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Fashion Victims

January 9, 2013, AAB

To make online shoppers aware of the price that is paid for cheap fashion, Greenpeace and Pool Worldwide launched a website for the fictitious brand Fashion Victims. Though TV celebrity Zarayda Groenhart at first appears to be giving away 1000 blouses for free, her monologue changes into a story about clothing producers in China, Indonesia, and Mexico, not having very strict pollution laws and most often using toxics that harm the environment and the population. Then Groenhart tears apart the website background to literally give the viewer a look behind the scenes – where an Asian is pouring a toxic in water. We like it. Although we have to say that it made us think of Boondoggle’s Medi-Plaza concept – also a fictitious brand that warns people for buying medicines online.

Logos for cheap

September 26, 2012, AAB

We recently interviewed The Stone Twins about crowdsourcing logos. As logo specialists they aren’t too fond of this new phenomenon, but – on the other hand – they acknowledge that it automatically comes with an open market. Since Boondoggle Amsterdam loves the open market, they conceived this concept for Cordaid; “A professional logo for cheap.” Small entrepreneurs can buy a logo for €99 only. And with the money collected from this ‘Cordeal’ the NGO provides microcredit to small entrepreneurs in third world countries. Which makes the circle complete. Quite a nice concept. To realise the deal, the agency approached professional designers from the Amsterdam advertising world and asked them to create a logo (almost) for free. Anything for some good karma, they must have thought.

Havas buys Boondoggle

July 10, 2012, AAB

International advertising behemoth Havas – owner of among other brands EuroRSCG and Arnold – has just announced to buy Boondoggle to enhance its digital position in the Benelux. Boondoggle has been quite successful in the past years in making digital work that convincingly connected on and offline. In Amsterdam especially the work for Nike and KLM stood out. Since Tom De Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen left to found their own agency SUE Amsterdam earlier this year and Gaston Serpenti moved to Anomaly Amsterdam, the agency has gone through difficult times. Let’s hope that Havas’ deep pockets can put Boondoggle (Amsterdam) back on track.

Anomaly hires Gaston Serpenti

May 14, 2012, AAB

Anomaly – opening its Amsterdam office at the end of last year – has hired Gaston Serpenti as Digital Creative Officer. Serpenti is coming from Boondoggle Amsterdam, the agency he founded about 5 years ago with Tom de Bruyne – who left Boondoggle last year to found Sue Amsterdam with Astrid Groenewegen. The hire has been made partly possible by both Nike and Converse, recently appointing Anomaly to handle local business initiatives. Serpenti has an impressive track record, winning Spins, Webbies, and Lions. His most successful cases were Take Mokum for Nike and KLM Surprise. These cases also helped to make Boondoggle Digital Agency of the Year in 2011. Hazelle Klonhammer, MD at Anomaly about Serpenti’s hire: “Exceptional digital talent is rare in this industry. That’s why we feel very fortunate to have him onboard.” We’ll be looking forward to see his work for Anomaly.

Tribal DDB and Lemz win big at the SpinAwards

April 6, 2012, AAB

We weren’t physically there when last night no less than 30 ‘Spins’ (rings, either gold or silver) were awarded to the best digital work of the Benelux at the SpinAwards. Instead, we were mingling with the lesser gods at the NewWork Pre-Party. After ten, though, when the SpinAwards opened their doors for the after party, we were able to congratulate all the winners in person. First of all, Tribal DDB. The big winner with three golden awards; two for Obsessed with sound and one for KLM Tile & Inspire. On top of that Tribal won the agency of the year award. Lemz also won big with five Spins. Three Silver Spins went to Taskforce Tracing Bomb makers, targeted at teenagers making their own bombs around New Years and showing the impact proudly on YouTube. The Taskforce downloaded the videos and re-uploaded them with a warning to the bomb makers. Lemz also won two silver spins with KLM Live Reply. And – not much of a surprise – KLM became advertiser of the year. Buutvrij For Life won two awards with their ‘Pass it on day’ – they asked all their Facbook friends to form a line through Amsterdam to pass on their office interior when they were moving offices. Unofficially they also won a third award together with Cote d’Azur for ‘Everything smells like chocolate.’ Boondoggle won two awards with ‘Cordeals’ for Cordaid and with for the government. The latter case is slightly similar to the Taskforce concept; consumers who were buying medicines online were led to Medi-Plaza, when about to make the transaction they were confronted with the message that buying medicines online is a dangerous affair. Red Urban won two awards with the Russian Roulette app for Duyves and their ‘Like’ campaign for KPN. Click on picture to see the entire list of winners.

