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Digging for gold

April 15, 2014, AAB

When a digital agency makes a commercial like this, you know that the distinction between traditional and digital has really become outdated. And we understand why; South Africa – where the light is much smoother – makes a more pleasant working environment than a sweaty basement where black t-shirts are producing code. And it’s totally worth the trip; the production value of this commercial (and well-timed sense of humour) instantly gives Vodafone the golden status it always wanted to have, but could never really find. Created by Achtung! and directed by Magnus Renfors (Hobby Film).

Clad in gold

April 2, 2014, AAB

For the yearly 3FM Awards Achtung! together with 3FM came up with a new theme. Or maybe we should say; colour theme. As gold is the colour of success, awarded artists in this film are literally clad in gold. So, no cheap sculpture or piece of plexiglass anymore, but a load of gold paint in the face. In this behind the scenes film you can watch the reactions of some of the artists – though everyone is laughing, it looks quite nasty. The film was directed by Jeroen Houben (Bäst Films) and shot by Gregg Telussa. Post production by Schnittschneiders and De Lodge.

Blind trade harvest

March 21, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind trade stats - March 2014A few weeks ago we wrote about Porsche’s Blind Trade campaign, created by Achtung!; trading your car for the newest model Porsche without having actually seen it. It has proved a “no-brainer” (as we predicted); already 10,000 people have offered their car for trade on this website. This infographic shows the stats of the cars that were offered. Among the harvest; 2 Aston Martin’s, 2 Ferrari’s, a Rolls, and a Lamborghini. The winner will be announced on the 31st – would be cool if it’s a 1992 Opel Corsa or something.

Update (Nov. 21 2014): The new Porsche Macan has been revealed.

Blind Trade
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 4, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind Trade - March 2014Would you blindly trade your car for the newest model Porsche? A no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not, cause together with Achtung! Porsche turned it into a digital activation. Through a dedicated page you can submit your car to be traded in for the newest Porsche, without actually having seen it. That is, at first you don’t see it at all, and then slowly but surely all the details are revealed. Those of you who doubt the design skills of Porsche and still aren’t sure about the fairness of the trade, the auto manufacturer has built in a catch; the longer you wait, the less chance of winning. So, don’t wait too long. Oh, and yes, not unimportantly, the value of your trade-in and your motivation also count. Site built by Random and 3D by Renascent.

Hungry for knowledge

February 28, 2014, AAB

2014 02 RA*W and AchtungHow hungry the Dutch advertising youngsters are for knowledge, became clear when the first ‘RA*W Agency session’ of 2014 was sold out in 2 minutes. 174 people signed up via Facebook for the event that took place last Wednesday at Achtung!’s headquarters. Due to limited space only 40 could attend – though luck for the 60 hopefuls on the waiting list. The session was themed ‘Get Shit Done’ and hosted by Achtung! Vanilla Ice said it first, but Dick Buschman happily quoted him yesterday; “Stop, collaborate and listen.” Then he explained Achtung!’s way of working; (Eins) get t-shaped people who (Zwei) collaborate and (Drei) co-create. No egos, no small offices, no monopoly on creativity by creatives, just one (big) happy family that tackle projects together with the client. An approach that works well when you have 25 people on the payroll, not when you have 125. That’s why Achtung! is not interested in growing bigger, the agency only wants to grow in quality. To experience Achtung!’s process creative collaboration in a nutshell Buschman gave the workshop participants Lego. In teams of 8 they had to build a car in 20 minutes. They also needed to come up with a way to sell it to the target group; 25-year-old females. To facilitate the creative process they were provided with Breezers. The winning project was the VOUTO – a foldable car that fits into a bike-parking garage. More photos here.

