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A colourful collection

June 17, 2014, AAB

Following on from the appointment of KesselsKramer as the new European Brand Communications agency for C&A, we just found out that PostPanic is also part of the repositioning of the global brand. C&A Summer is the second in a series of retail films created by the PanicProgram (PostPanic’s special program nurturing young, emerging directional talent), in association with strategic branding agency Meanwhile. This film, directed by Erwin van den IJssel for instore communication, is based on the seasonal collections from C&A and follows themes in tune with the times of year. Van der IJssel chose a motion graphic animated execution based on the textures of fabrics and colourways from each seasonal clothing range. The result clearly conveys a more creative direction for C&A.

C&A appoints KesselsKramer for European Brand Communication

June 11, 2014, AAB

cakkC&A, one of Europe’s leading ‘fashion retailers’ (with a rather low cost image and ‘young at heart’ women as target group), held a pitch to develop the creative strategy for their European Brand Communications. In February 2013 Tribal & DDB Amsterdam won an international pitch amongst agencies from the UK, The Netherlands and Germany. And now KesselsKramer is already taking over. The output (which includes TV, digital, print and outdoor) will be visible later this year. Matthijs de Jongh, Planner and partner at KesselsKramer about their new account: ”With a rich history that started in The Netherlands over 170 years ago, C&A has proven to consistently remain at the forefront of fashion retail and it’s an honour for KesselsKramer to help maintain – and further – its leadership position with pioneering ideas.” We are very curious to see what this new collaboration can do for the (cheap, unfashionable) image of the brand.

Opel Mantra

February 28, 2014, AAB

Opel Mantra - February 2014This time KesselsKramer didn’t make the world’s shortest commercial or smallest commercial, but the world’s longest teaser. Opel Mantra (no typo) is the first solo album by Awanto3, to be launched on April 4th at Trouw. The teaser, starring Awanto3 himself, shows the mantra of the Opel Manta; it won’t start. The trailer started on February 25th and will run for 38 days – until the launch. An interesting way to draw attention, but we hope the album is more exciting than this teaser.

The Standard Calendar

December 31, 2013, AAB

The Standard Hotel - Dec. 2013We love this – a worthy piece for this blog to end 2013. KesselsKramer helped The Standard Hotel to make their 2014 calendar. To show the hotel is always aiming for perfection, it took the feedback from its guests as input for the yearly calendar. But, as the hotel likes to things with twist, it used the most absurd notes dropped into the suggestion box as inspiration. The Jesus standing on water, for example, was re-enacted from this note: “Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog-eat-dog media business… I have been reborn a better man.” The photos were taken by French photographer Thomas Mailaender, on location, in the hotels.

Hans Brinker gets an upgrade

September 19, 2013, AAB

Hans Brinker - September 2013After having proudly claimed to be the “worst hotel in the world” for years, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has decided to move up in the world; it has executed a series of upgrades. The hotel keeps customer service satisfaction in mind with its sweet wrappers on pillows, fancy “Out of order” signs, and the ever-so-helpful fold in the toilet paper. The hotel has even added some luxurious suites – using wallpaper. With all these upgrades the hotel strives to compete with the best of the best, such as the five star Hotel L’Europe and London’s Savoy. Nice, to finally see some good work for Hans Brinker again – as usual by KesselsKramer.

The world’s smallest commercial

December 7, 2012, AAB

The 1% club is a club of people that donates 1% of their income, time, and knowledge to developing countries. The club asked The very small office of Johan Kramer to promote its cause and the agency came up with a commercial that only uses 1% of your screen. We’ve already seen the world’s shortest commercial, created by KesselsKramer for TNT Post, and now there’s the world smallest commercial. Kramer wrote 7 short scripts with 1% Club members explaining in their own words what the club does. Produced by 100% Halal, sound by Sizzer.

KesselsKramer opens office in LA

November 21, 2012, AAB

Robert Fagan, David Charles and Eric Barrett, outside their KesselsKramer LA office

Since this summer KesselsKramer has opened a new office in LA. KKLA, situated in a former communist bookstore in LA’s Chinatown, already employs 16 people, working for three different clients; Ubisoft, Museum of Comtemporary Art, and a liquor brand. KKLA is led by MD Eric Barrett (founder of Mirror Films and the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival), ECD David Charles (ex AKQA and 72andSunny LA), and Head of Integrated Productions Robert Fagan (founding member of 42 Entertainment). The new office will not just focus on advertising, but also on branded content and entertainment, thus bridging the divide between advertising, art, music, film and publishing.

Week of Children Books

October 12, 2012, AAB

To promote the Week of Children Books (‘Kinderboekenweek’) KesselsKramer and freelance art director and photographer Simon Wald-Lasowski craftfully created this character from real books. There’s also an animation - not adding much to these posters, for that matter.

Museum Minutes

October 5, 2012, AAB

As you can imagine, the average museum visitor doesn’t spend much time studying the different works in the museum – apparently as little as nine seconds per work.
 Combine this with the fact that people spend much more time watching TV while using a treadmill – an average of twenty minutes – and 
you have the explanation for Museum Minutes, a collaboration between Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer), Lies Willers (OPERA Amsterdam), Cyril Van Sterkenburg (Vandejong) and Merien Kunst (Woedend!).
 By erecting a line of treadmills in the Kunsthal Rotterdam, in front of famous paintings, the project encourages people to spend more time with the pieces – there’s even a timer that shows your total time spent with each work. Museum Minutes is a playful way to stimulate the debate about how important culture is in our society – inspired by a government that is cutting heavily on culture. The exhibition can be seen until January 13, 2013.

Floriade Almere 2022

October 4, 2012, AAB

The Floriade is an international horticultural expo that is held once every 10 years somewhere in the Netherlands. Next time, in 2022, it will be held in Almere. Togther with MVRDV architects (for the urban plan) and KesselsKramer (for the communication) Almere pitched and won the event presenting the province as a place where building and letting ‘nature’ take its course go hand in hand. In the next 10 years, preparing for the event, Almere is going to fully live up to its green proposition. We really like the visual identity created by KesselsKramer - illustrated by Anthony Burrill. There’s also an animation (in Dutch) created by Bas Mooij.