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Casting Heineken’s legendary actors

February 4, 2014, AAB

Following the ‘Everyone is legendary at something’ film we featured last week, Heineken has now released a ‘PR film’ addressing the people that don’t believe Heineken indeed cast 20 non-actors to play the protagonist in its Odyssey. Though the scene with Heineken’s PR lady is maybe a touch too playful (with, haha, a shark fin in the back – and Wieden’s office, for that matter), the individual casting sessions featuring the different actors are quite well done. Not real, of course, but at least showing that Heineken is truly that international brand it promises to be. You can also watch the original commercial interactively, and click on the different actors to see their casting as they come along. Just like the original commercial, this extra content was also created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Tom Kuntz (MJZ), and shot by Tim Maurice Jones.

Everyone is legendary at something

January 30, 2014, AAB

‘The Odyssey’ is the latest Heineken film built on the ‘Open your world’ theme. More of the same we thought at first, but there’s actually a nice twist in this ‘Brazilian’ film. This time the protagonist is not just one smooth looking Mr Perfect, but an entire raft of them. And with the Nike-like proposition ‘Everyone is legendary at something’ it does end with a hopeful promise. Besides, critical or not, these kind of  films make commercial breaks worth watching. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Tom Kuntz (MJZ), and shot by Tim Maurice Jones. Post by The Mill and music by Noriel Vilela.

Cannes: 3 more bronze

June 24, 2013, AAB

G-Star filmWe had hoped for a little more on the last days in Cannes, but 3 bronze is the best we could do in the prestigious categories of Titanium & Integrated, Film, Craft, and Branded content & Entertainment. In Craft Wieden won yet another award for Heineken; bronze for their Bond film. Production company Glassworks also won bronze for their skillfull G-Star film, Art of Raw, which we thought deserved a little more. What is special about Glassworks’ animation, is that it was created directly for the client, thus without an ad agency – confirming the trend that clients start to take creative direction in their own hands. Finally, Sharon Goldstoff and Jimmy Mars (working at Saatchi and Leo Burnett respectively) won bronze as Young Lions in Print.

Cannes: W+K wins Grand Prix in Effectiveness

June 18, 2013, AAB

Heineken The Date - June 2013Well, that’s a good start, a Grand Prix for W+K yesterday! This is maybe one of the least ‘Canny’ categories, but at the same time one of the more canny ones: the award for Creative Effectiveness. The results of the ‘Legendary Journey’ for Heineken (verified by the accountants of PWC) were truly impressive according to the jury, because of the difficult brief and overcrowded beer market. Several parts of this campaign were already awarded (The Making of The Date won Silver) in the past years – which is actually a prerequisite for submitting in this relatively new category. In PR Havas Amsterdam won Gold with their wonderful Tweetphony. In Promo & Activation Ogilvy won Silver for funeral insurer Déla (a bit of a complicated case, in which ‘real’ people thank their relatives in public for being there for them – “why wait with saying something beautiful”) and DDB & Tribal won Bronze for their Amstel Trophy can.


June 6, 2013, AAB

Heineken Dropped - June 2013Earlier this week we featured Heineken’s new commercial; The Voyage. Together with this commercial the beer brand launched an activation, called ‘Dropped.’ It’s a series featuring people from around the world that are dropped in exotic places. The first episode features a Spaniard who is dropped in Alaska. At first it looks realtively serious, but when a person in a bear suit pops up and rides a snow scooter, you realize it needs to be funny – a pity. The last episode – and here’s the activation! – you can subscribe to also become a ‘legendary traveler.’ A bit strange that you need to live in the US for this global campaign – especially since Heineken positions itself as a globetrotter. But unfortunately a budget is there to have its limits. Created by W+K, directed by Roel Welling, and produced by WeFilm.

Spinning it

June 3, 2013, AAB

After The entrance, The date, and most recently the Road to the finalThe Voyage is yet another film that turns the Heineken consumer into a cosmopolitan globetrotter. Though The Voyage is already a treat for the esthetic eye, this teaser, dubbed ‘Spinning Dancers,’ is truly rocking it! There are about 20 teasers in total. Here‘s another one. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Nick Ray Rutter, shot by Matthias Montero, and produced by Sonny London.

