Andreas Pasvantis (1982) was born in Amsterdam and studied ‘Media & Culture’ at the University of Amsterdam. There he quickly realised that he preferred to create movies instead of reading and writing about them. A logical next step was the New York Film Academy (Digital Filmmaking), followed by another hands-on film school in Amsterdam, the SAE Institute. After his studies he had the privilege to assist Johan Kramer in his wide range of film work. Pasvantis first appeared on our radar after creating the Christmas viral ‘December’ for his new production agency 328 Stories – together with Frenkel Schönfeld en Jan-Willem de Man of CCCP. It was featured on blogs around world – making it a ‘real’ viral – and recently received an ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) nomination.

As a kid, what were your most creative moments?
My dad is a photographer and he gave me a disposable photo camera on my 6th birthday. I took pictures of everything I saw around me. Afterwards it turned out that in almost every picture I had my fingers in front of the lens. Now in the digital era, this phenomenon has become a rare seen art.

Which creative effort has given you the most satisfaction?
I’m proud of ‘Morgen’ – Tomorrow – a short film (12 min.) I made during my film studies. At the Cinestud filmfestival it was screened and that was the first time I experienced the reaction of an audience in a cinema on something I made. An addicting feeling that got me hungry for more.

What fascinates you?
A lot. From modern art to old vinyl house records and from cheese in a spray can to men wearing Uggs. You might say anything that’s odd or so totally common it hurts, or as the dutch would say ‘burgerlijk’ [meaning bourgeois, AAB]. Every day I discover something new that fascinates me whether it’s on the street or on the web – see those two combined here: 9 Eyes [Google Streetview screenshots that show random images of daily life, AAB].

Who is your favourite creator?
Too many to list here, but the work of Godfrey Reggio, especially Koyaanisqatsi has inspired me. A masterpiece made around the time I was born and keeps on amazing me. The cinematography, editing and music – by Phillip Glass – are unbelievable. It’s storytelling in a poetic way.

When did you decide, I want to work in advertising?
It just happened.

What’s your most important lesson in advertising?
The ’13 theses of Johan Kramer’ is a list that people (also outside the ad world) should have a look at from time to time.

What’s the most exciting ad project you ever worked on?
That has to be my latest; Batavus ‘Op weg naar’ [meaning ‘On your way to’, AAB]. I just finished that project and it’s special because it’s the first TV commercial I directed.

What’s your favourite place in Amsterdam?
A club, bar or boat where I DJ when my friends are around me. During my college years I earned my money as a DJ and I still do it once in a while. It’s the best way to get all your friends together with drinks and tunes.

What would you like to change in Amsterdam?
Clean, clear and heated canals so I can swim to my office at Herengracht 328, where 328 Stories is located.