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Gorter and De Ridder work at Dawn

August 19, 2014, AAB

Yme Gorter and Paul J. Ridder winning two pencils - July 2014Last month we wrote about Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder winning a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards with a casefilm introducing a green button in Google that filters only the green search results. At the time they studied at the Edinburgh Napier University. But the pencils helped them to quickly find a job; yesterday they started at Dawn. A good match, cause Dawn is the agency that likes to work for charities and sustainable causes – such as Triodos and the Fairphone. David Snellenberg, ECD at Dawn, about the hire: “These guys fit within our ambition to further integrate our strategy and creative floors. With their two pencils Paul and Yme have proven to be able to come up with ideas on consultancy level.

Creative Press Challenge shortlist

September 10, 2013, AAB

Creative Press Challenge Shortlist - September 2013The jury and shortlist for Volkskrant’s Creative Press Challenge has been announced. The jury will consist of Chris Buur (de Volkskrant), Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited), Alvaro Sotomayor (W+K Amsterdam), Andre Matarazzo (Sid Lee) and David Snellenberg (Dawn). Philippe Remarque, editor in chief of de Volkskrant, has invited the ECD’s of 40 (best?) agencies to select a talented creative team to participate. The shortlisted agencies can now register online – failing to do so will create a wildcard for another agency. On the 3rd of October there will be a kick-off ‘borrel’ at ADCN. Entries can be submitted as from then – up and until October 23rd. In November the jury will choose a winner and in December it will be published, together with an interview in de Volkskrant.

Taking ‘fair’ to the next level

May 24, 2013, AAB

We’ve seen fair coffee, fair chocolate, and, of course, fair trade in general. But we haven’t seen a fair phone yet. The reason is that to produce consumer electronics you need lots of resources and knowhow. What’s more, the mobile phone supply chain is so complicated and intransparent that making this commodity ‘fair’ is quite an ordeal. Dutchman Bas van Abel has bravely taken up the challenge. Together with an international team, Van Abel is now developing the Fairphone, a phone made with fair wages, conflict free tin and tantalum, and a replaceable battery – among other things. To succeed financially, the brand will only start production after having pre-sold 5,000 pieces. The quality of the phone is ensured by the many external parties supporting it; a technology startup investor, several NGO’s, and even parties like Vodafone and KPN. Though you don’t exactly know when you’ll actually receive your phone, it only costs €325, and comes with buckets full of karma. Reasons enough to help Fairphone take ‘fair’ to a whole new level. The commercial was created by Dawn - maybe Fairphone should ask Dawn to also design a professional logo.

Big in form

May 13, 2013, AAB

Christian Borstlap with 5 Silver bulbs at the ADCN Awards - May 2013
Christian Borstlap proudly presents 5 (out of 7) bulbs to the press – photo by Matthijs Immink. 

Unfortunately it took us half a week to recover from the ADCN (Art Director Club Netherlands) awards (read: the party afterwards). Which is why only now we’re able to do a write up. Anyway, unlike last year the venue (Gashouder, instead of Concertgebouw) and James Bond-inspired opening show were quite impressive; sexy girls, wearing tight latex suits (apparently a special desire of Etcetera’s Peter van Leeuwen), entered a box-ring stage accompanied by pumping music and a light show. It even made us feel a little proud about our industry: “Yeah, we work in advertising, baby!” The English-speaking presenter, Juan Señor, who also does the awards in Cannes, made the chitchat-interviews on stage with the different Jury presidents – just like last year – feel somewhat bipolar. Though we very well understand that the ADCN wants to include the international agencies, most Dutchies were either hard to follow, because of their not so fluent English, or simply doing their speeches in Dutch. But enough about form, let’s talk about the awards. Then again, form won Big last Wednesday. More…

Intellectuals only

November 29, 2012, AAB

We like the distinctive art direction of this De Groene Amsterdammer (political/cultural magazine) ad, created by Dawn and director Johan Kramer. The only thing that puts us off is that it feels a little too highbrow – the previous one (also by Dawn) almost comes across as mainstream compared to this hipsterness. Even our editor growing a stache – not just in November – doesn’t feel inclined to take a subscription – let alone to give one away. But for all those intellectuals who feel isolated and know instantly what Francis Ford Coppola and Fukuyama have to do with each other, we’re sure ‘De Groene’ is a wonderful magazine.

