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An ode to the wind

July 3, 2014, AAB

Wow, what a beautiful animation, consisting of 7000 individual objects made from virtual paper and bringing an ode to the Dutch wind. As you can see the story explains that the wind brought the Netherlands a lot; being able to live below see level and the Dutch East Indies, for example. If you don’t speak Dutch, don’t worry, the copy gets a little lost in the middle anyway. What you should remember is that together with Eneco you can invest in wind mills, which clearly taps into a cultural and political trend. Eneco thus smartly introduces a product of this time; wind certificates. FHV BBDO and Achtung! are responsible the entire campaign. And Achtung! specifically for the animation, which was built by Colorbleed. Sound by Audentity. Here‘s a little behind the scenes.


June 26, 2014, AAB

Achtung Biteman - June 2014Luis Suárez has become a raging internet meme by biting his opponent Giorgio Chiellini from Italy in the shoulder during the Worldcup of football in Brazil – the third time already he’s showing this toddler-like behaviour. Achtung! successfully jumped on the opportunity creating Biteman, a contemporary version of Pacman – similarly stressful, we’ve just experienced. We suspect the agency still had the Pacman code lying around somewhere, since it gained quite some exposure by developing Pakman (‘Suitman’) for SuitSupply in 2005, a similar game, yet much better designed. Ironically though using the code from almost a decade ago makes this meme one of the more sophisticated ones on the internet.

Let’s skip the Dutch

May 27, 2014,

Dutch-Digital-DesignJules Tervoort and Mischa Rozema (Post Panic) present the making of the ambitious international feature film ‘Sundays.’ Foto credit: Merten Snijders.

A gutsy blogpost by Bert Hagendoorn resulted in a dedicated Creatie magazine and first live-event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, both brand named Dutch Digital Design. With founding father Hagendoorn in the lead, this first event attracted 700 curious eye balls, eager to see the best work in digital design. The evening was themed ‘Made in Holland.

Co-moderator Wouter Boon (Boon Strategy and editor-in-chief of this blog), kicked off reading his column. According to Boon the theme Made in Holland was a first attempt to define Dutch Digital Design, thus being aware the event moved on virgin soil. His end conclusion: “the only style we have in digital design is no style at all – we are culturally neutral.” More…

Nihom becomes partner at Achtung!

April 30, 2014, AAB

Boris-NihomHead of Strategy at THEY, Boris Nihom (32), is becoming partner at Achtung!. After 8 years THEY Nihom thought it was time for a change. Nihom: “Achtung! is very much in touch with the zeitgeist, understands the desires of modern advertisers and knows what activates consumers. And though Achtung! is a ‘digital native agency’ it is steadily moving towards a world where digital is not a distinctive quality anymore – everything is becoming digital.” A direction that seems the right one for Nihom. In the past couple of years at THEY, he already created strategies that used ‘digital’ not as a medium, but as mode of thinking and that addressed the changing role of the brand. Examples are: Aegon Insurance’s “Play Your Future” platform (winning a Red Dot Grand Prix), Vodafone’s “24/7 Smartphone Crew” and, for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, the world’s first content channel produced solely by and for disabled youngsters. So, all in all, a very strategic match.

Holland wins 6 Webby’s

April 29, 2014, AAB

Webby-awardsLast week the Spinawards were awarded to the best digital cases in the Netherlands. That was just a Dutch affair. You would guess that internationally the Webby’s are a better indicator. But when looking at the winners, the show doesn’t seem to represent the best of Holland’s digital work. The 18th edition awarded 3 Webby’s and 3 People’s Voice Winners. The Webby’s went to: the KLM’s ‘Social Care’ (CRM) by agency Ministry of World Domination; an interactive website by Black Magic Marker about World War II; and Achtung!’s Bannerbahn. Since the People’s Voice Awards mainly say something about how well an agency can activate its social network, we don’t take them too seriously. Having said that, we were quite surprised that KLM Space, by DDB & Tribal didn’t win more than a People’s Voice Award. Just two more months and then the Cannes Lions will reveal what really sticks internationally in digital.

Digging for gold

April 15, 2014, AAB

When a digital agency makes a commercial like this, you know that the distinction between traditional and digital has really become outdated. And we understand why; South Africa – where the light is much smoother – makes a more pleasant working environment than a sweaty basement where black t-shirts are producing code. And it’s totally worth the trip; the production value of this commercial (and well-timed sense of humour) instantly gives Vodafone the golden status it always wanted to have, but could never really find. Created by Achtung! and directed by Magnus Renfors (Hobby Film).

Clad in gold

April 2, 2014, AAB

For the yearly 3FM Awards Achtung! together with 3FM came up with a new theme. Or maybe we should say; colour theme. As gold is the colour of success, awarded artists in this film are literally clad in gold. So, no cheap sculpture or piece of plexiglass anymore, but a load of gold paint in the face. In this behind the scenes film you can watch the reactions of some of the artists – though everyone is laughing, it looks quite nasty. The film was directed by Jeroen Houben (Bäst Films) and shot by Gregg Telussa. Post production by Schnittschneiders and De Lodge.

Blind trade harvest

March 21, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind trade stats - March 2014A few weeks ago we wrote about Porsche’s Blind Trade campaign, created by Achtung!; trading your car for the newest model Porsche without having actually seen it. It has proved a “no-brainer” (as we predicted); already 10,000 people have offered their car for trade on this website. This infographic shows the stats of the cars that were offered. Among the harvest; 2 Aston Martin’s, 2 Ferrari’s, a Rolls, and a Lamborghini. The winner will be announced on the 31st – would be cool if it’s a 1992 Opel Corsa or something.

Update (Nov. 21 2014): The new Porsche Macan has been revealed.

Blind Trade
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 4, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind Trade - March 2014Would you blindly trade your car for the newest model Porsche? A no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not, cause together with Achtung! Porsche turned it into a digital activation. Through a dedicated page you can submit your car to be traded in for the newest Porsche, without actually having seen it. That is, at first you don’t see it at all, and then slowly but surely all the details are revealed. Those of you who doubt the design skills of Porsche and still aren’t sure about the fairness of the trade, the auto manufacturer has built in a catch; the longer you wait, the less chance of winning. So, don’t wait too long. Oh, and yes, not unimportantly, the value of your trade-in and your motivation also count. Site built by Random and 3D by Renascent.

Hungry for knowledge

February 28, 2014, AAB

2014 02 RA*W and AchtungHow hungry the Dutch advertising youngsters are for knowledge, became clear when the first ‘RA*W Agency session’ of 2014 was sold out in 2 minutes. 174 people signed up via Facebook for the event that took place last Wednesday at Achtung!’s headquarters. Due to limited space only 40 could attend – though luck for the 60 hopefuls on the waiting list. The session was themed ‘Get Shit Done’ and hosted by Achtung! Vanilla Ice said it first, but Dick Buschman happily quoted him yesterday; “Stop, collaborate and listen.” Then he explained Achtung!’s way of working; (Eins) get t-shaped people who (Zwei) collaborate and (Drei) co-create. No egos, no small offices, no monopoly on creativity by creatives, just one (big) happy family that tackle projects together with the client. An approach that works well when you have 25 people on the payroll, not when you have 125. That’s why Achtung! is not interested in growing bigger, the agency only wants to grow in quality. To experience Achtung!’s process creative collaboration in a nutshell Buschman gave the workshop participants Lego. In teams of 8 they had to build a car in 20 minutes. They also needed to come up with a way to sell it to the target group; 25-year-old females. To facilitate the creative process they were provided with Breezers. The winning project was the VOUTO – a foldable car that fits into a bike-parking garage. More photos here.