Let’s be frank, the Dutch are famous for far greater things than haute cuisine. Yet what happens when the capital’s creative class combines forces with artisanal pilgrims and lightly fuse some ‘ole fashioned Dutch adventure?

Baked is a new haute cuisine concept with a distinct Amsterdam twist: a six-course epicurean adventure and tasting trip for experienced psychonauts. On the menu you’ll find well known Marijuana and Hashish to more esoteric psychoactive ingredients such as Syrian Rue, Magic Truffles and Kanna Extract. 

The restaurant concept is based on an idea developed by creatives Joris Kang’eri and Rickard Engström, who with a couple of others are bringing Amsterdam’s first legally high cuisine to the streets. The menu has been extensively tested over the course of the year with the collaboration of Test Lab and Azarius.

Dining is by invitation only. If you’re curious, the next tasting takes place on 21 March.