Spinning fashion

Why present Hermès’ new Summer collection on a catwalk when you can do it with a spin, is what our favourite directors, Lernert & Sander, asked themselves. With the help of Spanish roller-skaters Sergio Canales (a world champion) and Carles Gasset (former European champion) and motor… More.



True craftsmanship is a rarity these days. Wintergatan is definitely very crafty. Being in the making for a good 3 years this reinterpretation of a barrel organ is a work of art. Feast your ears.


Forward with the goat

72andSunny’s creative residency ’72U’ is now welcoming applications for its first European residency, at 72andSunny Amsterdam. The residency was founded in 2012 within the agency’s LA office and has transformed the lives of many who have participated in the course. 72U is now looking for 6… More.


Probably a SXSW talk

KingJordan is a freelance creative team from London, consisting of Alex King and Andy Jordan. To get some attention they created this funny website, titled “Probably a SXSW talk”, which is a tribute to SXSW – the festival centered on music, film and interactive. The team has worked at… More.


A collaboration with nature

Mineral water commercials are usually not very exciting. What do you tell your agency? It’s natural? The Netherlands has about the cleanest tap water in the world – without chlorine – so there is no real reason to buy mineral water – except maybe adding another bottle to the plastic soup. You said natural?… More.


It’s not fair

“Life is filled with unfair things, but Moyee FairChain Coffee is fairer than those things” is the typical somewhat superficial way for ad agencies to look at things. However, when you execute it as attractively as 180 has done, the film (and thus the brand) becomes easily… More.


“Tasty boob show”

I’ll be honest, I had no intention of writing about this campaign. Having dismissed it as an adult male’s juvenile wet dream ejaculating into the ad world and requiring no further thought space in my brain.  However, last weekend I was cycling through Amsterdam with… More.


The Creative of the Future

In 2014 we interviewed Dinesh Sonak, the director of the ADCN about his ambitions, and found out he was very ambitious. Some told us, unrealistically ambitious. So far, though, he seems to be delivering – at least in making the ADCN-brand vital and relevant again! Take… More.