Storytelling has become an increasingly important part of our profession. And it’s also one of the hardest. You have to tell a story that people will want to look at – and one that also makes sense. Wieden+Kennedy is the King Midas of storytelling. Always able to give me goose bumps. Whether it’s the story of Detroit for Chrysler, or of the obese boy for Nike. Good stories, told even better.

Now back to the Netherlands. Bram Schouw is a Dutch Director who, if he’s handed a good story, can create masterpieces. He’s not afraid to touch the right emotion. What would be mainstream by anyone else, or even kitsch, becomes something that hits the sweet spot when turned into film by Bram – especially when working with DOP Jasper Wolf. Keep an eye on this talent and take 10 minutes of your time to watch his short film Sevilla, for which he won a Golden Calf at the Dutch Film Festival.