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A beyond-design conference

May 13, 2014,

What Design Can Do - May 2014Depending on how you look at it you can see What Design Can Do as a political conference sold as a design conference. But also as a science, technology, philosophical and creativity conference. Richard van der Laken, founder of the event and partner at De Designpolitie, considers the designer “a researcher, entrepreneur and initiator.” According to him the crisis offers designers an opportunity to expand their role into game changers. Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Education, Culture and Science) agrees. She opened the conference with an appeal for “competent rebels who bring new perspectives.” Adaption is key, she says. Something she said she learned as a squatter when she was young. More…

New feature on AAB; Inspiration

February 3, 2012, AAB

After having introduced our new columnists last week, this week we’re introducing a new item called ‘Inspiration’; Amsterdam creatives sharing their inspiration on a weekly basis. In order of future appearance we found the following posse willing to show us what they like, what fascinates them, or what they admire on a regular basis: Jennette Snape, art director at Dolly Rogers; Jarr Geerligs, art director at Selmore; Joep Beving, creative at MassiveMusic; Rick de Zwart, designer at Meneer de Zwart (and responsible for AAB’s visual identity); David Snellenberg, copywriter at Dawn; Johan Kramer, director at 328 Stories; Martin Pyper, designer at MeStudio; Reuben Alexander, creative at Buutvrij for Life; and Christian Borstlap, art director at Part of a Bigger Plan. Of course these people do more than just what their often somewhat rigitd title suggests (in art, music, photography, etc.) but you can read about that on their profile page, once they’ve posted their first contribution. Today Jennette Snape kicks off with an art piece she created herself. The title is “Inspiration lies in the eye of the beholder”; a nice kick off for this new genre, since it philosophies on what inspiration really is.

Bavaria drop comes to those who… catch it

October 20, 2009, AAB

This beautiful commercial for Bavaria is created by Selmore, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen (the legendary Dutch film maker) and post produced by 8VFX. It should be no surprise that it immediately made us think of the legendary Noitulove campaign for Guinness by AMV BBDO (Grand Prix, Cannes 2006) – “Good things come to those who wait”. And if you’re asking yourself why the drop, after its epic journey, is disrespectfully being swallowed by a bull dog, you need to know that Bavaria likes to position itself as a down to earth beer, also meant for the man in the street. So even though Bavaria likes to make big budget productions – especially since it has been working with Selmore – and is the “only beer brewed with pure mineral water”, it also comes to those who accidently catch it.