Not the most enticing advertising we’ve ever come across – have you ever drunk from a bottle with a cigarette bud inside? But an interesting concept nevertheless; beer brewed from canal water. While Amsterdam canal water used to be notoriously disgusting – you could literally see the turds swim through it – it has actually improved a great deal since the Amsterdam houseboats are connected to the sewer – mandatory since 2005. Moreover, several times a week the water is refreshed with pristine IJsselmeer water. While we wouldn’t advise you to drink the canal water, specialists will tell you that it doesn’t kill you either.

What will certainly not kill you is Anomaly Amsterdam’s new, self-crafted beer, brewed with purified Herengracht canal water and dubbed ‘Gracht’ (canal) – probably a tough one to pronounce for the expats working at Anomaly.

Anomaly partnered with Village Pump, who provided the filtration system, and with Henriette Waal, who brewed the beer in her Buitenbrouwerij. Waal is a local artist who specialises in creating unique beers from snow, rain, and sea water.