After 8 years, Amsterdam Ad Blog ends its existence.

In a letter to the regular contributors of the blog founder Wouter Boon wrote yesterday: “The blog feels more and more like a burden. I want to be able to put more time in other activities and ambitions.”

A year ago Boon already announced to take a step back, but he remained editor-in-chief. The blog kept consuming too much of his time though. He therefore saw no other option than quitting. Boon is not sad, however: “When you close one door, three other doors will open. And I am proud that I’ve created something that resonated in the Amsterdam creative industry, and beyond.” Which is something, he adds, that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many wonderful contributors from this same industry.

About his further ambitions: “I want to organize strategic workshops for brands, am writing a second book about managing innovation and am planning to do a series of interviews with creative achievers. But I also wouldn’t mind to work overseas for a while. I’ve lived in Amsterdam my entire life, so a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt.”

To be continued… but not on this blog…