their bank account information. Wefilm worked together with specialists to make the tutorial as credible as possible. When the film was revealed as a hoax, two days after its launch, most of the major newspapers and some TV channels gave it attention. Mission accomplished. It is probably no coincidence that Wefilm also created a very successful viral (in 2009) in which Eastern European mafia used data from people’s social media account (back then, Hyves was still the biggest social network) illegally. Wefilm did it again, only better this time. Directed by Martijn de Jong and shot by Tibor Dingelstad.


October 1, 2013, AAB

Wow, what a great ad to promote the G2, LG’s newest mobile phone, with a stable lens. The camera is built around the chicken’s amazing ability to keep its head steady when its body moves – the “vestibulo-ocular reflex,” as we learned from the press release. We already knew that LG likes virals. Previously we wrote about one with the bottom of an elevator falling out (18 million hits in 3 months) and one with a ‘window’ in the man’s restroom (2 million in less than a week). This time LG is not trying to fool us though; they created a proper piece of satire that made us laugh out loud. And how well executed! Well done, Superheroes. The agency teamed up with Korean agency Krema and production agency Czar. The film is directed by Willem Gerritsen – who we know from the most classic viral ever; Hi-Tech – and shot by Gabor Deak. Post by The Bakery and Fred Huergo. Sound by MassiveMusic.

Energy Noodles

June 17, 2013, AAB

Last year Khanna\Reidinga, in collaboration with director André Maat (, launched an ad for the fictitious product Boss Noodles. With this ad the agency very successfully picked up an existing internet meme, receiving over 2 million views. Naturally this tasted like more. So K\R created a new product; Energy Noodles, inspired by the professional cycling industry and their performance enhancing drugs. There’s also a website, purposely built in Flash, cause “that’s exactly what a brand like Energy Noodles would have done.” K\R is already planning to create a third film to continue the noodle sage. To be continued.

“I am not falling”

November 26, 2012, AAB

Centraal Beheer (CB) is an insurer known for showing the shit hitting the fan in their ads. Their commercials always end with the famous pay off ‘Just call us.’ Khanna \ Reidinga, inspired by Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner, created a spoof on CB’s advertising format; with an Austrian-like accent Baumgartner begs ground control to send him higher and higher. Until… tada… he is in space. Hesling Reiding from K\R; “We were surprised that Baumgartner’s jump got so much attention in the media. Even the respectable BBC broadcasted a 60-minute during documentary about it. That’s how we picked up this idea.” Just like the previous Boss Noodles ‘viral’ a sympathetic way to create some free exposure around their new ad agency. Directed by Gerrit Willemsen (CZAR), post production by Justin Baker (the Bakery), and sound by Feike de Wit (Soundcircus Kees Kroot).

Forbidden fruit

October 2, 2012, AAB

A complicated one this is. Not because of the dripping ice creams, sweaty girls, hard nipples and upskirt shot – that is actually what makes it the most simple advertising you can imagine. No it’s complicated, cause this is the second time a commercial created by Fitzroy is banned. And when you ask Fitzroy why and how it was banned, they say: ‘no comment.’ The first time this happened was last year, when a deadly accident promoted the Hyundai Velostar. At the time Hyundai Netherlands could still pretend that they didn’t expect the online rumour around the brand and blame the head office for banning it. But now of course we’re seeing a pattern. Creating shocking videos, seeding them online, and banning them shortly after the first publication. The modern equivalent of the forbidden fruit and thus all the more attractive. What makes it really complicated though is that there’s no similarity between all the different ads (in March this year the online audience was hypnotised to like the Hyundai i30), except a pay-off that reads ‘New thinking. New possibilities.’ We now understand that this brand proposition clearly only talks about the advertising, cause if there’s anything common about Hyundai, it’s the product itself. Thanks to Fitzroy though, we already look forward to the next ad.

It’s advertising, stupid

September 28, 2012, AAB

JWT Amsterdam built a new website. Not a big deal, you’d guess. But they seem to be quite proud of it. That is, you get that impression when watching this viralesque video of the agency concept testing their own website. The website does indeed look pretty state of the art. Though we can also imagine that people are slightly disappointed after JWT raising the expectations maybe a little too high with this video. Then again, JWT might argue; it’s advertising, stupid.