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Christel Hofstee ends 328 Stories

After 18 years of having led production agency 328 Stories – and before that Christel Palace – Christel Hofstee is going freelance. This news surprised us a little, since it was only 2 years ago when Hofstee’s production agency Christel Palace changed into 328 Stories,… More.


Johan Kramer joins 100% Halal

As a true film junkie Johan Kramer’s press release that he is joining production agency 100% Halal – after having been represented by 328 Stories – comes in the form of a short film with a man counting down from 328 till 100. The film… More.


The very small office of Johan Kramer

There’s a new agency in town. And by the looks of its promotional ‘flyer’ we already dare to call it one of the most creative agencies in town. Not just because it was founded by multi-talent Johan Kramer – co-founder of KesselsKramer – but more… More.


Through the eye of a football

When we first saw this commercial for the ‘Meer Dan Voetbal’ foundation (bonding society through football), we thought ‘this has already been done’, but after a brief discussion we realized we mixed it up with this Nike “Take it to the next level” commercial. Speaking… More.


New feature on AAB; Inspiration

After having introduced our new columnists last week, this week we’re introducing a new item called ‘Inspiration’; Amsterdam creatives sharing their inspiration on a weekly basis. In order of future appearance we found the following posse willing to show us what they like, what fascinates… More.


Cheap Champagne

Happy New Year to you all. To stay in the right mood, we present to you this film about Champagne. A nice slow motion of a bottle of Champagne being uncorked – in reverse. Not the most original idea ever, but pleasant to watch with… More.


Vodafone’s Grand Prix in tiny Roggel

Recently Achtung! created quite an unusual campaign to communicate Vodafone’s fiber internet; in the small town of Roggel (Limburg) a real race track was laid out around the center, where celebrity Jenson Button raced his Formula 1 car against the locals – who were racing… More.


Ideas United

TEDxAmsterdam has a special ethos; ‘Ideas worth doing’ – instead of ‘Ideas worth spreading’. It inspired We Are Pi to create this living brain – using the pay-off ‘Ideas United’ – together with choreographer Ernst Meisner, the National Ballet and Nova Dance College. The striking… More.

Ad of the Month


This is not what you’d expect from a museum. But when you hire The Stone Twins you often get what you don’t expect. The film, directed by Bill Tanaka, promotes the ‘Underground’ exhibition at the Zeeuws Museum, an exhibition on illegal treasure hunting – “an… More.


Grand Prix of Roggel

Roggel is a rustic town with only 4100 inhabitants. And this short film, directed by Andreas Pasvantis (328 Stories), wonders whether they are ready for Vodafone’s speed. Normally, you would relate this question to the speed of Vodafone’s network, but when you ask Achtung! to… More.


‘50 years of human space flight’; The road to Gagarin

Recently Russia celebrated the 50th birthday of the first man in space; Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). In Russia he is still a hero and revered throughout the country. This inspired director René Nuijens (328 Stories) and writer Steve Korver to visit Russia in search of Gagarin.… More.