The 27th letter of the alphabet

With its quirky shape, neither a letter nor symbol, more of a treble clef than type, the ampersand has grabbed our creative attention. But what is it about its elegant swoops and swirls that have seen it become the go-to typographic device of choice? There… More.


Natural models for free

The first ‘model agency for plants’ opened its doors in the Amsterdam Pijp. What?! Yes, that’s what we thought. It’s a pop-up agency where 23 “super models can be booked for free”. The plants can be used for shoots and productions for those who work… More.


Temperamental Spanish Wine

We love this film created by Maurice Heesen and Smarthouse for Neleman Wine. At Smarthouse they call it a ‘wild card’ when they allow one of their directors to create a film for a brand they like. After a short brainstorm with Neleman’s owner –… More.


Naturally artificial

There’s a new kind of advertisement in town; the docummercial, a commercial disguised as a documentary. That is, this film starts like a documentary but already quite quickly turns into a commercial. The reason is that apart from this commercial Strongbow, together with Cloudfactory, also… More.


The Next Rembrandt

This ad, creating ‘the next Rembrandt’ 347 years after the master has passed away, gives us a peak into the possibilities of big data, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Together with JWT, the Technical University of Delft, Microsoft’s Azure-platform, and the Mauritshuis and Rembrandthuis museum,… More.


Random makes you wonder

On Thursday, April 14th at 7pm in the Amsterdam Apple Store, join Daan Lucas and Carsten Goertz of Random Studio (quite recently featured on this blog with this fantastic window display) as they reveal some secrets about how they blend experimental technology and visual arts for… More.


Curd Beard

The Danio poster on the left is getting quite some press in Amsterdam. The local TV channel wrote on its website “Hipster with curd is playing on the minds of the Amsterdammers”. There was even a hashtag #kwarkbaard (‘curd beard’). It’s not difficult to imagine… More.


Spinning fashion

Why present Hermès’ new Summer collection on a catwalk when you can do it with a spin, is what our favourite directors, Lernert & Sander, asked themselves. With the help of Spanish roller-skaters Sergio Canales (a world champion) and Carles Gasset (former European champion) and motor… More.