Amsterdam launches Master a la Hyper Island

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HVA) will launch a new international master program in “Digital Design,” in cooperation with nine leading Dutch (digital) agencies – Achtung!, Tribal DDB & Amsterdam, FHV BBDO, Fabrique, MediaMonks, Mirabeau, Momkai, Tam Tam and Woedend! The program targets talented digital designers from around the world with a finished bachelor.… More.


t Kofschip

Last night the winner of the Creative Press Challenge (CPC) were announced at Club ADCN. The CPC is organised by newspaper de Volkskrant (and publisher De Persgroep) to promote the newspaper as advertising medium and push creatives into the core of advertising (“bad ideas can’t hide in print”). This year the charity was the Foundation for Refugee Students… More.


The easiest brief in the world

Since Sinterklaas (with his black faced helpers) has finally left the country, it is now definitely time for Christmas in the Netherlands. Unfortunately though we haven’t really come across any good Christmas ads. Except maybe the supermarket feel good ad for Albert Heijn – created by TBWA. That’s why we are sharing something that is… More.


We Are Pi wins Coca Cola

We Are Pi has been awarded a “European advertising task by Coca-Cola.” This sounds a bit vague, of course, but it is what the agency is “contractually allowed to say.” Nevertheless, MD Alex Bennett-Grant says: “We are delighted. The opportunity to partner with arguably the world’s biggest brand and create culturally impactful work fills us with excitement.” We Are… More.


No guts…

John Hegarty recently remarked that creativity in the world of advertising is dying a slow and painful death. Accountants are taking over our profession, said Sir John… And not only is creativity slipping away, we are also starting to lose the courage to stand behind our product. That combination may very well do us in.… More.


A type of chocolate

Design Bridge worked for a bunch of chocolate brands this year, which is why the agency converted the acquired knowledge into a chocolate letter. The letter, with some beautiful packaging, is distributed among its business relations as a present, thus aptly serving the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas. The design agency elaborates on the process of crafting this special present on its blog.


Triodos turns up the heat

We all like sustainable companies, but when it comes to choosing our bank, we don’t really care how they invest their money. That’s why this somewhat sophisticated metaphor is so striking. We just sit there and wait. Through this message, with which Triodos is bursting on TV at the moment, Triodos tells us aptly that… More.


The Amstel friends are back

Amstel (owned by Heineken) has never been very strong strategy-wise and concept-wise since it ditched its 3 iconic friends (a solid part of Dutch advertising history). But today – after Being There won the pitch last June – the beer has more or less picked up its winning ad property again. This time it’s a larger… More.


The Quality Street effect

I have this weird fascination with Quality Street. You know those chocolate candies in those hexagon tins. I don’t know what it is, but if I see one of those tins I have to buy it. And after opening the lid I always have to put my hands trough the contents. Some of you may… More.