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Yacco Vijn exchanges Kong for TBWA\Neboko

November 28, 2011, AAB

Yacco Vijn leaves digital agency Kong (N=5′s digital sibling) to become Managing Creative Director at TBWA\Neboko alongside Bas Engels. It was a hard decision for Vijn, but the fact that TBWA has been so consistent in its creative success over the past decade and the fact that he leaves Kong in good shape, made him decide to accept this new adventure. By hiring Vijn TBWA wants to incorporate digital in its DNA, which is different from previous attempts to found separate digital agencies; first and a few years ago Flow – both attempts failed. When we asked Vijn what he thinks of becoming MCD at an agency known for being especially good in making (Dutch) TVC’s, he told us that ‘digital’ is becoming obsolete: “The term is slowly eroding; when I go to a shop to buy a camera, I’ll ask for a camera, not a digital camera. It’s obvious that it will be digital – everything is. I think the time is ripe to stop putting digital labels on agencies and go for integrated by default“. Wise words. Floris Hülsmann, who ironically enough left Flow last year to join Kong, will be taking over Vijn’s role until Kong has found a replacement.

Catch the robber

October 20, 2011, AAB

Not really groundbreaking, this banner created by Kong, but way more interesting than your average banner and therefore more effective we’d guess. The banner educates us about using our mobiles as a weapon to identify offenders; “Catch the thief Use your mobile”. We wouldn’t recommend the shopkeeper to use his mobile, cause he’s being robbed with a gun – clearly a stronger weapon. It’s for the bystanders. The banner allows you to move your pointer over the scrambled thieve to make him visible. And with a click of the mouse you can capture him. You could call it practice. We can imagine it’ll help the police, but if feels a little dangerous nevertheless. What if this adrenaline pumped figure stops to direct his fear and aggression towards the person behind the mobile phone? Maybe the government should use this banner in combination with a disclaimer; ‘taking photo’s of criminals might get you killed’.

Yacco Vijn part of the Webby jury

September 29, 2011, AAB

After having been part of the Cyber jury in Cannes this year, Yacco Vijn has now been invited to join the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) and to be part of the jury of the 16th annual Webby Awards to be held in New York next June. Vijn co-founded Kong – the digital sibling of N=5 – in 2007 and helped to put it internationally on the digital map within no time. One of its biggest hits so far was Stanislav, an online campaign warning against cyber crime, winning all the important digital awards. It was one of the first campaigns – if not the first – in the world that aggregated data from a social media profile and use it in a campaign.

Boondoggle’s 5-word Webby acceptance speech

June 16, 2011, AAB

Four Amsterdam agencies scored a Webby award this year. The most serious one went to Boondoggle with Take Mokum (Online Campaigns) for Nike+. Boondoggle has a running gag going that mentions penguins in every interview; hence the 5-word acceptance speech by CD Gaston Serpenti – please note that this is Belgium humour. The others went to Streetview Sudan (Rich Media/Non profit), by Kong; Samsung 3D (Integrated Media Plan), by Muse and Starcom; and LBi Lostboys, with a website around the Anne Frankhuis (Cultural Institutions).

Haiku for Hope

March 28, 2011, AAB

Cordaid and ad agency Kong created a website for Japan dubbed ‘Haiku for Hope’. Not directly to raise money, but to sympathize with the people of Japan. You can create a Haiku in Dutch and Google Translate changes it into Japanese. Since most people are not very good at writing Haiku’s and Google Translate not very good in translating, the messages (spread through social media) probably won’t be very poetic. But hopefully Japan gets the point that we’re thinking of them.

Update: We were just told that there is also a Japanese translator who moderates Google’s translations.

You want to watch or take action?

December 14, 2010, AAB

We often wonder how long it will take before Google will bring us ‘Live Maps’. Hard to imagine, but at some point it’ll be there. Kong must have had the same thought when creating this ad for Cordaid. The online agency created a Streetview of Sudan, showing you a village where refugees live. At first it’s a normal streetview; you can scroll around, with your 360° view, and pass Justin Tambuz, 19 years old. She looks into the camera, not very happy. And then, all of a sudden, she starts to talk to you and tells you about her miserable conditions. “I was abducted by a rebel army and violently raped over a period of three months. I managed to escape and flee to Sudan. Now I’m in Makpandu refugee camp. We have little food and water and no bed to sleep in”. Wow, that’s heavy. Once she starts talking, there’s no escape. After all, you were curious enough to check out her refugee camp, so it feels a bit rude to click her away. And when, at the end, you are asked if you want to simply watch or take action – by paying only 10 Euros to help thousands of refugees in need – there’s not much that will stop you. Simple, impressive, and effective.

