Amsterdam Ad Blog The capital of advertising Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:44:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 We were on a boat Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:08:51 +0000 More.]]> Last Saturday we [Jolien Kappert and Èwa Oduguwa, AAB] traveled in the early morning to Diemen Zuid, to the headquarters of Randstad. The reason for our visit to Randstad was a pitch with 19 other creative teams. We gathered at the HQ and it almost felt like we went on a school trip. A bus brought us from Randstad to the port where we first saw our working place for that day. It was a boat. Not just any kind of boat, but the largest sail ship we’ve ever seen: the Clipper Amsterdam.

When we arrived we heard there were only two hours left to think of a concept and sketch it. With our brains on high speed we hid ourselves inside the cabin. After a brief brainstorm session and some reviews with the judges, it was already the time to visualize our idea. Remember what they always say about first ideas being the best? Well, we wanted to give it a shot. At that time the cabin was buzzing with creatives searching for markers and paper to draw a last-minute idea.

Jonge Honden Randstad pitch - September 2014

After handing in our concepts, the boat took off to Amsterdam. We enjoyed some drinks on the deck while the sun peeked through to keep us warm. With a little wine and apple pie in our stomach (to calm down our nerves) we presented our idea to the judges. Our presentation involved some knifes and tape, can you imagine?

After the presentations, there was another session with wine and snacks. This time, we discussed all the presented concepts with the other teams. Due to the short amount of time, many teams had been heading in the same direction. This made the waiting extra exciting. And then the jury came with the result…

…and WE WON! They thought our idea was the most creative, had a big PR potential and an interesting link between online and offline. We were rewarded with a shiny golden dogtag and a trip to Eurobest 2014!

A big thanks to the judges Peep van der Molen, Stefan van de Boogaard, Tim Arts, the Jonge Honden crew and, of course, Randstad for the great day. We will represent the Netherlands during the Young Creatives Competition of Eurobest in Helsinki 1 till 3 december. Man, we’re so excited! So we are off to pack our winter coats and snow boots… Helsinki, here we come!

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In the pocket plus Tue, 30 Sep 2014 08:40:17 +0000 More.]]> Last week the new iPhone was introduced in the Netherlands. Since there’s not much to say about the iPhone 6, except that it now finally has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy, we were quite surprised that people were still standing in line.

Anyway, since the iPhone 6+ can almost shake hands with the mini iPad, mobile provider KPN offered a tailor that enlarged pockets for free, next to the waiting line at the Apple Store on Leidseplein. At least a handful of believers had their jeans mutilated. Created by N=5.

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The Human Truck Tue, 30 Sep 2014 08:33:07 +0000 More.]]> The world of international parcel and freight distribution is quite competitive. But it’s also pretty homogeneous; the big brands, such as UPS, DHL and TNT, will all tell you that they service your package as fast as possible. That’s maybe why TNT decided to introduce a new visual identiy and pay off: “The People Network.”

It’s clearly no coincidence that this new positioning coincides with the new CEO, Tex Gunning. Gunning about his new TNT; “We have a clear strategy to focus on our greatest strengths: our people, their human approach to serving customers, and our unique network. Customers are not barcodes and we are not robots.

Amsterdam based Etcetera/DDB was asked to create an international commercial for 8 key markets and in its turn asked PostPanic, specialising in CG, to produce it. The result is The Human Truck, an image that sticks to you and couldn’t more clearly convey the message of a human network. And smartly enough, it also conveys the speed messages. Speaking of speed, the press release proudly tells us that the concept, from ideation to execution, was made in 100 days.

Another layer in the commercial is Daan Daams (what a name!), a real TNT truck driver that got a role in the film to stress that TNT really cares about its people. In a bit of clunky, but cute ‘making of’ he even gets the leading role and tells us that his dad already worked for TNT and – believe it or not – also played in a TNT commercial!

The commercial was directed by Mischa Rozema, shot by Jon Gaute Espevold. Naturally the post production was also done by PostPanic and the sound designed by Sound Adventure.

Design Bridge Amsterdam was asked to refine TNT’s brand mark, and crafted a logo with “a fresher, confident and more contemporary look.” The idea of using (a part of) TNT’s circle is to convey the brand’s perpetual motion moving through the world. Here’s a short video that explains it more elaborately.

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We are who we become Mon, 29 Sep 2014 09:05:53 +0000 More.]]> Where you come from is not who you are. And where you start, is not where you finish.” With that line (written by Wieden’s account manager (!) Charlotte Jongejan), the idea of this ad instantly unfolds. The five South African kids that have conquered their problems with sports, together with the beautiful cinematography – graded in a matching hue – only enhance it.

This must be inspirational stuff for the target, those who think that the story of their life is already written in stone, once they are born. Instead, the commercial shows: “We are who we become.” And if this is still not enough, the music nicely builds up to a climax.

Impressively, the ad was created by The Kennedys, Wieden+Kennedy’s talent program – for ‘Sport for Development,’ an initiative by Right To Play, KNVB, International Sports Alliance and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The commercial was directed by Nanno Jiskoot (Jisk Film) and shot by Nanko Goeting. Edited by Kapsalon, grading by Crabsalad and music by Monster Music.

Along with the film, Rosa Kuiper (design) and Little Fragments (production) also built a website that elaborates on the stories of the different characters.

