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Jan-Willem de Man ‘y’ Frenkel Schönfeld
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March 15, 2013, AAB

The only resemblance between this film and creative team Jan-Willem de Man (art) & Frenkel Schönfeld (copy) is that they have brown and blond hair respectively and did meet in Nerja, close to Malaga in Spain, around April 2001. Oh, and they are both very fond of Spain. When we asked Schönfeld, did you really have that fight, he answered: “No, but we probably both thought the other was a bit of a douchebag. I had a bleach-blond-fail hairdo and Jan-Willem was a preppy adolescent with a Honda SS50. At that point we couldn’t have imagined ending up working together in advertising.” But they did. And still do. They started as a team at CCCP, working on – among other brands – The Dutch Maritime Museum. For this museum they created a take-over on Dutch news site and filled it with ‘Spanified Dutch news’ to show that the Netherlands would probably still be reigned by Spain, if the Dutch hadn’t sailed the seas in the Golden Age. After 3.5 years CCCP, they joined Taxi in 2012, where they still work.

The Slogan Station

February 7, 2013, AAB

Yesterday CCCP launched the Slogancentrale (‘slogan station’), a shop-in-shop that creates slogans. Simple as that. The concept jumps in the gap between small businesses and the price and complexity of hiring a full service agency. It feels slightly similar to the crowd sourcing logo platforms that pop up everywhere. The mini agency is an initiative of Creative Director Rogier Cornelisse, who has a soft spot for slogans. Cornelisse: “Already for years I take pictures of strong, funny, and – very often – amateur slogans on shops and vans. So I turned this little private hobby of mine into a small shop.” The Slogan Station was officially opened yesterday – with a speech of Dutch ad legend Frank Pels, who coined many famous Dutch slogans, such as “Een beetje vreemd, maar wel lekker.

The sound of silence
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February 1, 2013, AAB

Impact-wise this film is quite similar to the previous Amnesty International commercial we featured on this blog last summer – ‘Hooded.’ This one leans heavier on the confronting and almost poetic (“the silence whispers in your ear at night”) copy. If the rotten smell, the thirst, and even the bruises and cigarette burns become your allies, because they tell you you are still alive, then you easily believe that the silence makes you feel invisible, and that there’s even a point where you can’t remember the sound of sound. The alarm clock at the end annoyed us a little, but maybe it should. It wakes you up and tells you need to take action to end the silence. Craftfully created by CCCP.

Das Hund

January 24, 2013, AAB

Another very fine piece of advertising by DDB for Volkswagen. A dog mimicking a Volkswagen. Nothing more, nothing less. But with viral potential galore. They better makes some space on their award shelves… Directed by Mattias Schut (CZAR), shot by Mark Bliss, sound by The Ambassadors, and music by Sizzer.

Naturalis’ grand collection of organisms

January 26, 2012, AAB

This film reminded us of the animation quite recently created by CCCP for the Scheepvaart museum. Both are similar styled, both promote a museum, and both use the same voice-over. Apart from that the film is of course making the museum look quite attractive. And we didn’t know that Naturalis owns one of the world largest collections of organisms; 37 million items! The animation also gives us a peak in the future; who needs to visit a physical museum, when you can make edcuational films like this – which is kind of ironic. Created by Plus One Amsterdam.

A website take-over with impact
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October 17, 2011, AAB

