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3D Printed Petition

August 15, 2014, AAB

World Animal Protection 3D printed elephant - August 20143D printers are hot. But what to do with them in advertising? You could for example 3D print a petition in the shape of an elephant at Schiphol. When you sign the petition and commit yourself to never ride an elephant (again), the elephant gains a piece of its completion – in the image you see his trunk. On top of that your name is engraved in the object in a special typeface; the ‘Elephont.’ The project combines five Ultimaker 3D printers to print the elephant. We’re not sure to whom the petition will be presented, but that doesn’t really matter, cause the attention is there. The project is a collaboration of  World Animal Protection, Ultimaker, FHV BBDO, Minivegas and 3D-print designer Joris van Tubergen.

An ode to the wind

July 3, 2014, AAB

Wow, what a beautiful animation, consisting of 7000 individual objects made from virtual paper and bringing an ode to the Dutch wind. As you can see the story explains that the wind brought the Netherlands a lot; being able to live below see level and the Dutch East Indies, for example. If you don’t speak Dutch, don’t worry, the copy gets a little lost in the middle anyway. What you should remember is that together with Eneco you can invest in wind mills, which clearly taps into a cultural and political trend. Eneco thus smartly introduces a product of this time; wind certificates. FHV BBDO and Achtung! are responsible the entire campaign. And Achtung! specifically for the animation, which was built by Colorbleed. Sound by Audentity. Here‘s a little behind the scenes.

Grand Prix for G-Star’s Bionic Yarn denim collection

June 19, 2014, AAB

Raw for the Oceans - June 2014

Product Design
Amsterdam’s first Grand Prix was won last night in the brand new category Product Design with ‘Raw for the Oceans’ by FHV BBBDO and Part of a Bigger Plan. Raw for the Oceans is a special denim collection for G-Star, made with Bionic Yarn, a special yarn made from plastic that is floating in the oceans.

Lemz won another 6 Gold (!) in Cyber with Sweetie for Terre des Hommes. The agency now has 12 times Gold in total for its ‘animated pedophile chaser’. Media Monk’s Wesley ter Haar told Adformatie the 6 Gold in Cyber equal a Grand Prix in Cyber, as it were. The case couldn’t win a Grand Prix though because charities can only win a Grand Prix in ‘Good’. It’s hard to imagine Sweetie will not pick up this one Grand Prix next Saturday. More…

Destination Unknown

May 19, 2014, AAB

Schiphol Destination Unknown - May 2014We don’t often come across addictive games, but here’s one. So, if you don’t want to spend another 15 minutes of your life online, don’t read this post. The game is simple; in 3 minutes you have to guess as many cities in the world, connected to Schiphol Airport, as you can. You’re offered some visual hints in the form of Instagrams that were automatically aggregated through their hashtags. Sometimes you get an easy hint – in the form of an architectural icon or even a sign with the name of the city on it. But most of the time you just have to use subtle things, such as the faces of the locals, their clothes or the food they eat. You can get some extra information, such as the local time, flying distance or carrier that takes you there, but that will cost you time. If you do very well, you can choose a destination at the end of the game, and you might win a free ticket. Well made by FHV BBDO (concept) and Superhero Cheesecake (production).

A video clip with extras

April 24, 2014, AAB

Hi Making of videoclip - April 2014Here’s the ‘making of’ an interactive, mobile first video clip FHV BBDO created for Hi and Ronnie Flex’ new track ‘Pocahontas.’ The clip, especially made for mobile and featuring Hi’s famous ad character Uriah Arnhem, unlocks different storylines, easter eggs and several interactive options – like being able to scratch a record. It was made with Top Notch, Universal Music Group, Vice, Habbekrats, Yellowbird en

Invisible night

February 19, 2014, AAB

We’ve all seen Mercedes’ invisible drive by Jung von Matt. This time the vision, that turns night into day, is not projected on the car but on the houses it passes. And what better place to film this than on the picturesque Amsterdam canals. Created by FHV BBDO.

Marchildon, Kamp and Rijsdijk win ADCN pitch

February 17, 2014, AAB

Karlijn Marchildon, Raphael Kamp and Sjoerd Rijsdijk - Feb. 2014Last Thursday we were invited for the grande finale of the ADCN pitch, organised together with APG and Jonge Honden. The workshop was a contest among young ambitious strategists and creatives, who were asked to translate a briefing by Knorr (Unilever) and STER (National TV ad publisher) into a solid ad campaign. It was not an easy briefing though, since Knorr already had a complete 360˚ campaign in place. The mandatories were: build on Knorr’s campaign and – very importantly – use the STER Extra second screen app. Karlijn Marchildon (planner at XXS) won the first stage, with a creative brief that insightfully proposed that it would be ideal if Knorr and Ster can help you to compile a menu with just a few ingredients, left-over in your fridge – e.g. what can I do with my Broccoli? Then, creative team (without a permanent employer, so hire them here) Raphael Kamp and Sjoerd Rijsdijk (right in picture) won the second stage by translating Marchildon’s briefing into “Challenge the chef,” a second screen activation with which you can ask a chef to compile a meal with your leftovers. The jury – consisting of Wouter Boon (APG), Joris Elk and René Verbong (ADCN – and FHV BBDO), Katharina Karsen (Unilever) en Sandra Bommer and Annika Haasnoot (Ster) – was unanimous about the fact that this concept answered STER’s business challenge and smoothly built on Knorr’s existing advertising. Congrats to all. Photo credits: Matthijs Immink.

Bound for more crap

November 26, 2013, AAB

We’ve all seen the new video clip by Kanye West and his naked Kim Kardashian by now; Bound 2. Though we first thought Kanye had taken bad taste to the next level, we found out it’s actually quite an intelligent film – apparently Kanye uses the paint brush art of racist Americans to disarm them of their symbols. Anyway, mobile provider Hi, recently introducing ‘#morecrap from the web’ and thus recognizing crap when it sees some, picked it up hoping to be able to lift on all the publicity around it. The agency responsible for #morecrap, FHV BBDO, denies to have anything to do with it. So, let’s just say this is one big coincidence…

Wolfensberger will lead ‘Dutch Creative Industry’

November 22, 2013, AAB

Barbara-WolfensbergerBarbara Wolfensberger, CEO of FHV BBDO, has been appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the figurehead of the Dutch Creative Industry, a sector that was named ‘top sector’ in the Dutch economy (there are 9 in total), which means the government aims to make it the most valuable sector in the Dutch economy.  The committee responsible for this top sector is even aiming to make our industry the most creative one in Europe by 2020. Quite ambitious, but an interesting and welcome signal. Anyway, Wolfensberger, who starts January 1st and who follows up Victor van der Chijs, will be planning to use 1 day per week – of her 7 day workweek, as she told us – to boost our industry. Good on her!

A pile of internet crap

October 16, 2013, AAB

Wow, we’re seriously jealous of this stuff for Hi, created by FHV BBDO and director Joris Dommels. Hi already was the most edgy brand in the world of mobile providers, but now it has gone one step further in promoting its 4G network. With all the freedom in the world (just like 4G) FHV came up with the hashtag #morecrap (“From The Web”) and used one of the stars from the Hi commercials to create and re-create a pile of internet crap – Vines (such as this French Fries player), Gifs, and other ‘raw’ material. The separate items were first seeded on platforms like Reddit (where one of the films became the second most popular GIF in no time) and 9GAG, and then compiled in ‘proper’ formats, such as banners and the commercial featured above this post (for cinema only). Finally, there’s even an online ‘TV’ format, created together with the Kings of crap, Dumpert. Here you can find all the content. The production was done by We Are Will and the post production by Circus Family.