Europe & The Facts

August 29, 2012, AAB

As we all know Europe is in crisis. Or, to speak marketing lingo; has a huge image problem. Since the Dutch elections are due – September – employers and entrepeneurs (to be precize VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, LTO Nederland) joined forces and asked Dawn - that seems to have become the new political ‘conscious-of-Holland’ agency – to make Europe sound like a profitable concept again. And they did a good job. This is the very first piece of advertising we’ve ever seen that makes Europe sound convincing. The film, directed by Natasja Reeuwijk and Morad Bouchakour, is pretty straightforward, but the message – aptly shown in black and white – should at least have the potential to make even the sceptics doubt whether we should be so anti Europe. And when you think of it, it does fit the Netherlands better to be pro Europe. After all, the Netherlands has always been a small trading nation, forced to look outward rather than inward, not afraid of other cultures, and constructive on an intergovernmental level. Looking inward is definitely not what has made Holland so prosperous ever since the 17th century – and makes Amsterdam kick ass as advertising capital, for that matter. On a dedicated website you can learn more (in Dutch) about Europa & De Feiten (‘Europe & The Facts’).

Small is the new big

July 12, 2012, AAB

What an optimistic, intelligent, and persuasive commercial for Triodos – a bank that solely invests in durable, social, and cultural projects – by Dawn. We can’t really remember seeing a bank advertise itself with such a credible tone of voice. The most powerful message here of course is that the power doesn’t belong to big anymore, the force is with small. Not coincidently Dawn did something similar for Alex a while ago; ‘the big bank theory’ – that is, message-wise similar, not as convincing. This film really makes you wonder what happens if we’d all “follow our hearts and use our heads”. Directed by Bram Schouw (hazazaH).

Rooijens exchanges Dawn for Lemz

July 5, 2012, AAB

Art director and co-founder of Dawn, Pepijn Rooijens (42) is leaving Dawn for Lemz. Rooijens, who also worked at Ogilvy and FHV BBDO is known for his designy feel for art direction, resulting for example in the wonderful Artis outdoor stickers. At Dawn Rooijens formed a team with David Snellenberg, though the magic between the two had disappeared already a while ago. At Lemz Rooijens will be creatively leading the IKEA account with Remco Marinus – which hopefully will make the brand a little more attractive.

What design can do

May 9, 2012, AAB
Tomorrow and Friday the second annual What Design Can Do conference explores the positive and negative sides of a connected world and looks into the role of the designer as a connector. The conference, initiated by Dutch designers such as David Snellenberg (founder of Dawn), Gerard van der  Werf (founder of W+K Amsterdam), and Richard van der Laken (co-founder of De Designpolitie), takes place at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. It is not your usual sit down and listen conference; visitors can be active participants during discussions, workshops and brainstorm sessions. All resulting in a book at the end of the two day program: a call to action to find “real solutions for real problems”.

Buddy and Pedro at the pink movie festival

February 21, 2012, AAB

As a gay friendly city Amsterdam is home to the ‘Roze Filmdagen’ – read: pink movie days (15 – 25 March). That’s how this promotional poster (click = full poster) came to feature Buddy and Pedro; two African pinguins that live in the Toronto Zoo and were found out to be gay. At some point the zoo decided to separate them – “what should our young visitors think of this?!” – and this caused quite a stir. Buddy and Pedro thus became a symbol for the freedom to love whoever you want. And that’s why Amsterdam based Dawn chose to make them an integral part of this year’s festival. They’re everywhere; on posters, in booklets, on t-shirts, and even part of the awards.