Party at Trouw. Copyright: XLR8R and Marjolein Scheer

When AAB briefed the small group of inspiration absorbing tentacles for this section of the blog, there was as much an emphasis on ‘what surrounds you’ as on ‘Amsterdam pride’. So for this post, I really had no other options than to bring last week’s Amsterdam Dance Festival (ADE) to the table. There is so much to say about this 5 day EDM festival (EDM: a new term I believe coined for the Americans to take on the battle with their beloved and may I say persistent Urban and Hip Hop habitus).

One can argue that there is not much inspiration to be found in the pale looking, jaw chattering herds that deflate the clubs after the crack of dawn. But there’s a huge argument to be made for the way this festival puts Amsterdam, its supposedly feeble-existing club life, and both mainstream and underground dance music scene on the global map.

I could sum up the statistics here, or share with you my personal ADE memoires, but both are rather boring. Instead I’d like to direct you to a nice write up from music blog where we are being served the outsiders perspective on last week’s event and our beloved city. Their biggest downturn seems to be that Amsterdam is infested with….. tall people: “We have never felt so short in our lives. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s the food, but people are fucking tall in Amsterdam…