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Cannes: 3 more bronze

June 24, 2013, AAB

G-Star filmWe had hoped for a little more on the last days in Cannes, but 3 bronze is the best we could do in the prestigious categories of Titanium & Integrated, Film, Craft, and Branded content & Entertainment. In Craft Wieden won yet another award for Heineken; bronze for their Bond film. Production company Glassworks also won bronze for their skillfull G-Star film, Art of Raw, which we thought deserved a little more. What is special about Glassworks’ animation, is that it was created directly for the client, thus without an ad agency – confirming the trend that clients start to take creative direction in their own hands. Finally, Sharon Goldstoff and Jimmy Mars (working at Saatchi and Leo Burnett respectively) won bronze as Young Lions in Print.

Cannes 2013

June 19, 2013, AAB

Cannes 2013We’re taking some photos while in Cannes, together with the FreeForce. Here are the first photo’s of yesterdays annual pool party, organized by Jilt Meeder, Wenneker and Music Skeleton. More pics tomorrow.

Cannes: Silver for Publicis and W+K

June 25, 2012, AAB

A rather meagre last day for Amsterdam in Cannes, last Saturday – the most prestigious day of the festival. Publicis did not manage to win Titanium for their ALS ad, but with Silver in Integrated the agency still did very well with the impressive campaign, winning 3 Lions in total. Out of the six Amsterdam nominations in Film only one commercial was awarded; Wieden+Kennedy’s Making of the Date won Silver. The Grand Prix for Film Craft did not go to Amsterdam, but at least the wonderful spot Bear, by BETC Paris for Canal+, was directed by Dutchman Matthijs van Heijningen jr. In the same category We Are Pi won Bronze for Human Arabesque. In our opinion it deserved more. So, all in all, after winning the Grand Prix and in total 22 Lions last year, rainy Amsterdam could this year welcome back only 17 Lions. Hopefully we’ll do better again next year.

Cannes 2012

June 22, 2012, AAB

AmsterdamAd Blog is keeping a photolog while in Cannes of all the (pool) parties we are attending. Photos are taken by Wouter Boon, Marleen Wiedhaup, and Buutvrij for Life. All photos here.

Cannes: Two Media Lions and one Mobile

June 20, 2012, AAB

With only one shortlisted case in Mobile, Amsterdam disappointed us a little this week. Fortunately the only nomination in this growing category was awarded with Silver last night. Yune and XS2TheWorld created an app for the Dutch Railways (NS); an app that allows you to see the Royal waiting rooms of three train stations in 3D – not really a big idea, but a rich visual experience that shows where mobile is going. In Media there were two awards, Silver and Bronze for ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis – also winning already in Direct – and ‘Save an orchestra’ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra (MO) by EuroRSCG, respectively. The latter was a multi-media campaign creating, among other things, a popular number 1 hit by the MO effectively persuading the Dutch government to keep the MO subsidized. In Outdoor the only shortlist nominee, Dominos ‘Safe sound‘  by Indie – an electric scooter making the artificial sound ‘Mmmm,’ didn’t get awarded. To our surprise. It is one of the more truly original ideas coming from Amsterdam this year.

Cannes: Promo, Direct, and PR; 6 Lions

June 19, 2012, AAB

Amsterdam scores well in the first three Cannes categories. Three golden Lions went to LG Thief, stealing the thinnest TV ever on a security cam, by Y&R (Promo/Best use of social media), ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis (Direct/Charity), and Hema mega push-up bra by Doom & Dickson (PR). The push-up bra – a male model showing how the bra makes something out of nothing – also won Silver in Promo/Product Launch. Lemz won Silver with their firework task-force. Bronze went to Kumpany for ‘Britt’s telephone’ for Microsoft – a concept that allowed the crowd to browse through a Dutch celeb’s entire phone online.

Arnold bike

June 18, 2012, AAB

What a great way to advertise yourself in Cannes. A custom made bicycle – with dedicated website – designed by Juri Zaech for Arnold Amsterdam. And it actually works.

The World’s Biggest Agency

June 6, 2012, AAB

Everybody knows by know that MassiveMusic throws the best party in Cannes every year. What’s unique this year, is that they’ve teamed up with MediaMonks, resulting in the “World’s Biggest Agency;” MM&MM. For one night, that is. If you are one of the lucky people that is being invited to the infamous ‘Massive Wednesday’ party at Bâoli Beach Club on June 20th, we’ll be seeing you there. Until then you can take a look at this teaser in which 24 MM&MM staff members were asked to “photocopy a body part” to promote the party. The film was developed by MM&MM and The Stone Twins and filmed from inside the XXXerox copier by Rogier Schalken from MediaMonks.

Cannes Lions 2011

March 22, 2012, AAB

Amsterdam Ad Blog is keeping a photolog this year in Cannes, because a photo says more than a 1000 words. Of course we are especially interested in the Dutch (or Amsterdam) crowd. All photos here.

Jonge Honden 24 hour pitch

March 22, 2012, AAB

On May 13th 2011 the Jonge Honden (Ad Pups) were given 24 Hours to create a concept for HEMA and win a trip to Cannes. All photos here.