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Bicky, named after Vicky

We like odd and quirky. Especially when brands are talking about products that don’t really have any interesting benefits. Since burgers can nowadays be acquired on every corner of the street, odd and quirky is what sets you apart. Brussels’ based Mortierbrigade is known for the… More.


The stalking stroller

Only yesterday we wrote that in advertising you don’t know what’s real anymore. Well, here is a good example. The film confuses us. It pretends to be ‘real’ but the bad acting gives away that it’s not. Maybe the only real thing in the film is the Facebook comment… More.


Entertaining our bright side

Yesterday Charmine Assadian wrote that we should dare to make some more shocking ads, to entertain our dark side. Another genre, still successful – and also not necessarily selling a higher purpose – is to superficially entertain our bright side. It’s exactly what this ad does –… More.


Triple beard

First there were creative agencies inspired by hipsters to advertise craftsmanship. Take this ad for beer brand Kornuit. Today it’s fashionable to mock hipsters; Denham and recently top level domain ‘.Amsterdam‘ already did so quite funnily. Now Vodafone, in collaboration with Achtung!, has simply added… More.


Silly Cookie

Can you imagine; a spread (tasting like typical Dutch ‘speculaas’ cookie and cappuccino) being so delicious that you pretend to have sex on the kitchen counter in front of your kids? Or, wait; can you imagine a spread (called “Cookie Notti,” in English sounding like… More.


It’s all about the dash

This film for the Amsterdam “small capacity” cocktail bar HPS (with a logo that made us think of UBS), looks quite internetty. But “It’s all about the dash” is a well-found double entrendre. A dash of this and a dash of that, that’s what making cocktails… More.


Next time label it

A classic piece of slapstick for Brother (remember, the typewriter brand), with a great build up, perfect timing, strong acting, and impressive production value. And the concept (and pay off), “Next time label it”, guarantees creative mileage, in business class. Created by Rosapark Paris, directed… More.

Ad of the Month

Where are you going today?

The Dutch Railways (NS) probably has the worst brand reputation in the Netherlands. The most important reason is that their trains can’t stand bad weather and their fast trains can’t handle speed – typically they recently changed “NS Hispeed” into “NS International.” Even in commercials… More.


Very smart

We don’t come across commercials very often that we find really funny – read: use our kind of humour. But here is one. To support the pay-off that “Holland is getting smarter and smarter” (LOI offers educations in all kinds of fields) the trainee assumes… More.



Quite a teaser this commercial made for the Ministry of Social Affairs that advertises a platform that tries to stimulate people to make more out of their working lives. The platform and its experiments have been developed together with the University of Amsterdam, which is actually… More.


Energy Noodles

Last year Khanna\Reidinga, in collaboration with director André Maat (Czar.nl), launched an ad for the fictitious product Boss Noodles. With this ad the agency very successfully picked up an existing internet meme, receiving over 2 million views. Naturally this tasted like more. So K\R created… More.