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That, in a new bottle

August 7, 2014, AAB

Brand beer has a new bottle. And to celebrate this the agency asked Indie and Sunshine & Sausages to create a campaign around it. What’s more, the commercials (six 10-second films in total – all more or less the same) seem to reposition the beer. Brand always talked about quality, but in this campaign it just seems to advertise the “Dat” (meaning: that) in the entire beer category; the feeling of the first sip of beer when very thirsty. But this isn’t necessarily bad cause it makes Brand look very attractive. Also thanks to their beautiful new bottle. The Stone Twins helped with the art direction and the films were directed by photographer Krijn van Noordwijk (hazazaH).

Time well spent

May 6, 2014, AAB

In the Netherlands Amstel is known for being one of the blandest beers around. So this commercial, positioning Amstel as Hertog Jan, can only work when introducing it into a market where the consumer is not too familiar with it – Eastern Europe, in this case. And since beer (read: lager) is like water (the consumer hardly tastes the differences between different brands) you can position it as anything you like, really. Having said all that, we like the idea of letting a brewer, who gave 38 years of his life to the brewery, voice Amstel’s premium ambitions. His copy makes the pay off “Time Well Spent” as credible as possible. Created by Indie, directed by Eche Janga (Comrad) and shot by Mark de Meijer.

Brand chooses Indie and Sunshine and Sausages

March 10, 2014, AAB

Brand choose Indien and SunshineBrand, a Heineken beer brand, has chosen two new agencies, Indie and Sunshine and Sausages (activation) to translate its new positioning – or “important changes” as the press release calls it. Among the well-known lagers Brand has always positioned itself in the more exclusive, culinary corner – sold, for example, at quality restaurants. An inspiring beer therefore to advertise. The agencies have been selected without a pitch (we are assuming that the names of the agencies were enough to convince Brand) and will work closely together.

Blue Faces

June 4, 2013, AAB

According to Indie (responsible for the concept and the lyrics) and Dutch musician Alain Clark (responsible for the music and voice) “Blue Faces” are people staring at their mobile phone all day, while ignoring the physical world around them. Quite a strong cultural insight to use as a starting point for the introduction of a premium beer – coming from Amsterdam – with a very classic look. Since we at Amsterdam Ad Blog are your typical Blue Faces, who feel quite comfortable expressing our feelings through XXX and who LOL their way through Facebook, we are probably not the target group. But we’re sure that there are heaps of people who appreciate Amstel Premium’s classic brand personality. The international film, directed by Mirko Dreiling (25fps), is first being aired in Serbia, Bosnia, and Greece.

Big in form

May 13, 2013, AAB

Christian Borstlap with 5 Silver bulbs at the ADCN Awards - May 2013
Christian Borstlap proudly presents 5 (out of 7) bulbs to the press – photo by Matthijs Immink. 

Unfortunately it took us half a week to recover from the ADCN (Art Director Club Netherlands) awards (read: the party afterwards). Which is why only now we’re able to do a write up. Anyway, unlike last year the venue (Gashouder, instead of Concertgebouw) and James Bond-inspired opening show were quite impressive; sexy girls, wearing tight latex suits (apparently a special desire of Etcetera’s Peter van Leeuwen), entered a box-ring stage accompanied by pumping music and a light show. It even made us feel a little proud about our industry: “Yeah, we work in advertising, baby!” The English-speaking presenter, Juan Señor, who also does the awards in Cannes, made the chitchat-interviews on stage with the different Jury presidents – just like last year – feel somewhat bipolar. Though we very well understand that the ADCN wants to include the international agencies, most Dutchies were either hard to follow, because of their not so fluent English, or simply doing their speeches in Dutch. But enough about form, let’s talk about the awards. Then again, form won Big last Wednesday. More…

A pretty big lamp

March 13, 2013, AAB

Last December Amsterdam agency Indie supported Holland’s biggest charity auction, Serious Request, with among other prizes a very special one: a free TV commercial! As this case film explains, the winner was Ton, owner of Holland’s smallest and eco-friendly Mustard factory. With a staff of only 5 people, he produces organic mustard and mayonnaise in a very environmental friendly way – he even generates his own energy. Last night his commercial was aired, prime time – between the 8PM news and BBC’s Africa, with an estimated audience of 2.5 million viewers. To save energy the commercial broadcasted (almost) 30 seconds of darkness. It’s not, as the case film mentions, the first time in Dutch history (Kanis & Gunnink did more or less the same in 2009), but saving 4.2 million Watts is a “pretty big lamp” – or idea, if you will – indeed. How inspiring. This guy truly deserves an audience for free.

