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ADCN presents multidisciplinary board

ADCN has just presented a new, multidisciplinary board, representing a mix of perspectives and experiences in the field of creativity in advertising and design. The organization answered its member’s call for a more open culture and inspiration coming from beyond the ADCN and its area… More.


The Nobel Peace Prize for brands

Woerde inspiring Amsterdam ad creatives to change the world The Dutch Art Director’s Club (ADCN) is organising a ‘Summer Program’ with inspiring speakers that share their adventures in Adland. Last Tuesday it was Mark Woerde’s turn, the one speaker we were most keen on listening… More.


Awards, hot dogs and rock ‘n roll

This week started with one of our country’s most coveted creativity awards: The ADCN Lampen (‘light bulbs’). Hosted in Amsterdam’s most famous pop-temple, the format of the night broke from tradition. This year, the show was briefed to appeal to those with even the most limited… More.


Symbols of recognition

Lemz winning the Grand Prix for the “most jealous making case” of the evening – presenter Eric Corton on the left and a bulb-babe on the right. Yesterday, in Paradiso, the ADCN bulbs were divided among the best creatives in the Netherlands. More awards than… More.


ADCE Creative Express held in Amsterdam

The 2nd edition of the ADCE (Art Director’s Club of Europe) Creative Express, the creative workshop that aims to provide training and promotion to young creatives, takes places in Amsterdam this coming Friday, 14th March. The first edition took place on a train (!) last year; this year the… More.


ADCN becomes more accessible

Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.    Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29,… More.


Marchildon, Kamp and Rijsdijk win ADCN pitch

Last Thursday we were invited for the grande finale of the ADCN pitch, organised together with APG and Jonge Honden. The workshop was a contest among young ambitious strategists and creatives, who were asked to translate a briefing by Knorr (Unilever) and STER (National TV… More.


APG and Jonge Honden collaborate in ADCN workshop

Junior creatives and strategist are invited to take part in a four-week ADCN workshop, kicking off at the Beurs van Berlage tomorrow, January 16th – you can find the event here. Participants in the workshop will be STER (responsible for the commercials on the public TV channels), Knorr (Unilever),… More.


Digital ADCN yearbook shows dedication

Floris Hülsmann and Joris van Elk receive first ADCN 2013 yearbook and iPad app Last week the Art Directors Club Nederland presented its yearbook for advertising and design. Besides the fact that it was beautifully designed, this year’s book is very special since it is… More.


Damn You Auto Correct wins ADCN workshop

Èwa Oduguwa and Jolien Kappert, both students at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, won this year’s ADCN workshop. During this one day workshop 18 teams (a mix of junior agency teams and students) worked on an outdoor concept for Unilever brand Unox, a brand… More.


Jonathan Elbers wins Young Director Award

We know, Cannes is already gone, but we actually forgot to mention one important award; the Young Director Award, won by Jonathan Elbers (Second prize in the category ‘European Filmschool’). Earlier this year the ADCN (Dutch Art Directors Club) didn’t think the film was good… More.