Dutch Digital Design

February 13, 2014, AAB

Dutch Digital Design Made in Holland - February 2014There is a new brand in town; Dutch Digital Design, celebrating the best digital design, not just from agencies, but also aesthetic and innovative designs by start-ups and independent creatives. The brand is an initiative by Bert Hagendoorn, who works as independent consultant for many digital (and non-digital) agencies. The brand will kick-off in collaboration with Adformatie’s (paper) magazine Creatie. Together with a wide range of reputed digital agencies Hagendoorn, Nils Adriaans and Astrid Prummel (both Adfo Group) will dedicate the next edition of Creatie to digital design. Subsequently, in May there will be an event in Pakhuis de Zwijger, themed Made in Holland. This offline get together will be a two-yearly event organised by Bert Hagendoorn, Jort Schutte en Daniel Sytsma (Achtung!), Wouter Boon (Boon Strategy), and Owen van Dijk (Sid Lee). Amsterdam Ad Blog will be mediapartner of the event, together with Adformatie. The event is free, but has limited capacity. You can register on the site of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

KLM Space big winner at Eurobest

December 11, 2013, AAB

Eurobest 2013With 1 Gold (Interactive), 4 Silver (Interactive, Design and Mobile) and 3 Bronze (Interactive and Promo & Activation) one of our personal favourites, KLM Space by DDB & Tribal and Rapp was the big winner during this year’s Eurobest – from Dutch point of view that is. DDB & Tribal themselves was the agency which stuck out already with its amount of nominations on the short list and now with its awards: seven times Silver and four times Bronze. Rapp is part of DDB & Tribal so there were even more awards to take home: another Gold and Bronze. DDB & Tribal also got awarded 3 Silver for three different commercials for Inshared and it’s nice to see that the Netherlands are back in the film category (last year we won zero in film). Another one of our favourites that we dubbed digital concept of the year Achtung!’s GTI Bannerbahn for Volkswagen left Lisbon with 2 Silver and 1 Bronze in Interactive and Promo & Activation. They also were the only winners in…radio with a Silver award for their Porsche Cayenne Kilometer - proving they’re not just a digital agency. Ogilvy’s contribution for Dela (“why wait until it’s too late”) scored the second Dutch Gold in the category Branded Content & Entertainment and 2 Bronze in Promo & Activation and Media. Last summer they already won a Media Grand Prix in Cannes. We are quite pleased with the results: in total there were 24 Dutch winners this year, compared to 19 awards last year we did better, especially in digital.

What’s in a name?

November 28, 2013, AAB

Painful, if you recognize yourself in this film as the expert who tells Michael Mikrivaz (anagram for Kazimir Melevich) that Malevich’ work is not good enough to enter the art academy. It reminded us of Banksy selling his work incognito for $60 apiece and hardly selling any. Rumor has it that Achtung! made this. The agency recently created the Explicit Tours for the Stedelijk Museum, and apparently they wanted to give the Malevich exhibition a bit of a boost. You can thus see it as after sales services – and a bit of fun for the agency, of course.

Explicit Tours

November 1, 2013, AAB

Stedelijk Malevich Explicit tour - November 2013Especially for the Museum Night, this Saturday, Achtung! developed an app with which you can look at the Malevich exhibition in the Stedelijk with some layman commentary of Dutch celebs. They say things like: “He must have been on mushrooms when painting this” and “You can get all philosophical about this, but it’s not much more than a black square.” We’d be more interested in the expert’s point of view, but we also never visit a museum at night. And since the Museum Night aims to draw a younger (read: less experienced) audience into the Amsterdam museums, this concept might just work. The app is developed by Antenna and can be downloaded here (Apple) and here (Android)

Serpenti & Company

October 2, 2013, AAB

Gaston Sepenti“Digital Creative Director” Gaston Serpenti has left Anomaly Amsterdam – after 1.5 years – to launch his own venture Serpenti & Company, a collaborative company that supports advertising agencies with digital brand advice and that will develop self-owned ‘microbrands.’ Before Anomaly, Serpenti was founder, partner, and CD at Boondoggle for 5 years. The reason for leaving Anomaly is that he was missing the entrepreneurship. The proposition of Sepenti & Company is derived from a need in the market for digital brand thinkers and a reality of lean start-ups merging with the traditional advertising business. Achtung!, known as a digital and collaborative agency, is Serpenti’s first client – or ‘partner’ is probably the best way to put it. Sounds promising.