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Choose right

“Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. But why would I want to do a thing like that…. when there’s Warsteiner. Of course this film is not about heroine. And even if you put a bearded man on a skateboard, it won’t even come close. But it is quite… More.


Matt Bissonnette joins Smarthouse

Canadian born and LA-based director Matt Bissonnette (yes, double s, double n, double t) has joined Smarthouse. According to Smarthouse’s press release Matt studied English and Film in Montreal and then earned a Law degree. After only two weeks he retired from legal practice to work in movies. Bissonnette has written and directed three feature… More.


Work & Play

This new Sony Vaio 2-in-1 could be quite revolutionary; it merges the laptop and the tablet. Though the mechanics look a bit wobbly – and thus make it vulnerable for Apple to make something smoother – the commercial perfectly explains why you’d want to have those two devices merged: it’s all about work & play… More.


Amsterdam Worldwide wins Warsteiner

We hadn’t heard from Amsterdam Worldwide for a while, so we’re glad the agency has won the international Warsteiner account, after a competitive pitch against several unnamed agencies. Warsteiner, brewed in the small town of Warstein, is one of Germany’s leading beers – to be precise, in Germany it is the #3 premium lager and… More.


NightTag combines Image, Location, and Sound

In advertising mobile is still not a very dominant medium – only since this year it was introduced in Cannes as a new award category. And that’s surprising, since a mobile phone is the device to unlock SoLoMo (Social Mobile Local), a mix that easily has the potential to add relevance to a brand. Here’s… More.


Levi’s goes forth with mural artist Alexandro Farto

‘Go Forth’ is Levi’s new brand proposition. It supports positive change in the world and celebrates today’s “pioneers who are taking action to build a better future”. In this dramatic mini-documentary, created by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Sanne van Hecke, we see Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (aka “Vhils”) nonchalantly wearing a pair of baggy… More.


180 wins ASICS for Olympics 2012

Good news for 180 Amsterdam; ASICS appointed the agency for its global communications around the London Olympic Games 2012 – after a competitive pitch that started last summer. 180 will also work with ASICS to launch key product ranges through 2011 and 2012. ASICS asked 180 to give emotional meaning to its ethos ‘Sound Mind… More.


The ‘Visual Life’ of The Sartorialist – Intel inside

How to give a boring ingredient brand like Intel – the ‘second generation core processors’ – a face? When you’ve watched this short documentary (too long to be called a commercial), created by Amsterdam Worldwide (AW) and directed by Tyler Manson, you know how. AW chose to visualize the lives of influential bloggers in a… More.


Eurobest: Two Grand Prix for W+K and A’dam WW

Amsterdam won two Grand Prix in Film and Design at Eurobest in Hamburg, last Wednesday. Wieden+Kennedy was awarded the prestigious award for its epic Nike ‘Write the future’ commercial – alledgedly the most expensive commercial ever made. And for the same film it won bronze in Film Craft. Amsterdam Worldwide earned a Grand Prix in… More.


G-Star and Kurtenbach find agency

Dutch Fashion brand G-Star appointed Nothing Amsterdam to run its international account. Joris Aperghis, CMO G-Star said Nothing understands the brand and the challenges that lay ahead to help it with its international growth.  G-Star was founded in 1989 (originally called Gap Star). Today the brand has over a 1000 employees and 250 shops in… More.