What inspires us in art is often the pain, suffering, dedication and manic sacrifice of the artist. It’s the path we do not dare to take, since the consequences are usually too remote from comfort. We appreciate and sometimes reward the ones who choose to live a more risk filled life then we see fit for ourselves. They show us what it looks like on the other side and that is intriguing to us. It’s mind-candy.

I have vaguely known Pablo for a long time. He is an energetic, frantic and radical character. Almost to the point of being scary. He was into visual arts first and I got to know him as a film maker. Even worked with him a couple of years ago. And then he decided to make music. At first I was hopeful but sceptic, blinded by conventions. But then I was blown away by a track he did, I believe it was last year. Unconventional and rudimentary. Coming from a remarkable place I long for and search in my attempts to be a poetic human being myself. This is it. There’s imperfection surrounded by beauty. The way it should be. Then today I saw a new song and video Pablo did.

This post is to pay tribute to the unrelentless passion and living of Pablo. In my books he has done an amazing job with this video that he stars in, directed and of course wrote the music for. I believe he even got the tattoo. My chicken bones bow in awe of this compelling display of artsmanship. Here’s his new song and self-made video.