The Dutch festival Down The Rabbit Hole (a yearly festival taking place at the end of June in Beuningen), launched a competition half a year ago asking people to come up with a way to entertain the festival crowd.

Thijs Biersteker and music agency Amp.Amsterdam submitted an idea for an installation creating mist, light, animations and sound. The installation, dubbed Persicopista, was also interactive; the more the crowd danced and shouted into the ears of one of the periscopes, “the brighter and more trippy the animations in the misty cloud turned”.

The installation was built by the Better Future Factory, using old plastic bottles and car dashboards to 3D print the elements of the installation. The visuals responded to the movements of the crowd thanks to motion capture cameras, and the audio subtly changed as crowd noise picked up, using microphones. The installation is modular and adaptable, so according to Biersteker it can evolve over the years to come.

Visual experience company Univate was responsible for applying the sensors, hidden in the poles around the installation, causing the interaction.

When you see the film, you’ll understand why the installation was inspired by the name of the festival…