The road to the Final

April 3, 2013, AAB

Yet another Heineken commercial in the ‘Open your world’ series; a series that always revolves around a slick, but sympathetic and playful James Bond-like character that has this way of dealing with exotic situations. To get people excited for the final of the Champions League – Heineken is official sponsor – we see Mr. Smooth in this director’s cut travel half the world to be there on time. Resourceful as he is – swimming a lake, catching a few rides, and flying a Chinook – he makes it in time to watch the final with his lovely date – or girlfriend this time? Though maybe a little more of the same, it is definitely one of the more impressive pieces of branded content we’ve seen in a while – which once more makes you wonder about Heineken’s advertising budget. Created by Wieden Amsterdam, directed, as usual, by Fredrik Bond (Sonny London), shot by Roman Vasyanov, post production by The Mill, and music by Mad Planet.

Meet the world in one city
Amsterdam Ad Blog

December 14, 2012, AAB

“How to present Heineken as a global Amsterdam brand?” is probably what the briefing asked. And then Tribal DDB conceived this very sympathetic idea; two ‘regular guys’ have to meet 194 nationalities, in 14 days, in 1 city. Makes the brand more personal, without losing its global aspirations. As we speak, Barnaby Slater and Mick Johan (from the UK and the Netherlands) only have about 3 days left, and still 94 nationalities to go. So you’d guess they are not going to make it. But that doesn’t matter because as the Facebook page shows, it is all about the experience of meeting so many different people with so many different backgrounds. The only thing that bothered us is that the UX design of the Facebook page is not ideal (partly due to Facebook’s restrictions) – e.g. a wider page with more clickable thumbnails, directly visible, would have worked better. But that’s a detail, we love the idea. Created by Tribal DDB and directed by Sam de Jong from production company 100% Halal.

Amsterdam winners at Eurobest

December 3, 2012, AAB

And the winners are… Doom & Dickson, Publicis, and Lemz won Gold at Eurobest this year. Our very favourite Hema push-up bra won gold in PR (which should have been Gold for making a sound casefilm, really), and Silver in Promo & Activation. ALS’ ‘I’ve already died’ by Publicis won gold in PR, Silver in Direct, and Bronze in Promo & Activation. The third gold, in Promo & Activation went to KLM Live Reply by Lemz. In Interactive Tribal won Silver for KLM’s ‘Be my guest’ and Volkswagen’s ‘Hitchhike with a like.’ In the same category Achtung! won Silver for the Volkwagen Fanwagen. EuroRSCG (today Havas) won Silver in PR with ‘Save an orchestra‘ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. In Film Craft Wieden won bronze for Coca Cola’s Sitelets. The Wieden break-away We Are Pi was awarded with Bronze for the Human Arabesque for TEDx summit in Doha. In Design Arnold won Bronze for its Arnold bike. And, finally, Wieden also got Bronze in Promo & Activation for Live Serenade.

Heineken Skyfall

September 24, 2012, AAB

Since James Bond is not the sophisticated Sean-Connery-type anymore, he exchanged his Martini for a Heineken. So everytime a new Bond film is released, Heineken is allowed to advertise around Bond’s more modern taste. To promote the newest Bond film ‘Skyfall’, Wieden+Kennedy has made a spot in which the film and the commercial are seemlessly interwoven. It uses the ‘Open your world’ theme – which we earlier saw in The Entrance and The Date – to bring the commercial to life. The band this time is Gin Wigmore with the song ‘Man Like That.’ In the online Facebook experience, in which you have to ‘crack the case’ (by simply clicking twice on a ‘hidden’ briefcase), the new Bond girl, Bérénice Marlohe, plays an important role. She’s certainly not a punishment to watch, but other than that, it feels a little too much as the obligatory digital spin-off. The spot was directed by Matthijs van Heijningen (MJZ) and the online experience built by MediaMonks.