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Better starts now

July 29, 2014, AAB

The Japanese watch brand Citizen was founded in 1930 and with this visual brand statement it wants to shows that it never stopped moving forward. Citizen believes that “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better.” That sounds like a truism. More distinctively though Citizen also believes that now is always the time to do so, hence the pay off: “Better starts now.” Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo collaborated with Dutch filmmaker Johan Kramer (100% Halal) who likes to use old school cameras, such as – in this case – a hand-cranked 35mm camera and VHS camera. It works very well for this commercial, since it clearly brings back the history of the famous watch brand. What we like about it especially is that each stage of Citizen’s history has become a little work of its own. Even with its own ‘The End’ titles – designed by Young Jerks. The film was shot by Lex Brand and post produced by MPC Amsterdam.

Turn it off

January 27, 2014, AAB

Mobile provider Ben has done a “revolutionary” discovery; “There is an off button on your mobile. Why don’t you use it sometimes? And discover that life is bigger than the screen in front of you face.” The pay-off: “Ben is there for you.” Quite daring; a mobile commercial that is purely image driven. No price/capacity proposition – which seems to be the only thing that counts in this category – just a very obvious statement. Quite distinctive and sympathetic. But will it sell? Created by Kumpany, directed by Johan Kramer (100% Halal) and shot by Daniel Bouquet. Music by Perquisite and FC Walvisch.

Foxy football

July 30, 2013, AAB

A tribute to football for a football channel makes perfect sense. And choosing Johan Kramer even more; if there’s one director in the Netherlands who can convey his passion for football in an attractive way, it’s Kramer. He directed several films about football – even a full feature. A while ago we wrote about this one for Barcelona’s Charly Rexach. Anyway, the football season is to start again in August, and that’s why Fox Sports, a new player on the Dutch market, asked Anomaly to introduce them to the people as the new exclusive licensee for broadcasting the most popular sport in the Netherlands. Produced by 100% Halal, shot by Wouter Westendorp, and sound by FC Walvisch.

My First Coffee

May 8, 2013, AAB

My First Coffee - May 2013Johan Kramer is extremely fond of coffee, travels the world, and is a very sociable guy (our words). That’s how he came to the idea of launching a website featuring short films of people talking about their very first coffee. A pleasant experience for coffee lovers – and for non-coffee lovers as well, for that matter. Created by theGirls™ (art direction), Damien Poulin (artwork), Douwe Dijkstra (animation) and Festina Lente Collective (website).

Whatever happens

December 20, 2012, AAB

Since the Maya’s predicted the end of the world on the 21st of December 2012, today might be the last day of your life. So you better have some fun with this video created by The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer for insurer Nationale Nederlanden (NN). Makes you wonder how many lunatics are indeed out there preparing theirselves for doomsday – and not realising that the Maya’s couldn’t really predict their own end very well. The film is to promote NN’s Twitter hashtag #Waterookgebeurt (‘whatever happens’), which is also their pay-off. Quite appropriate for an insurer to claim the end of days for promotional purposes. Especially since it’s also the end of the year and consumers are evaluating insurers. Directed by Johan Kramer and shot by Wouter Westendorp.

The world’s smallest commercial

December 7, 2012, AAB

The 1% club is a club of people that donates 1% of their income, time, and knowledge to developing countries. The club asked The very small office of Johan Kramer to promote its cause and the agency came up with a commercial that only uses 1% of your screen. We’ve already seen the world’s shortest commercial, created by KesselsKramer for TNT Post, and now there’s the world smallest commercial. Kramer wrote 7 short scripts with 1% Club members explaining in their own words what the club does. Produced by 100% Halal, sound by Sizzer.

Intellectuals only

November 29, 2012, AAB

We like the distinctive art direction of this De Groene Amsterdammer (political/cultural magazine) ad, created by Dawn and director Johan Kramer. The only thing that puts us off is that it feels a little too highbrow – the previous one (also by Dawn) almost comes across as mainstream compared to this hipsterness. Even our editor growing a stache – not just in November – doesn’t feel inclined to take a subscription – let alone to give one away. But for all those intellectuals who feel isolated and know instantly what Francis Ford Coppola and Fukuyama have to do with each other, we’re sure ‘De Groene’ is a wonderful magazine.

Johan Kramer joins 100% Halal

November 12, 2012, AAB

As a true film junkie Johan Kramer’s press release that he is joining production agency 100% Halal – after having been represented by 328 Stories – comes in the form of a short film with a man counting down from 328 till 100. The film is dipped in Kramer’s signature style; an awkward, foreigen scene, with dated look. Half a year ago Kramer talked with the three partners at 100% Halal and felt the same kind of  enthusiasm he did when he once founded KesselsKramer. Kramer: “I want to surround myself with people that have the urge to make innovative work. Apart from that I want to spend more time with photography and 100% Halal can help me with that.” Roel Oude Nijhuis, partner at 100% Halal, commenting on Kramer’s film on Facebook: “I’m very excited and proud to welcome legendary director Johan Kramer to the 100% Halal family.

A very small doc with Alvaro Sotomayor

July 24, 2012, AAB

This ‘very small doc from the very small office of Johan Kramer’ starts with Alvaro Sotomayor – who has been working for Wieden+Kennedy already 16 years (!) – in his studio with bull paintings; “When I was twenty years old…um…my dream was…um….well, basically, I didn’t have a dream.” We like the contrast of such a down to earth statement that is edited with Kramer’s typical ‘ageing’ (read: arty) filter. Sotomayor advises 20 year old’s that want to work in the ad industry to be stupid and brave. He ends with his current dream; building a school on Minorca where creative minds from all ages come together to discover and realise their dreams. Kramer will make more mini docs of other creatives around the world who have a mission and inspire him.

Johan Kramer opens a new shoebox in Berlin

July 18, 2012, AAB

Johan Kramer in the middle with his new associates Günther Heffels and Eva Maier
This spring film director Johan Kramer opened up his distinctive shoebox office in Amsterdam, specialising in “filmmaking and creating little, own worlds for brands & friends. As digital or analog as people want it to be.” Already at the end of this summer a new shoebox will open its doors in Berlin – based in a former, very small, dance salon in the new hip area Neuköln. The two co-founders are Günther Heffels and Eva Maier, who have worked at Heimat, Jung von Matt and Trigger Happy Productions 360. Kramer: “The idea of the shoebox is that it can travel anywhere and work anywhere. Right after I started it, I got some invitations from creative people abroad to start a local office. When I recently worked on a project with Günther and Eva for the new coffee chain Godshot, I thought why not let them run my small office in Berlin – a city I love to work in.” The first two projects of the Berlin office will be for 11 Freunde, a magazine about football culture, and for a 2014 Climate Project for the Berlin City Council. Trigger Happy Productions – representing Kramer as a director in Germany – will be partnering with the brand new Berlin office. Good busy, Mr Kramer!