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New Dorp, New York Fri, 26 Sep 2014 09:43:49 +0000 More.]]> PostPanic’s Dutch director Fons Schiedon created a 3D animated video clip around a dog-like creature and a surreal American metropolis. It was made for record label Young Turks and its artist SBTRKT. The clip, dubbed “New Dorp, New York,” is the first release from SBTRKT’s new album ‘Wonder Where We Land.’

PostPanic about the film: “Throughout the video, the creature finds out what he is. Starting out as a somewhat marginal creature and not sure if he’s being hunted or the hunter. As he moves through the urban landscape he learns that he’s actually at the top of the foodchain.

For Schiedon animation is the perfect form because, as he almost poetically explains: “Animation allows for complete control of a vision. The framework you create is mostly related to its own reality, and not to the photorealistic reality we all live in, the fantastical can naturally coexist with the mundane. That allows for a subjective view where a big creature in a cityscape is preoccupied by himself and his hunt, and where the human presence is merely suggested. To him of no importance, then to us, visually, also of no importance.”

When asked how Schiedon came to this beautiful and somewhat gloomy style, he asnwers: “I can try and fail to describe what it is about the music that is appealing and relevant to the video I made. But it really comes down to a feeling about something that, in the case of this track, exists somewhere in an odd parallel world. The music brings up that type of imagery.

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RA*W Career Day Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:58:42 +0000 More.]]> To help young advertising talent to manage their career RA*W organises a Career Day on 25 October. During this day account managers and strategists with 1 to 5 year working experience, can learn things like how to position themselves through social media, how they can make the most of contract negotiations and the do’s en don’ts of networking.

RA*W invited Ashley Vinson (Head of Brand Strategy, Twitter Benelux), Astrid Prummel (Hoofdredacteur, Adformatie en Creatie), Bas Westland (Managing Partner, E-People), Sophie Worth (Creative Recruiter, W+K Amsterdam), Ron Simpson (Creative Director, Don’t Say Nothing) and Adrienne Julius (Sr. Consultant, Result Recruiting Group) to share their knowledge.

More info can be found here and you can subscribe here.

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How to ban cycle-apping? Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:29:16 +0000 More.]]> A typical Dutch problem; many children (and adults, if we may include ourselves) use WhatsApp on their bicycle. As you can imagine this causes many accidents – in one out of 5 accidents, involving children, a smartphone was used.

Since in the Netherlands cyclists are legally very well protected in traffic the government wants to do something about this. Apart from maybe legally shifting liability to the cyclist, the government has, together with N=5, introduced the FietsModus app that turns your phone partly off while cycling.

Why not simply use the flight modus you might wonder. Well, this app still receives messages, but won’t bother you. What’s more, when you don’t use your phone while cycling you might win a special prize – a cinema ticket, t-shirts or even a bicycle.

This sounds like the hedonistic world upside down, right, giving away presents for not causing accidents? It is, but as the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment told the 8 o’clock news (in what seemed a perfectly orchestrated PR campaign); “If we ban cycle-apping (our words) then we have to punish those who don’t comply. And we prefer going after the real bad guys.” Sounds plausible. But we’re especially curious to see whether this experiment will change young people’s behaviour.

N=5 also created a beautiful animation together with Kreukvrij and Iwan Smit (illustrations).

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The Lost & Found Beagle Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:22:03 +0000 More.]]> If there’s one company in the Netherlands that knows how to make feel good movies, it’s KLM. In the past years we’ve already seen them give away presents to random travellers (using social media), business class tickets with a special Santa performance, and – our very favourite – a film experience of a life-time.

Now, together with DDB & Tribal, they ‘created’ the Lost & Found beagle. Not to sniff your drugs, but to give back the phone you forget in the front-seat pocket on the plane. And, as with the other sympathetic KLM gestures, the direct reach of it is minimal – if truly happening at all – but the viral effect of the film is fantastic.

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Offline Rehab Wed, 24 Sep 2014 08:33:13 +0000 More.]]> Using Facebook’s data to give you a sneak peak into your own life has been done many times before, but this ‘game’ that collects your likes, foto uploads, check-ins etc. is quite well done.

The idea is that when you’re too busy online, you need to take a trip to the great outdoors that Alberta has to offer. The more intense your social activities, the more you need Canada. The experience also asks you some questions about your social activities (e.g. in which month was this photo taken?). So, when you earn a lot of ‘social’ points and you’re quick in giving the rights answers, you can win a trip to Alberta.

This proofs that even if your client is Travel Alberta you can come up with a nice digital activation. The only thing that doesn’t feel right is the fact that it’s called “online rehab.” Shouldn’t that be offline rehab? The drug is online, the cure offline. Oh well…

Created by Eigen Fabrikaat and very smoothly built by Build in Amsterdam.

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The Ticket Wed, 24 Sep 2014 06:48:21 +0000 More.]]> Last week we wrote about Converse changing banners into tickets for cultural events, to convey its cultural nature. We just found out that Converse also asked Natwerk for an activation doing more or less the same.

The film‘s mechanism is kinda old school – you get to choose your own storyline by clicking on different scenarios in the YoutTube video – but we like it nevertheless. After all, being picked up unexpectedly and dropped off at some random gig is the kind of guerrilla advertising we like.

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