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The Nobel Peace Prize for brands

June 12, 2014, AAB

"Your brand name here" Copyright; letsheal.orgOne of the slides in Mark Woerde’s presentation deck. Photo credit:

The Dutch Art Director’s Club (ADCN) is organising a ‘Summer Program’ with inspiring speakers that share their adventures in Adland. Last Tuesday it was Mark Woerde’s turn, the one speaker we were most keen on listening to. Woerde, who is a partner at Lemz, is one of the brains behind the case that will probably end up very high in the Gun Report this year; Sweetie. We were following Woerde already for a while, because in 2011 he published the book How Advertising Will Heal The World. Quite a bold statement, since advertising is still a marketing discipline that specialises in generating paid attention. But at the ADCN night Woerde convincingly showed some 40 ad creatives, how a relatively small agency can indeed change world politics. More…

Awards, hot dogs and rock ‘n roll

April 3, 2014,

ADCN-2014This week started with one of our country’s most coveted creativity awards: The ADCN Lampen (‘light bulbs’). Hosted in Amsterdam’s most famous pop-temple, the format of the night broke from tradition. This year, the show was briefed to appeal to those with even the most limited attention span, and jack-of-all-trades Eric Corton, host of the rock ‘n roll themed evening, was burdened with the task of maintaining the audience’s focus throughout the course of the show. And as we all know, that isn’t an easy one. But Corton gave it his all and at times it even seemed like the well-groomed singer, actor/dj/style icon/presenter *gasp for air* was genuinely enjoying himself. Even the snacks were fast: the mini food-court going on in the basement offered unlimited hot dogs to the peckish. ADCN didn’t skimp on any entertainment either. More…

Symbols of recognition

April 1, 2014, AAB

ADCN Awards 2014 - Lemz and SweetieLemz winning the Grand Prix for the “most jealous making case” of the evening – presenter Eric Corton on the left and a bulb-babe on the right.

Yesterday, in Paradiso, the ADCN bulbs were divided among the best creatives in the Netherlands. More awards than ever, since Bronze had been added to the Award portfolio. The big winners were Lemz, FHV BBDO, DDB & Tribal. Lemz scored with Sweetie, an animated 10-year old webcamgirl exposing web-pedophiles. It won the Grand Prix (we predict not the last one) and Gold in the categories Activation, Integrated, and Interactive.  FHV created ‘More Crap’ to show that with Hi’s 4G you can watch all the crap you like. It won two Gold in Commercial (read: preroll) and Interactive, one Silver for Integrated, and one Bronze for Interactive. FHV also won a ‘Deelbekroning’ (please don’t ask us to explain why this is a different award) with ‘All you can tweet’ for Direction. At the time we said: “a concept that rises above itself through the awesome (art) direction – kudos for director Jeroen Annokkee.” DDB & Tribal won one Gold (Interactive), two Silver (Activation and Graphic Design) for KLM Space (“an extremely attractive experience” – AAB). The agency also won Silver for Planes and for Das Hund – among other awards. More…

ADCE Creative Express held in Amsterdam

March 13, 2014, AAB

Creative-Express - March 2014The 2nd edition of the ADCE (Art Director’s Club of Europe) Creative Express, the creative workshop that aims to provide training and promotion to young creatives, takes places in Amsterdam this coming Friday, 14th March. The first edition took place on a train (!) last year; this year the Dutch ADCN hosts the event at its headquarters. The participants are young talents under 28 years old and with at least two years work experience. The 12 candidates, chosen by the different member countries of the ADCE, come from Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom – and at least one of them likes smoking. They will be working in teams under the guidance of senior creatives from the ADCE board. European NGO Democracy International will act as client for the workshop. The challenge: develop communication campaigns aimed at building a more democratic Europe – a Europe of its citizens. We would have suggested: show why Europe is good for its citizens, and thus make it a brand – but that’s us. Participants have also been invited to take part in the ADCE board meeting tomorrow, showing the double objective of the event: being open for the ideas of young professionals and giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced creatives.

ADCN becomes more accessible

February 26, 2014, AAB

Terres des Hommes - February 2014Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.   

Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29, and N=5 with 22 nominations. Especially for N=5 this is quite an accomplishment, since it is by far the smallest agency of the three. The most successful (digital) production agency was MediaMonks with 23 nominations. On the client side KLM is the big winner with 14 nominations. It is what happens when you ask every agency in town to create some sort of activation. Or rather, that’s what happens when you write inspiring briefings and choose the right agencies to work for you. Sweetie, created by Lemz for Terres des Hommes, won three nominations – a concept that is so BIG that it will probably win at every award show around the world. Two important things have changed this year; all ADCN members are allowed to vote and the ADCN has introduced a bronze light bulb, to decrease the gap between a nomination and an actual award. We can imagine that this is a tempting thing to do, handing out more light bulbs, but it will only cause inflation – that’s not us being critical, but simply how economics work. Then again, we live in the age of (digital) democratization, so maybe it’s just a natural course. The accessibility of the awards is probably also why this year, for the first time, we are allowed to leave our black ties at home when the definite winners are announced in Paradiso on 31 March. You can find the complete list of nominations here.

