Until very recently I used to like Happy Meals. A lot. I’m a grown ass (that’s right, I said ass), thirty year old woman and I still liked my Happy Meals on a regular base. Why? Because to me it represents the rare extra’s I got as a kid at birthday parties and family days out. When you grow up less fortunate, financially, a Happy Meal is like a cigar to Bill Clinton. An escape from reality. The symbol of dreams, imagination and potential. Not to mention the little toy that was always the first thing you yanked out of the box to play with. Ow, how easy it was to meet those little needs.


As you grow older The Happy Meal kind of loses its shine. You go to high school, earn a little money with newspaper rounds and you can afford a bit more. You soon come to realize The Happy Meal doesn’t really satisfy your needs anymore. You see the Happy Meal as it is. Fries, burger and a toy in a carton box, with some cheap, made in Taiwan, plastic toy. Regular junkfood in a carton box. Somehow it doesn’t quite feel the same anymore. Maybe reality sunk in. Maybe you grew up. Maybe you are rich now and only want gourmet, three course dinners.

You soon come to realize The Happy Meal doesn’t really satisfy your needs anymore. You see the Happy Meal as it is.

I just recently started my own company in a love at first sight love affair with Brand MKRS Creative Agency. The past few months were the best and at the same time worst of my life. I’ve witnessed the most beautiful bonds develop and grow. I witnessed the most creative projects and ideas succeed but I’ve also seen things that would make Darth Vader feel like a pussy. Yes, the stuff no one talks about. Stealing, cheating and manipulating. Faking skills and knowledge. Lying. The stuff people do for money or unjust credits and fame is bananas. I get it. Fear is always a strong motivator, certainly in triumph times like these. Do I approve? No. Because short-term thinking and insincerity burn down long term bridges.

People screw each other over for a Happy Meal these days. One day you realize the Happy Meal wasn’t really what it looked like. You wake up wondering why you ever liked in the first place. All I’m saying is enjoy the Happy Meal while it lasts. Enjoy that Happy Meal like it’s your last supper. Make those mouth noises while eating, I urge you. Suck hard and loud on that straw. You need it more than I do. While you do that, I’m planning and aiming for long term, gourmet and three course dinners. Coffee, appetizers, in-betweens, amuses and After Eights. The whole shebang. And I’m not talking about money, fame or business successes. I’m talking about loyalty, honesty and dignity that build the bridges to those successes. Personal. But also in business. It may take you a little bit longer to build a bridge. But it’s more durable than a Happy Meal. I can promise you that.