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It’s all about the dash

This film for the Amsterdam “small capacity” cocktail bar HPS (with a logo that made us think of UBS), looks quite internetty. But “It’s all about the dash” is a well-found double entrendre. A dash of this and a dash of that, that’s what making cocktails… More.


That, in a new bottle

Brand beer has a new bottle. And to celebrate this the agency asked Indie and Sunshine & Sausages to create a campaign around it. What’s more, the commercials (six 10-second films in total – all more or less the same) seem to reposition the beer.… More.


Time well spent

In the Netherlands Amstel is known for being one of the blandest beers around. So this commercial, positioning Amstel as Hertog Jan, can only work when introducing it into a market where the consumer is not too familiar with it – Eastern Europe, in this… More.


Brand chooses Indie and Sunshine and Sausages

Brand, a Heineken beer brand, has chosen two new agencies, Indie and Sunshine and Sausages (activation) to translate its new positioning – or “important changes” as the press release calls it. Among the well-known lagers Brand has always positioned itself in the more exclusive, culinary… More.


Blue Faces

According to Indie (responsible for the concept and the lyrics) and Dutch musician Alain Clark (responsible for the music and voice) “Blue Faces” are people staring at their mobile phone all day, while ignoring the physical world around them. Quite a strong cultural insight to… More.


Big in form

Christian Borstlap proudly presents 5 (out of 7) bulbs to the press – photo by Matthijs Immink.  Unfortunately it took us half a week to recover from the ADCN (Art Director Club Netherlands) awards (read: the party afterwards). Which is why only now we’re able… More.


A pretty big lamp

Last December Amsterdam agency Indie supported Holland’s biggest charity auction, Serious Request, with among other prizes a very special one: a free TV commercial! As this case film explains, the winner was Ton, owner of Holland’s smallest and eco-friendly Mustard factory. With a staff of only 5 people, he produces… More.


European Excellence Award for Safe Sound Scooter

We hadn’t heard of the European Excellence Awards – probably because it’s a PR award show. But we’re paying some attention to it, because one of the better ideas we featured last year was awarded there: the Safe Sound Scooter. It was specially created for… More.


One Phrase Serenade

Known for their intelligent lyrics and even for introducing new words in the Dutch language (like ‘watskeburt’) De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig is one of the most loved hiphop bands in the Netherlands for the past years. Indie Amsterdam was able to get (read: pay) one… More.


Two Media Lions and one Mobile

With only one shortlisted case in Mobile, Amsterdam disappointed us a little this week. Fortunately the only nomination in this growing category was awarded with Silver last night. Yune and XS2TheWorld created an app for the Dutch Railways (NS); an app that allows you to… More.


Lemz wins 4 ADCN awards

Photo: Maurice Mikkers The biggest winner last night at the ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) awards was Lemz. All the ‘bulbs’ – of which one was a Grand Prix (the very best integrated work) – went to their Fireworks campaign. Our very favourite campaign of… More.