In case of emergency; 72 seconds is enough

September 13, 2010, AAB

Kong made an interactive film, called ‘72 hours’, for the Ministry of the Interior to educate the Dutch about what to do in case of a nationwide emergency – think The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The online experience – that was a little too heavy for our internet connection – shows that you can drink water from the toilet if the tab runs dry and that you shouldn’t eat sambal (an Indonesian spicy salsa) when you’re hungry – no shit. The film interacts with your telephone and webcam to make the experience richer. It is all very nicely done, as if you’re watching a proper thriller, but what we found a little odd, is that the main character only after 72 hours comes up with the idea to turn the radio on to find out what’s happening. Apart from the fact that the hyper connected target group probably doesn’t know what ‘a radio’ is, it wouldn’t take them 72 hours to get informed. O.k., fair enough, not everyone uses Twitter, but obviously there are other ways to get in touch with your ‘social network’. It will probably take the target about 72 seconds to find out what’s going on.

2 x design gold for BBDO and A’dam WW

June 24, 2010, AAB

Onitsuka Tiger TansuLast night Amsterdam won 2 golden design Lions. Amsterdam Worldwide for its Onitsuka Tiger Tansu sneaker (picture) and FHV BBDO for its black Mars packaging (almost) without the iconic Mars logo. Consumers received a sheet of letter stickers to create their own text on the Mars bar. The jury was charmed by the fact that Mars dared to change its world famous packaging so radically. In Cyber Amsterdam won 2 bronze Lions. Achtung! with ‘Public Polo‘ for Volkswagen and Kong (again) with Stanislav for the Ministry of Justice. The day before yesterday we got 2 silver outdoor Lions. Again, one for MINI Christmas box by UbachsWisbrun/JWT and one for Interbest, created by Y&R Not just film. Indie won bronze in radio for Dance4Life.

Source: Adformatie

5 silver Lions in Cannes for Promo and PR

June 22, 2010, AAB

Mini X-mas boxAmsterdam won 5 silver Lions in Cannes yesterday. Big winner was Kong with 3 silver Lions for Stanislav – 2 for Promo & Activation and 1 for PR. Not really a surprise, since the online viral, that used people’s photo’s from social network site Hyves in an online film, already won several national and international prizes – though Cannes, of course, is the Wimbledon of the Grand Prix shows. Salient detail, according to Adformatie, Zwier Veldhoen, ECD at THEY and part of the P&O jury, said the case probably would have won gold, if submitted better. DDB also won silver in Promo & Activation for Centraal Beheer (CB), the insurer, known for its pay-off ‘Just call us’, created 3D outdoor spectaculars with typical accidents. The consumer could photograph itself in the accident and upload it on a dedicated website. The best ones – judged by the online audience – were used in a (2D) outdoor campaign. The fifth silver Lion went to MINI’s Christmas Box (see picture), by UbachsWisbrun/JWT. The message; only €99 per month. That is what we call, a big idea.

Bavaria, Ground Floor, MassiveMusic and NYF

June 16, 2010, AAB

Bav-GF-NYF-MMWorld Cup: Bavaria’s Dutch Dress babes arrested in South Africa
It almost sounds like a hoax, but through the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, we learned that a group of girls showing off their Bavaria Dutch Dress (created by Selmore) were arrested from their hotel in Johannesburg last night. Since Budweiser is the exclusive WC sponsor, no other beer brands are allowed in the stadium. The girls (getting paid by Bavaria) were disguised as Danish supporters when entering the stadium to see Holland-Denmark play. Once they were in, they revealed their sexy dresses and started to draw attention from the crowd. Ambush marketing in its purest form! And ironically, thanks to the arrest this news will travel the world!