European Excellence Award for Safe Sound Scooter

December 11, 2012, AAB

We hadn’t heard of the European Excellence Awards – probably because it’s a PR award show. But we’re paying some attention to it, because one of the better ideas we featured last year was awarded there: the Safe Sound Scooter. It was specially created for Domino’s to spread the taste; the scooter doesn’t say ‘Vroooom’, but ‘Mmmm, tasty.’ And by calling it a ‘Safe Sound Scooter’, the PR story could travel further than solely through advertising/media related titles. It also became general news, since the question whether electric scooters are allowed to make this kind of noise, triggered a broader interest. The answer was ‘yes’ and the government even changed the legislation for electric vehicles. Smart one. The agencies behind it; Indie, Mediatic, and Proudly Presents also won the ‘Best Agency Benelux’ award.

One Phrase Serenade

November 23, 2012, AAB

Known for their intelligent lyrics and even for introducing new words in the Dutch language (like ‘watskeburt’) De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig is one of the most loved hiphop bands in the Netherlands for the past years. Indie Amsterdam was able to get (read: pay) one of the singers, Faberyayo (together with Sir OJ and OpslaanAls), to do a ‘one phrase serenade’ to explain to us how great Domino’s’ pizza’s are. The words in the serenade – like ‘meat-machine-feast’ – were crowd sourced through an online activation that asked the consumer to review the newest ham Pizza from Domino’s in one word. The song already got picked up by some radio stations and will be sold in the iTunes store soon. What a ‘deliciata’ piece of advertising.

Two Media Lions and one Mobile

June 20, 2012, AAB

With only one shortlisted case in Mobile, Amsterdam disappointed us a little this week. Fortunately the only nomination in this growing category was awarded with Silver last night. Yune and XS2TheWorld created an app for the Dutch Railways (NS); an app that allows you to see the Royal waiting rooms of three train stations in 3D – not really a big idea, but a rich visual experience that shows where mobile is going. In Media there were two awards, Silver and Bronze for ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis – also winning already in Direct – and ‘Save an orchestra’ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra (MO) by EuroRSCG, respectively. The latter was a multi-media campaign creating, among other things, a popular number 1 hit by the MO effectively persuading the Dutch government to keep the MO subsidized. In Outdoor the only shortlist nominee, Dominos ‘Safe sound‘  by Indie – an electric scooter making the artificial sound ‘Mmmm,’ didn’t get awarded. To our surprise. It is one of the more truly original ideas coming from Amsterdam this year.

Lemz wins 4 ADCN awards

April 27, 2012, AAB

Photo: Maurice Mikkers
The biggest winner last night at the ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) awards was Lemz. All the ‘bulbs’ – of which one was a Grand Prix (the very best integrated work) – went to their Fireworks campaign. Our very favourite campaign of the year Domino’s Pizza Pepperoni by Indie won one Golden and two Silver bulbs (TV, internet and activation) – in our opinion it was at least as good as Lemz’ work. Wieden also won one Gold and two Silver for Heineken’s ‘The making of The Date’ (internet, TV, and activation). Selmore won Gold for Bavaria and Hugh Heffner – so we can be sure that Charlie Sheen will also win Gold next year. We were a bit surprised that N=5 won Gold for Telfort – not really our taste. Y&R won one Gold and two Silver for LG’s ‘smart thief‘ (internet, TV, and viral). A bit strange that alle these films are winning different prizes for the different channels through which they are broadcasted – does the channel matter? Another one of our favourites was Hema’s with a push-up bra in print, promoted by a male model, going viral big time – by Doom & Dickson. It won Gold and Silver. Note: Hema is one of the most down to earth department stores in the Netherlands. TBWA won Gold with its print campaign for DIY chain Gamma; free Lego – “Just like dad.” In Interactive Tribal DDB won Gold and Silver for ‘Obsessed with Sound’ for Philips. One of the most impactful commercials of the year by Publicis for ALS won Silver – “I have died by now.” Special bulbs went to Mischa Rozema (for directing OFFF), Christian Borstlap (art direction and illustration, for LV and Mr Porter), and Simon Warner (photgraphy, for Octopus).