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Small, but strong in taste

Fitzroy was asked to create a tag-on behind the Doritos monstertruck commercial (created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), for Doritos Bits, with the proposition: “Small, but big in taste.” The agency simply recreated the monster truck commercial, but in miniature form (“Do not attempt, unless you’re a stunt gnome yourself”). What an elegant solution, for… More.


Works for you

“If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated). There is also a tag-on, telling you that the bank gives… More.


“All I got was this lousy sweatshirt”

Fltr: Yorick van Baarsel (Marketing Manager Hero, Hero Benelux), Tessa van Breugel (Brand Manager Doritos, PepsiCo Nederland), Stephan Ardesch (Marketing Manager Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever) Fitzroy ‘won’ a free advertisement in Marketing Tribune. The result was not your ordinary self promotion, but a series of what Fitzroy calls “non ads” in which its clients are put in… More.


Chris Alders moves to DigitasLBi Dubai

Chris Alders has joined DigitasLBi Dubai as Head of Strategy Middle East and North Africa. Before making this move Alders was a strategy director at Fitzroy and BSUR. At Fitzroy he worked on Knab, Hero and Bacardi, among other brands. Alders: “Fitzroy, a very unorthodox agency, has been a blast. Repositioning Hero and introducing a… More.


Vincent Hagen starts Branded Video unit at Fitzroy

Fitzroy has founded a Branded Video unit, led by Vincent Hagen. It responds to the need of many marketeers “to connect video content to their brand’s DNA in a lean & mean way.” Hagen: “More and more parties are looking for qualitative video content. Of course we can all create video, but we can’t all catch… More.


State of the art vintage

Bacardi changed its logo. And since vintage is the new contemporary, the logo has moved back in time, by adding much more detail to the bat. To celebrate this, Fitzroy and Friedrich van Schoor created a spectacular in Rotterdam on May 20th, which is Cuban Independence Day, we just learned. With a CGI projection on… More.


Transparant healthcare

Dutch magazine Marketing Tribune asked Fitzroy to create a cover for the issue centered around Healthcare Marketing. The agency came up with an x-rayed  see-through cover – we are guessing to make healthcare ‘transparant.’ It was printed with ink containing metal particles. You can watch the making of here.


Jacked Street Race

In September we wrote about Doritos’ stunt drive school – and we noticed that is was clearly aimed at “male teenagers.” Today ad agency Fitzroy adds another chapter to Doritos’ jacked attitude. Since 45 km/hour, the maximum speed for most of Doritos’ target group, is nothing, Fitzroy figured it should embrace the limit in style;… More.


Make your DO come true

According to Lenovo – perhaps the most unsexy computer brand in the world – Sewa Kroetkov, a former accountant turning his life upside down by quitting his job to become a professional skateboarder, is the ultimate example of someone who “made his DO come true.” Through this film Lenovo encourages young people to share their passion… More.


Fitzroy’s Annual New Year’s Bash

Beacons of colored light streamed out of a row of windows along the Piet Heinkade last Thursday night. A clear indicator, together with a sea of bicycles and the thumping of a determined DJ, of Fitzroy‘s annual New Year’s bash. Who needs Google Maps when the music is so loud? A poster by the door,… More.