Great things start with Netflix

Sometimes it seems as if it’s simply the pay-off that gives a concept mileage. Take the phrase “Great things start with Netflix.” This guiding phrase turns every Netflix series in an inspirational adventure. Add to that the catchy scenes and heavy, cinematic sound, and Netflix becomes the ultimate seduction. Here’s another commercial, zooming in on… More.


It’s all about the dash

This film for the Amsterdam “small capacity” cocktail bar HPS (with a logo that made us think of UBS), looks quite internetty. But “It’s all about the dash” is a well-found double entrendre. A dash of this and a dash of that, that’s what making cocktails is all about. Created by Indie, directed by Eché Janga… More.


Festina adds ‘XXX’ to its name

Festina Lente (‘make haste slowly’) Collective has changed its name in Though the press release explains that the triple-x refers to Amsterdam, we suspect they mainly refer to a special, world famous part of Amsterdam.  We thought of the Red Light District not just because triple-x is generally claimed by the porn industry, but also… More.


Erik-Jan Koense joins JWT as Business Director

Erik-Jan Koense will be joining JWT in February as Business Director. He’ll be leaving KOEN, the agency he founded – and since 2 years part of the Publicis Group. Koense: “KOEN has brought me a lot over the past years, but when JWT approached me I felt it was time for a new move. JWT is an entrepreneurial agency with… More.


“Where we draw the line”

After last week’s events in Paris, followed by protests that spread beyond the French borders, advertising creatives Paul van Vliet, Lennard Freij and Bas Boterman launched the interactive website On the site visitors are given a blanc canvas and a black pen. With the credo: “This is where we draw the line,” anyone who feels the urge to… More.


Golden Loeki

Being ad folk, we sometimes forget that ‘the people’ should also like our work. Well, here is an award that is awarded by the people. It’s also a lion, but called the Golden Loeki. It was awarded last night to Selmore for its beautiful KNGF film. And that’s pretty unique. Not because it features a (‘golden’)… More.


Nominees for Awwwards’ ‘Agency of the Year’

Awwwards has nominated three Dutch agencies for the ‘Agency of the Year’ award: MediaMonks, Superhero Cheesecake and Achtung! Awwwards celebrates work and agencies that create “unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and beautiful.” MediaMonks has a total of 1 Site of the Month, 13 Sites of the Day and 15 Honorable mentions, Superhero Cheesecake has 8 Sites of the Day… More.

News is a business on its own

It’s that time of the year; award-entry-deadline-season. Which is why has released a compilation of the interviews, they did last year with some Amsterdam based ad professionals who give their view on the different aspects of the casefilm. was founded by Geert Ploeger and Roderick Frencken and supports agencies with creating the ultimate… More.


Je Suis Don Draper

After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo I wrote a short Dutch listicle with 5 things we shouldn’t be doing in Holland. I argued for more critical thinking, more discussions and less fear masked as tolerance. I was angry and frustrated by both the attack itself and the subsequent orgy of mourning. (Changing your avatar does… More.


ADCN announces international Jury

Dinesh Sonak, MD of the ADCN, already told us in his interview last year that the Art Director’s Club had ambitions beyond advertising and beyond the Dutch border. And now that some of the Jury Presidents and members have been announced, we’re seeing where he is going. Among the international Presidents are: Laura Jordan Bambach (President… More.