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Friendly flies Aer Lingus

In this lighthearted brand film Aer Lingus shows how Ireland is as a “nation of explorers, athletes, multi-taskers, food and film critics.” And that’s why “Smart flies Aer Lingus”. We didn’t really see much ‘smart’ in the film. In fact, you could easily argue it’s… More.


I’m not here right now

We usually don’t like to copy-paste from press releases, but we couldn’t possibly improve the copy that came with KesselsKramer‘s press release explaining the “I’m not here right now” campaign for Women Inc.: It’s amongst the buzziest of social buzzwords right now, and a favourite… More.


Today’s look is for the dogwalk

Retail is getting punched around at the moment. In fact, an almost unprecedented amount of retail chains are going bankrupt at the moment. Thanks to a faltering economy and internet shopping becoming the norm – especially in fashion. So when you get a brief from value… More.


“It’s not what you expect”

KesselsKramer did the photography and design of a (one-off) magazine, called ‘Jesus!’ Though it has nothing to do with the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, it does make you think about religions in general – and Christianity in particular, of course. It’s published by Lente Media and… More.


A colourful collection

Following on from the appointment of KesselsKramer as the new European Brand Communications agency for C&A, we just found out that PostPanic is also part of the repositioning of the global brand. C&A Summer is the second in a series of retail films created by the… More.


C&A appoints KesselsKramer for European Brand Communication

C&A, one of Europe’s leading ‘fashion retailers’ (with a rather low cost image and ‘young at heart’ women as target group), held a pitch to develop the creative strategy for their European Brand Communications. In February 2013 Tribal & DDB Amsterdam won an international pitch… More.


Opel Mantra

This time KesselsKramer didn’t make the world’s shortest commercial or smallest commercial, but the world’s longest teaser. Opel Mantra (no typo) is the first solo album by Awanto3, to be launched on April 4th at Trouw. The teaser, starring Awanto3 himself, shows the mantra of the… More.


The Standard Calendar

We love this – a worthy piece for this blog to end 2013. KesselsKramer helped The Standard Hotel to make their 2014 calendar. To show the hotel is always aiming for perfection, it took the feedback from its guests as input for the yearly calendar. But,… More.


Hans Brinker gets an upgrade

After having proudly claimed to be the “worst hotel in the world” for years, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has decided to move up in the world; it has executed a series of upgrades. The hotel keeps customer service satisfaction in mind with its sweet… More.


The world’s smallest commercial

The 1% club is a club of people that donates 1% of their income, time, and knowledge to developing countries. The club asked The very small office of Johan Kramer to promote its cause and the agency came up with a commercial that only uses… More.


KesselsKramer opens office in LA

Robert Fagan, David Charles and Eric Barrett, outside their KesselsKramer LA office Since this summer KesselsKramer has opened a new office in LA. KKLA, situated in a former communist bookstore in LA’s Chinatown, already employs 16 people, working for three different clients; Ubisoft, Museum of Comtemporary Art,… More.