Job Hustle
Amsterdam Ad Blog

July 1, 2011, AAB

This ‘Job Hustle’ case film by Bas van der Poel and Daan van Dam (Wonder Years) speaks for itself. They wanted a job and got one; at Boondoggle – by using Twitter in an unorthodox way. It’s on target, inventive, and effective. This is the kind of people that we can use in advertising. They use technology to get a message across, not just to show they are geeks. Well done, guys.

Amsterdam wins 5 lions in Cannes

June 22, 2011, AAB

Yesterday was a good day. Not just because it was our first day in Cannes and we enjoyed soaking up all its extremes – Le Palais, the sun, the beach, ‘le canard au miel’, and lots of drinks – check out our photo’s here. It was also a good day for Amsterdam, because it won 5 Lions! Two silver lions went to outdoor; Interbest ‘mail stripper’ and the Go Fast water-bike, both to Y&R Not Just Film. At the time, we weren’t too positive about the unattractive stripper, because we doubted its effectiveness. You could say the silver lion has proved us wrong. Two bronze lions went to the radio commercial ‘sexual harassment’ (Publicis) and an Allsecur outdoor ad (Ogilvy). In Media Muse and Starcom won Silver for their 3D Samsung projection. Earlier, on Monday Amsterdam won two meager bronze lions; the Dutch dress for Bavaria in promo – which definitely deserves more in our opinion – and bronze for Boondoggle’s KLM Suprise in PR – in Holland this won a golden Spin (read: cyber) award. Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate some gold later this week.

Boondoggle’s 5-word Webby acceptance speech

June 16, 2011, AAB

Four Amsterdam agencies scored a Webby award this year. The most serious one went to Boondoggle with Take Mokum (Online Campaigns) for Nike+. Boondoggle has a running gag going that mentions penguins in every interview; hence the 5-word acceptance speech by CD Gaston Serpenti – please note that this is Belgium humour. The others went to Streetview Sudan (Rich Media/Non profit), by Kong; Samsung 3D (Integrated Media Plan), by Muse and Starcom; and LBi Lostboys, with a website around the Anne Frankhuis (Cultural Institutions).

Boondoggle and KLM surprise at SpinAwards

April 11, 2011, AAB

Last Thursday the SpinAwards were divided between the top digital agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. In ‘Online’ there were two golden awards; ‘Philips wake up the town’ (A fantastic concept by Tribal DDB) and ‘Hi-Tec Liquid Mountaineering’ (a very strongly executed viral by CCCP – judged as the best mockumentary of 2010 by Adage). There was one silver in Online; KLM Surprise (see embedded case film) – this also won gold in ‘Cross Media’. KLM Surprise winning two Spins was indeed a surprise. The concept is quite thin; passengers at Schiphol airport using Twitter or Foursquare were given a special gifts that matched their travel plans – seeding the shaky film footage online didn’t make it a stronger concept. In our opinion the only fair award for this surprise would have been in ‘Social Media’. Speaking of social media, in this category Boondoggle won silver for ‘Take Mokum’ – “a great way to activate your audience” is how we judged it back in September. The three awards for Boondoggle made it digital agency of the year – regardless the surprise a fair decision. KLM – also winning a second golden award for iFly Magazine in ‘Content’, created by Born 05 – became digital advertiser of the year. Considering the amount of innovative stuff KLM has created in the past year, their award was entirely deserved. Muse & Ice Mobile won gold in ‘Innovation’ for their app ‘Appie’. Indeed one of the more innovative concepts we’ve seen last year. Another gold went to the addictive game ‘Noisia Infection’, created by Flavour – “playful branding”. A very strong SpinAward (gold) went to the Blurshirt for Beachmasters (party holidays for teenagers), in the category ‘Young Talent’. It was  created by Nik Sluijs and Nanette Visser of de Willem de Kooning Acadamy. The shirt has a shotcode underneath the collar so that, when embarrassing pictures are uploaded on social media, the face above the collar automatically gets blurred. Now there’s a concept that taps into a serious target group need.

New Nike+ GPS app allows you to ‘Take Mokum’

September 15, 2010, AAB

Who would have ever thought that running could become a form of graffiti – or rather graffiti for the impaired. Thanks to a new Nike+ GPS app, you can now track your runs on the map and connect your speed to a location. To promote this new app Boondoggle Amsterdam came up with the idea to organize a graffiti contest on Facebook, called ‘Take Mokum’ (Amsterdam’s local nickname). The ten tags with the most ‘likes’ on Facebook will be exhibited in the Nike Runhouse, a new ‘running club’ in the Amsterdam Van Baerlestraat. The club is only accessible for members of the Nike Running community on Facebook – not making it a place for everyone that is interested in running seems a bit of a missed opportunity. The winners will also win a pair of auto-designed NikeiD’s LunarGlide+2. What a great way to activate your audience.