Entertaining our bright side

Yesterday Charmine Assadian wrote that we should dare to make some more shocking ads, to entertain our dark side. Another genre, still successful – and also not necessarily selling a higher purpose – is to superficially entertain our bright side. It’s exactly what this ad does –… More.


For the wild and adventurous

One of the things I fell in love with when I moved to Amsterdam almost a decade ago, was the lively, thriving spirit of the alternative underground scene in the city. For me it stands for art, creative spirit, free expression, anti-establishment and anything other… More.



The Vertical Gallery, located in the staircase of the new WOW hostel in Amsterdam West shows an exhibition around printmaking such as silk-screen print, RISO print, etching, etc. The exhibition PRINT is curated by Sigrid Calon and features works by artists fascinated by printing processes, including Michiel Schuurman, Zeloot, and Sigrid… More.


Creative Press Challenge chooses to fight cancer

De Persgroep, who organises the Creative Press Challenge, chose this year’s charity: Fight Cancer. The annual competition – held for the third time this year – invites advertising talent (based in the Netherlands) to show the power of print (ads). Fight Cancer is a foundation for… More.


Spread the humbug

When we read in the press release that this film is about a “cosmoceutical” doctor and “scientific rebel” who is “serious about beauty” we raised an eyebrow. When we saw that he is portrayed in a heavily filtered, sartorialist-like film, we quickly raised the other.… More.


The Ajax Special

Letting true Amsterdammers talk about football club Ajax makes easy content. But since Ajax’ shirt sponsor Adidas briefed agency United State of Fans (TBWA) on an ‘activation’ the film couldn’t just be a feel good film. So the film is about giving away the season-2015/2016 shirt. To… More.


Flying Atlas

Writer and copywriter Sidney Vollmer just published a diary (in Dutch) with his tweets from 2014 called “Atlasvlinders” – in English ‘Atlas moths’. The cover of the book was designed by Jarr Geerligs. Geerligs cut the butterflies and title out of an old Atlas that he bought in a second-hand shop… More.


Selmore is moving

If moving your agency into a new building is a way to disrupt your way of working, Selmore is doing quite well. This is the third time they’re moving in only 7 years. The agency created a little film about it, called ‘moving content’ – thus… More.


First World Problem Pills

Sue Amsterdam created a “First World Problem” pop-up store in Amsterdam with placebo medicine for first world problems. The store sells products such as ‘Always Super Wifi’, ‘Flowery Farts’ and ‘Gaydar’ pills that improve your hit rate on the social medium. The collected money goes… More.