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2.500+ days

August 8, 2014,

Elke dag rust - August 2014Local designer Ruben Steeman (a.k.a. buro rust) has been making fineliner drawings every single day for the past ten years in A5 sketch books. Ruben has kept all of these volumes and recently decided to turn them into a book containing more that 2.500 of his black & white diary entries. He chose to go via the dutch cultural kickstarter platform voordekunst and was very successful with his initiative; getting complete funding for the book within the required time…. which just goes to show, always give it a go… The book wil be a huge volume (with a spine that is almost as thick as the cover is wide) and although the initial print run of 200 numbered editions has already been claimed (including lucky me) you may be lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the next run if he decides to make one. Ruben also recently had a small exhibition in Haarlem of a selection of his drawings. This inspires me because he has turned a small personal project into a larger whole and also gets to design huge book full of his own work, nice job.

Share pink

August 8, 2014, AAB

T-Mobile Share Pink - August 2014Last weekend it was gay pride in Amsterdam, which means boats full of dressed up gays, loud music and quite some ecstasy sailing through the canals. Red Urban and Etcetera came up with a pink filter to be used on your smart phone around the canals to show that T-Mobile supports sharing love with whomever you want. A team spread physical pink filters around the canals and naturally online you could use a digital filter. On the website deelroze (‘share pink’) you can find all the social media shares using the hashtag #deelroze. Casefilm here.

The noPhone

August 7, 2014, AAB

noPhone - August 2014noPhone is a project by Hyper Island and Silver + Partners NY creatives Ben Langeveld, Ingmar Larsen, Mariana Oliveira, Alanna Watson and Van Gould, and is a “a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact“. The 3D printed device was designed to “fulfill all smartphone-holding needs without preventing the user to engage in real life interactions.” They want to target the “compulsory need in humans to continuously engage in physical contact with a piece of plastic” (apparently we check our phones 150 times on average each day); a need which has “noticeably diminished human-to-human interactions.” “It’s sleek (not so sleek actually – AAB), plastic design serves as an idle hand’s security blanket and is devised to alleviate the constant need humans have to hold a mobile device without preventing users from fully experiencing their immediate surroundings.” So, if you want to “combat the rapid decline of real life social engagement that has stemmed from chronic smartphone use” this is your device!

That, in a new bottle

August 7, 2014, AAB

Brand beer has a new bottle. And to celebrate this the agency asked Indie and Sunshine & Sausages to create a campaign around it. What’s more, the commercials (six 10-second films in total – all more or less the same) seem to reposition the beer. Brand always talked about quality, but in this campaign it just seems to advertise the “Dat” (meaning: that) in the entire beer category; the feeling of the first sip of beer when very thirsty. But this isn’t necessarily bad cause it makes Brand look very attractive. Also thanks to their beautiful new bottle. The Stone Twins helped with the art direction and the films were directed by photographer Krijn van Noordwijk (hazazaH).

Klaas Weima joins SoDA European Committee

August 6, 2014, AAB

Klaas Weima and Chris Buettner Klaas Weima (left) and Chris Buettner (Executive Director van SoDA) during the SoDA Global Member Meeting in Barcelona

Klaas Weima, founder of Energize, was asked to join SoDA’s European Committee. Together with Wesley ter Haar (MediaMonks), Patrick Gardner (Perfect Fools) and Olivier Marchand (Soleil Noir), Weima will help with the promotion of SoDA in Europe. He will also play an active role in selecting new SoDA members by, for example, helping create a longlist of Europe’s most innovative and creative digital agencies. Weima about his appointment: “I’m honoured to join the board of SoDA, a leading organisation in stimulating the development of technology, marketing innovation and creativity. For Energize, it’s a big compliment. Our work is recognized internationally and we are given opportunities to share knowledge and our experience on a worldwide level.

Two girls, one dog

August 5, 2014,
Wouter Boon

There was a bit of a stir the past weeks over the Radio 538 ads; two girls licking a German wiener. I am guessing that many people found it shocking because they imagined it to be a human wiener – especially when seeing the pixelated one. Before I got wind of the public outrage, I passed the ads several times on my bicycle. I shrugged my shoulders and thought: typically Radio 538. Target group: teens and tweens, probably. Brand essence: bad taste. Although at 538 they probably call it ‘playfully provocative’ or something. I didn’t see the harm and was surprised that everyone was talking about it. Especially since I very well remember the 538 ad with the guy breakdancing on his dick. Nobody was talking about that. It makes this one look rather corny. More…

How Bach became ‘Wind on Bare Ass’

August 4, 2014, AAB

Winning filmOn the set of ‘Air on a G string’; (fltr) Timon Zijderlaan, Daphne Koenen, Janneke de Jong, Paco Kumar and Olaf van Gerwen.

Tim Zijderlaan & Daphne Koenen (website here ) won the biggest JongeHonden pitch of the year; The YouTube Filmhack 2014, with three short films. Together with the runners up, Jort Wildschut (2nd) and Èwa Odugwa & Jolien Kappert (3rd), they did a little write up about the pitch.

JongeHonden organises pitches for students and young ad creatives and goes to Cannes every year with the winners of these pitches. For the Google pitch the ‘ad pups’ were asked to “Create a YouTube TrueView campaign for The Royal Concert Hall that attracts a new, younger target audience to the Concert Compas” (a guide that gives access to all the concerts). TrueView ads on YouTube “give viewers choice and control over which ad they watch and when. You are therefore charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch an ad.” More…


July 31, 2014,
Maaike Schutten

Imagine you’re looking for a gift for your dad. Your dad being a typical dad, this is quite the task. He already has a pen, a room full of books and about 200 ties. As you stroll though the city, examining socks, unpractical gadgets and shower gels, your mood degrades from cheerful to desperate. You end up in a DYI store, gazing at a lawn mower, mumbling to yourself: this is ridiculous; he doesn’t even have a lawn. Let’s just get the man another tie.

However, as you cycle back to the clothing store for men of a certain age, the lawn mower is everywhere. It’s standing at the crossroads, waving at you. It’s in the dadwear store, pushing itself next to the ties, lamely joking: ‘IT’S A TIE!’ Back home you switch on the tv. There it is again, blocking your view, only leaving after counting from twenty to one. More…

Sunny Side Up

July 31, 2014, AAB

Sunny Side Up - July 2014LindaVS (bit of a strange name) is a new fashion label of the Antwerp designer Linda van Stokkom. The label focuses on sustainable leather accessoires and uses a unique, ecological printing technique. Van Stokkom doesn’t use chemicals, but colours her products with sunlight. Each item is fair-trade, handmate and unique. Dutch freelance art director Koen van de Wouw, who lives in Antwerp, created the prints. Here’s a short video about the process of making it – a special process that allows Van Stokkom to go surfing.

Wooding head of client services at 180

July 30, 2014, AAB

Megan WoodingMegan Wooding has been announced as new Head of Client Services at 180 Amsterdam. The native Australian has 14 years of experience in the creative industry and joins after having worked at Amsterdam Worldwide the past three years. Before Amsterdam Worldwide she was account director at M&C Saatchi and RAPP. At 180 she has been tasked with “boosting digital and integrated talent.” Working across a number of the agency’s key clients, she will focus on driving forward the digital and integrated talent within 180. Al Moseley, President and Chief Creative Officer at 180 Amsterdam: “This is an important hire for the agency. As we continue to grow, we need people who can operate at the very top level in terms of leading people and leading business. Megan gives us that.