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The Next Rembrandt

This ad, creating ‘the next Rembrandt’ 347 years after the master has passed away, gives us a peak into the possibilities of big data, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Together with JWT, the Technical University of Delft, Microsoft’s Azure-platform, and the Mauritshuis and Rembrandthuis museum,… More.


A collaboration with nature

Mineral water commercials are usually not very exciting. What do you tell your agency? It’s natural? The Netherlands has about the cleanest tap water in the world – without chlorine – so there is no real reason to buy mineral water – except maybe adding another bottle to the plastic soup. You said natural?… More.


Traceable Coat Hanger

Nukuhiva launched a traceable coat hanger that was sent to the most influential fashion bloggers in the Netherlands to help ask themselves the question; where do the clothes I blog about come from. The reason is that Nukuhiva is a store – founded by Dutch… More.


Forget about “vroom vroom”

In the Netherlands a BMW is a car for men that love horsepower. So what if the car brand creates the i3, an electric car? First of all they create a car that looks like an electric car (read: a toy), but secondly they focus… More.


A better world for our children

Together with Unicef ING sponsors educational projects for children around the globe. Hence this revolving globe that puts some of the projects in the spotlight. According to the press release the story was not just told in a special way (the revolving installation was physically built),… More.


Navarro and Soriano join JWT

David Navarro & Agustín Soriano JWT Amsterdam continues to expand and appointed David Navarro to Head of Design/Interactive Director and Agustín Soriano as Strategy Director. Navarro ran his own interactive digital shop Pixelinglife in his hometown Valencia for 11 years, before working as Design Director at Tribal DDB. At… More.


JWT appoints two senior teams as Creative Directors

​(fltr) Bert Kerkhof, Ivar van den Hove, Maarten Vrouwes and Friso Ludenhoff  Senior teams Bert Kerkhof and Ivar van den Hove and Maarten Vrouwes and Friso Ludenhoff were appointed Creative Directors at JWT Amsterdam. Both teams were behind prize winning work for several national and international brands in the past… More.


Reinhold and Van Ginkel join JWT

Senior creative team Thomas Reinhold (left) and Tibor van Ginkel make the switch from Selmore to JWT Amsterdam. The past year’s they worked on brands such as Skoda, KNGF, Intratuin, Amstel, ABN AMRO and Ohra and created award winning commercials for Bavaria featuring Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen. With… More.


Have a break have a Nexus 7

This film, turning a smile on our face, quite literally combines Android Kit Kat with having a break. For those of you who don’t know yet, Android has the playful tradition of linking each OS update to a sweet treat, such as Gingerbread, Eclair, and… More.


Kerkhof and Van den Hove join JWT

Senior creatives Bert Kerkhof (right) and Ivar van den Hove (left) leave TBWA after 6 years to join JWT Amsterdam. The past years the duo has created award winning work for clients such as Heineken, Unox, McDonald’s, Albert Heijn, ABN AMRO and KPN. They will… More.


Special price

Banners that talk to you; we’ve seen that before. And banners that follow you (through ‘re-targeting’); we’ve seen them before too. But banners that talk to you and follow you might be a new thing. Fortunately they do so with a sense of humour. Street vendors try… More.

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