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Uncommon open for applications

A few weeks ago Uncommon, the first cross-agency advertising traineeship, was officially launched by Natwerk, Sue, Achtung! and Dawn. Uncommon this week announced that it starts to take applications. The 2-year traineeship will be available for 4 creative, strategic or digital thinkers, who will spend… More.


Lemz wins Dutch Digital Design Award

The case – or rather Lemz – that has already won an incredible amount of advertising awards (among which 13 Lions in Cannes), this weekend also won the prestigious Dutch Design Award at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The jury about the concept: “The case not just… More.



Amsterdam’s zoo Artis has opened Micropia, the world’s first museum unveiling the world of microbes (read: micro organisms, such as bacteria, moulds, algae, viruses, etc.), a world that is normally invisible to the human eye. What’s interesting about microbes is that they have the power to… More.


Gorter and De Ridder work at Dawn

Last month we wrote about Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder winning a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards with a casefilm introducing a green button in Google that filters only the green search results. At the time they studied at… More.


Creative Press Challenge shortlist

The jury and shortlist for Volkskrant’s Creative Press Challenge has been announced. The jury will consist of Chris Buur (de Volkskrant), Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited), Alvaro Sotomayor (W+K Amsterdam), Andre Matarazzo (Sid Lee) and David Snellenberg (Dawn). Philippe Remarque, editor in chief of de Volkskrant, has invited the ECD’s of… More.


Taking ‘fair’ to the next level

We’ve seen fair coffee, fair chocolate, and, of course, fair trade in general. But we haven’t seen a fair phone yet. The reason is that to produce consumer electronics you need lots of resources and knowhow. What’s more, the mobile phone supply chain is so… More.


Big in form

Christian Borstlap proudly presents 5 (out of 7) bulbs to the press – photo by Matthijs Immink.  Unfortunately it took us half a week to recover from the ADCN (Art Director Club Netherlands) awards (read: the party afterwards). Which is why only now we’re able… More.


Intellectuals only

We like the distinctive art direction of this De Groene Amsterdammer (political/cultural magazine) ad, created by Dawn and director Johan Kramer. The only thing that puts us off is that it feels a little too highbrow – the previous one (also by Dawn) almost comes across… More.


Europe & The Facts

As we all know Europe is in crisis. Or, to speak marketing lingo; has a huge image problem. Since the Dutch elections are due – September – employers and entrepeneurs (to be precize VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, LTO Nederland) joined forces and asked Dawn – that seems to have… More.


Small is the new big

What an optimistic, intelligent, and persuasive commercial for Triodos – a bank that solely invests in durable, social, and cultural projects – by Dawn. We can’t really remember seeing a bank advertise itself with such a credible tone of voice. The most powerful message here… More.


Rooijens exchanges Dawn for Lemz

Art director and co-founder of Dawn, Pepijn Rooijens (42) is leaving Dawn for Lemz. Rooijens, who also worked at Ogilvy and FHV BBDO is known for his designy feel for art direction, resulting for example in the wonderful Artis outdoor stickers. At Dawn Rooijens formed… More.