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Seamlessly Digital

The third edition of Digital Dinner is announced; November 6th prominent creatives from Amsterdam and other parts of the world will gather at the new Volkshotel club to exchange thoughts on the intersection of creativity and technology. The theme this year is ‘Seamlessly Digital’. As usual it will be a very informal gathering (officially ending eWeek);… More.


3D Printed Petition

3D printers are hot. But what to do with them in advertising? You could for example 3D print a petition in the shape of an elephant at Schiphol. When you sign the petition and commit yourself to never ride an elephant (again), the elephant gains a piece of its completion – in the image you… More.


An ode to the wind

Wow, what a beautiful animation, consisting of 7000 individual objects made from virtual paper and bringing an ode to the Dutch wind. As you can see the story explains that the wind brought the Netherlands a lot; being able to live below see level and the Dutch East Indies, for example. If you don’t speak… More.


Grand Prix for G-Star’s Bionic Yarn denim collection

  Product Design Amsterdam’s first Grand Prix was won last night in the brand new category Product Design with ‘Raw for the Oceans’ by FHV BBBDO and Part of a Bigger Plan. Raw for the Oceans is a special denim collection for G-Star, made with Bionic Yarn, a special yarn made from plastic that is… More.


Destination Unknown

We don’t often come across addictive games, but here’s one. So, if you don’t want to spend another 15 minutes of your life online, don’t read this post. The game is simple; in 3 minutes you have to guess as many cities in the world, connected to Schiphol Airport, as you can. You’re offered some… More.


A video clip with extras

Here’s the ‘making of’ an interactive, mobile first video clip FHV BBDO created for Hi and Ronnie Flex’ new track ‘Pocahontas.’ The clip, especially made for mobile and featuring Hi’s famous ad character Uriah Arnhem, unlocks different storylines, easter eggs and several interactive options – like being able to scratch a record. It was made… More.


Invisible night

We’ve all seen Mercedes’ invisible drive by Jung von Matt. This time the vision, that turns night into day, is not projected on the car but on the houses it passes. And what better place to film this than on the picturesque Amsterdam canals. Created by FHV BBDO.


Marchildon, Kamp and Rijsdijk win ADCN pitch

Last Thursday we were invited for the grande finale of the ADCN pitch, organised together with APG and Jonge Honden. The workshop was a contest among young ambitious strategists and creatives, who were asked to translate a briefing by Knorr (Unilever) and STER (National TV ad publisher) into a solid ad campaign. It was not… More.


Bound for more crap

We’ve all seen the new video clip by Kanye West and his naked Kim Kardashian by now; Bound 2. Though we first thought Kanye had taken bad taste to the next level, we found out it’s actually quite an intelligent film – apparently Kanye uses the paint brush art of racist Americans to disarm them… More.


Wolfensberger will lead ‘Dutch Creative Industry’

Barbara Wolfensberger, CEO of FHV BBDO, has been appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the figurehead of the Dutch Creative Industry, a sector that was named ‘top sector’ in the Dutch economy (there are 9 in total), which means the government aims to make it the most valuable sector in the Dutch economy.… More.