Marchildon, Kamp and Rijsdijk win ADCN pitch

February 17, 2014, AAB

Karlijn Marchildon, Raphael Kamp and Sjoerd Rijsdijk - Feb. 2014Last Thursday we were invited for the grande finale of the ADCN pitch, organised together with APG and Jonge Honden. The workshop was a contest among young ambitious strategists and creatives, who were asked to translate a briefing by Knorr (Unilever) and STER (National TV ad publisher) into a solid ad campaign. It was not an easy briefing though, since Knorr already had a complete 360˚ campaign in place. The mandatories were: build on Knorr’s campaign and – very importantly – use the STER Extra second screen app. Karlijn Marchildon (planner at XXS) won the first stage, with a creative brief that insightfully proposed that it would be ideal if Knorr and Ster can help you to compile a menu with just a few ingredients, left-over in your fridge – e.g. what can I do with my Broccoli? Then, creative team (without a permanent employer, so hire them here) Raphael Kamp and Sjoerd Rijsdijk (right in picture) won the second stage by translating Marchildon’s briefing into “Challenge the chef,” a second screen activation with which you can ask a chef to compile a meal with your leftovers. The jury – consisting of Wouter Boon (APG), Joris Elk and René Verbong (ADCN – and FHV BBDO), Katharina Karsen (Unilever) en Sandra Bommer and Annika Haasnoot (Ster) – was unanimous about the fact that this concept answered STER’s business challenge and smoothly built on Knorr’s existing advertising. Congrats to all. Photo credits: Matthijs Immink.

APG and Jonge Honden collaborate in ADCN workshop

January 15, 2014, AAB

ADCN-workshopJunior creatives and strategist are invited to take part in a four-week ADCN workshop, kicking off at the Beurs van Berlage tomorrow, January 16th – you can find the event here. Participants in the workshop will be STER (responsible for the commercials on the public TV channels), Knorr (Unilever), APG (Account Planners Group) and Jonge Honden. The outcome of the workshop will be a concept around ‘Ster Extra’ (a second screen app) and Knorr’s culinary platform. The workshop consists of two stages: junior APG members will first compete to present the best advertising briefing to a Jury of professionals. Then, during the second stage, Jonge Honden will work on this briefing and compete for the best concept. All participants will be coached by members of AGP and ADCN. Eventually, the best three concepts will be presented to the Jury on the 13th February. During the closing party the winners can celebrate their spot in the Jonge Honden bus going to Cannes this summer. Jonge Honden quite often collaborates with the ADCN, but this is the first time that APG joins in.

Digital ADCN yearbook shows dedication

December 4, 2013, AAB

Floris-Huelsmann-and-Joris-van-Elk Floris Hülsmann and Joris van Elk receive first ADCN 2013 yearbook and iPad app

Last week the Art Directors Club Nederland presented its yearbook for advertising and design. Besides the fact that it was beautifully designed, this year’s book is very special since it is for the first time accessible through an iPad app. What was unique about the book too, is that it’s usually hard to find people who want to make it, since it’s a hell of job. But ADCN chairman Lode Schaeffer enthusiastically told the crowd in the ADCN clubhouse that this time he was approached by FHV BBDO team Joris van Elk and Floris Hülsmann who told Lode they felt a strong urge to make this year’s book. With the theme ‘Monnikenwerk’ (Sisyphean task) Van Elk and Hülsmann wanted to celebrate the fanaticism and determination that can make the difference in advertising. More…

Damn You Auto Correct wins ADCN workshop

November 21, 2013, AAB

Winners ADCN-JCDecaux workshop - November 2013Èwa Oduguwa and Jolien Kappert, both students at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, won this year’s ADCN workshop. During this one day workshop 18 teams (a mix of junior agency teams and students) worked on an outdoor concept for Unilever brand Unox, a brand with a rich heritage, especially loved for its ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage), traditionally eaten with ‘boerenkool’ (kale-potato stew) in the winter season. After a briefing by Martijn Morsink (Sr brand manager Unox) the teams were coached by a group of mentors: Arjen de Jong (Animal Farm), Annemiek den Uil (freelance), Stephan Gonnissen (Etcetera and ADCN), Maarten Vrouwes (JWT) and Geert Ploeger (freelance). At the end of the day the jury, consisting of  Marc van Amerongen (JCDecaux), Martijn Morsink (Unilever) and ADCN board member Peter van Leeuwen chose Èwa and Jolien’s concept. Their idea was based on the infamous Damn You Auto Correct fuck ups. Since Unox is a decent brand, this autocorrect doesn’t talk about “shaved pussy” when “shaved pork” was really meant; instead granny talks about ‘rokwiet’ (dress ganja) instead of rookworst – showing in a nice way how Unox works for all ages. Besides the branded beanies and 15 seconds of fame, the two also won the ADCN yearbook 2013 – to be officially released on 28th of november. Congrats!

Jonathan Elbers wins Young Director Award

July 2, 2013, AAB

YDA Jonathan Elbers - July 2013We know, Cannes is already gone, but we actually forgot to mention one important award; the Young Director Award, won by Jonathan Elbers (Second prize in the category ‘European Filmschool’). Earlier this year the ADCN (Dutch Art Directors Club) didn’t think the film was good enough for a Young Talent award, but fortunately the YDA jury judged differently. The concept for this commercial promoting the Dutch Film Academy is quite simple, but the production – all filmed in a studio to substantiate the proposition – allowed Elbers to show all of his skills. It was shot by Thijmen Doornik and produced with the help of the Netherlands Film Academy.