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Jacked Street Race

April 3, 2014, AAB

In September we wrote about Doritos’ stunt drive school – and we noticed that is was clearly aimed at “male teenagers.” Today ad agency Fitzroy adds another chapter to Doritos’ jacked attitude. Since 45 km/hour, the maximum speed for most of Doritos’ target group, is nothing, Fitzroy figured it should embrace the limit in style; the Doritos Jacked Street Race. Inspired by The Fast and the Furious the agency turned 3 ‘Cantas’ into true race cars. Three rappers: Mr. Polska, Jebroer en raggamuffin Skinto will race each other, and the Doritos consumer is to guess who will be first and then potentially win one of the ‘waggies’ – slang for small cars. To create more buzz around the event the team also created a music video: Hoesten als bejaarden (‘caughing like the elderly’). And the Doritos website is counting down for the official race. We hate to use the word, but ‘integrated’ was the first word that came to mind. Oh, and ‘jacked,’ of course.

Make your DO come true

March 18, 2014, AAB

According to Lenovo – perhaps the most unsexy computer brand in the world – Sewa Kroetkov, a former accountant turning his life upside down by quitting his job to become a professional skateboarder, is the ultimate example of someone who “made his DO come true.” Through this film Lenovo encourages young people to share their passion on a dedicated site: And if you’re just as cool as Kroetkov you can win a “DO Package;” a complete new outfit, a new yoga PC and €5,000 to fund your first steps in realising your dream. We’re not too fond of corporate brands that try to act cool. Then again, speaking of changing your life; Lenovo might just have taken its first step. Created by Fitzroy and directed by Patrick Louwerse (Caviar).

Fitzroy’s Annual New Year’s Bash

March 3, 2014,

Fitzroy's Annual New Year's Bash - March 2014Beacons of colored light streamed out of a row of windows along the Piet Heinkade last Thursday night. A clear indicator, together with a sea of bicycles and the thumping of a determined DJ, of Fitzroy‘s annual New Year’s bash. Who needs Google Maps when the music is so loud? A poster by the door, informing guests of the strict ‘no list, no entrance’-policy, was a bitter-sweet reminder of last year’s success. One that had raised expectations this time around. Would Fitzroy manage to live up to its reputation? Inside, miniature tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, together with Bacardi cocktails and Heinekens, were clear displays of Fitzroy’s top fast-mover clientele. One could enjoy a cocktail and a game of foosball in one room or conduct the necessary networking under the enjoyment of a glass of prosecco in the other. The latter area featured tattoo artist Papanatos, the talent behind the agency’s new wall decorations. He was working his magic by tattooing the iconic Fitzroy lighthouse drawing on, well, pigs legs. More…

Learn to drive awesomely

September 18, 2013, AAB

Doritos moving billboard - September 2013Or ‘awesome,’ in advertising copy. Great little idea that follows up the Jacked driving school, which is a driving school where you can learn to stunt drive – thus making Doritos look ‘state of the youth.’ The only thing that disappoints us a little is that the whole thing is ‘staged reality.’ It’s not about the moving billboard itself, but about the film made of the moving billboard. But you may call us old fashioned. Created by Fitzroy.

Phat potato chips

August 19, 2013, AAB

Doritos Jacked -- August 2013Fitzroy likes to give brands an edge. Which is probably why Doritos asked the agency to advertise their new potato chips ‘Jacked’ – bigger and thicker than ever. Fitzroy came up with a driving school just as phat as their chips. You can subscribe for a stunt lesson with Gino Pietermaai – a Dutch rapper that seems a better actor than singer – in a custom made car on four, or even two wheels. The video (in Dutch) promoting the activation, dubbed ‘Drive with Gino,’ clearly shows Doritos aims itself at male teenagers; chicks, tits, and fast cars should get their attention.


July 31, 2013, AAB

Fitzroy UN-trouble - July 2013Last week the UN announced that more than 100.000 people have died so far in Syria. On top of that, more than 1.6 million people having fled their homes. Fitzroy developed a visual petition, to raise awareness for this war – and, let’s be honest, for their own agency. On a special website you can upload a photo of yourself, making the peace sign, create your own Syria-logo, and share it on Facebook. It reminded us of an activation initiated by the Dutch Red Cross of a few months ago for Syria as well; people were asked to make a heart with their hands and share it. This is one looks much sexier. The question remains though whether it will “make President Bashar Hafez al-Assad understand that this war has to end.” Or whether it will trouble the UN at all.

The and Lichtendahl join Fitzroy

February 26, 2013, AAB

Fitzroy hired creative team Marvin The – what a cool surname! – (art) and Marius Lichtendahl (copy). The team about there move: “After a two year road trip through agencies like Kingsday, JWT Hamburg and Singapore, we finally found a place where our hybrid thinking will be of great value. We will work on newly won client Hero and further strengthen the team.

Fitzroy’s and Carnovsky’s New Year’s bash

January 28, 2013, AAB

O.k., so if you wonder why we hardly worked on Friday; here you go. Fitzroy‘s already infamous New Year’s bash on Thursday night had too much free booze flowing. Apart from throwing great parties, Fitzroy knows how to make cool compilations; a fat tune, some tattoos, beards, and pretty girls, and – last but not least – some sponsors. But what makes this compilation really nice is the ‘pop-up’ wallpapers, created by Silvia Quintanilla & Francesco Rugi, a Milan based art duo that goes by the name of Carnovsky. The wallpapers – staying on Fitzroy’s wall for one year – mutate and interact with the different chromatic stimulus, using the RBG color model. Pretty impressive, especially when drinking Mojitos as if it were your last day.

5 stars on (w)heels

October 18, 2012, AAB

If you’ve worked on car brands, you probably recognize the it’s-the-most-spacious-in-its-class-briefing. There’s many solutions to that brief. But if the car feels luxurous as well and you’re Fitzroy, you just call it a 5 star hotel – think out of the box, remember. You can win a night in this Hyundai i30 Wagon – parked on the courtyard of the College Hotel – through Facebook. Not the most comfortable night you’ll ever experience, we can imagine. Unless, of course, the hot chick in this film comes with the room. Or are we jumping to conclusions here? If so, it’s probably the upskirt shot in the last Hyundai film that got our imagination going.

Forbidden fruit

October 2, 2012, AAB

A complicated one this is. Not because of the dripping ice creams, sweaty girls, hard nipples and upskirt shot – that is actually what makes it the most simple advertising you can imagine. No it’s complicated, cause this is the second time a commercial created by Fitzroy is banned. And when you ask Fitzroy why and how it was banned, they say: ‘no comment.’ The first time this happened was last year, when a deadly accident promoted the Hyundai Velostar. At the time Hyundai Netherlands could still pretend that they didn’t expect the online rumour around the brand and blame the head office for banning it. But now of course we’re seeing a pattern. Creating shocking videos, seeding them online, and banning them shortly after the first publication. The modern equivalent of the forbidden fruit and thus all the more attractive. What makes it really complicated though is that there’s no similarity between all the different ads (in March this year the online audience was hypnotised to like the Hyundai i30), except a pay-off that reads ‘New thinking. New possibilities.’ We now understand that this brand proposition clearly only talks about the advertising, cause if there’s anything common about Hyundai, it’s the product itself. Thanks to Fitzroy though, we already look forward to the next ad.