Beginning of this month we wrote about a viral – if we may – for the Amsterdam Maritime (‘Scheepvaart’) museum; “No Facebook without the Dutch” it was dubbed. Apparently – and wisely – all of the museum’s budget goes towards online, cause last week we encountered yet another great piece of digital advertising; a site take-over – again a collaboration between One Big Agency, CCCP, and SuperHeroes. When you pull the plug to let the water run away, the Netherlands all of a sudden has become part of Spain and the Dutch news site ‘Nu’ changes into ‘Ahora’. History changes and the news accordingly; queen Beatrix is merely a sculptor now, Dutch brand Philips is called Philips II (after the ruler of Spain in the 16th century), a separatist organization claims to stick to Dutch (a cameo for CCCP’s copywriter and art director); Wesley Sneijder (“Esnaider”) scores for Spain, and Jan Smit (“Juan Smit”) with mustache releases a new album. This time the message is: “Without shipping no Orange” (the royal colour) and again the Scheepvaart museum teaches us how important the maritime history has been for the Netherlands. Usually we ignore banners or – when they obscure a site – search for the ‘delete’ button straight away, but not with this banner that entertained us for almost 10 minutes. It could be a lesson for those advertisers who think that buying banner positions is the same as making an impact – it is not.

Little bottle, great animation

October 12, 2011, AAB

This animated trailer promotes a beautifully made interactive new website, created by SuperHeroes, tells the story of Yakult. If we wouldn’t be skeptical about probiotics, we’d start loving Yakult right away – according to evidenced based science probiotics do more or less the same as normal yoghurt, which is probably why the word Yakult is derived from the Japanese word for yoghurt. Never mind though, it’s always good to see an agency being able to show off its skills. What makes things especially crafty is the fact that SuperHeroes used a scaled model that represents the Kyoto area to create the film – here’s the making of. The only pity about that – and we really hate to mention it – is the fact that Amsterdam Worldwide did more or less the same for Onitsuka Tiger (also a Japanese brand) in 2009. Fortunately the consumer couldn’t care less. SuperHeroes worked together with One Big Agency, CCCP, C-41 (Live action production), Magic Bullet (Interactive production), and Lullatone (for the happy sound).

Complicated as a concept

October 4, 2011, AAB

We don’t like brands telling complicated stories – complicated is usually born out of a bad idea. The exception to the rule, though, is complicated as a concept in itself. When for example complicated is an excuse to create something that should go viral, it might just work. Take this nicely executed online film “No Facebook without the Dutch” for the Dutch Maritime (‘Scheepvaart’) Museum that links the rich Dutch maritime history with Mark Zuckerberg to announce the new museum’s Facebook fan page. Clearly not watertight, but easily enjoyable enough to forward online. Created by One Big Agency, CCCP, and Super Heroes.

Nike’s ‘Write the future’ wins gold in Cyber

June 23, 2011, AAB

Finally, Amsterdam wins its first golden Lion – in cyber. Nike’s ‘Write the future’, created by Wieden+Kennedy has already won a truckload of prizes, but winning in Cannes, is the cherry on top, of course. The campaign won in cyber, because it used social media very effectively; the film received 40 million online views. And since the film is so impressive, we expect it to win (at least) a golden film Lion this Saturday. Two virals were rewarded with a bronze Cyber lion. The first one: TomTom’s special edition StarWars voices – created by Pool Worldwide and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR). This film will surely also win another Lion at the end of the week. The other viral, was Liquid Mountaineering for Hi-Tec by CCCP – a brilliantly executed mockumentary. Interesting detail; this second viral was also directed by Willem Gerritsen. In design two silver Lions were won. One by Amsterdam agency BrandBase for its pallet project, a unique working environment, built entirely from pallets by Most Design. The other silver design Lion went to Heineken’s STR bottle, a bottle that lights up in the dark thanks to its UV-sensitive ink – created by dBOD and Iris.

Hi-Tec’s Liquid Mountaineering Game

June 8, 2011, AAB

The Liquid Mountaineering viral for Hi-Tec, conceived by CCCP is already legendary. So what’s next? The Hi-Tec “Infinity Run“, a game also conceived by CCCP and built by Soepel. The game lets you run on water and also has an in-game shop, which is apparently fairly unique. Once you enter the game, you only need to choose your character, your Hi-Tec gear, and the city in which you would like to hit the water – of course we chose Amsterdam. We were crap at it, but that’s actually a good thing, since each week a very ugly pair of trainers is being given away to the highest score.