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ADCN becomes more accessible

February 26, 2014, AAB

Terres des Hommes - February 2014Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.   

Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29, and N=5 with 22 nominations. Especially for N=5 this is quite an accomplishment, since it is by far the smallest agency of the three. The most successful (digital) production agency was MediaMonks with 23 nominations. On the client side KLM is the big winner with 14 nominations. It is what happens when you ask every agency in town to create some sort of activation. Or rather, that’s what happens when you write inspiring briefings and choose the right agencies to work for you. Sweetie, created by Lemz for Terres des Hommes, won three nominations – a concept that is so BIG that it will probably win at every award show around the world. Two important things have changed this year; all ADCN members are allowed to vote and the ADCN has introduced a bronze light bulb, to decrease the gap between a nomination and an actual award. We can imagine that this is a tempting thing to do, handing out more light bulbs, but it will only cause inflation – that’s not us being critical, but simply how economics work. Then again, we live in the age of (digital) democratization, so maybe it’s just a natural course. The accessibility of the awards is probably also why this year, for the first time, we are allowed to leave our black ties at home when the definite winners are announced in Paradiso on 31 March. You can find the complete list of nominations here.

Amsterdam winners at Eurobest

December 3, 2012, AAB

And the winners are… Doom & Dickson, Publicis, and Lemz won Gold at Eurobest this year. Our very favourite Hema push-up bra won gold in PR (which should have been Gold for making a sound casefilm, really), and Silver in Promo & Activation. ALS’ ‘I’ve already died’ by Publicis won gold in PR, Silver in Direct, and Bronze in Promo & Activation. The third gold, in Promo & Activation went to KLM Live Reply by Lemz. In Interactive Tribal won Silver for KLM’s ‘Be my guest’ and Volkswagen’s ‘Hitchhike with a like.’ In the same category Achtung! won Silver for the Volkwagen Fanwagen. EuroRSCG (today Havas) won Silver in PR with ‘Save an orchestra‘ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. In Film Craft Wieden won bronze for Coca Cola’s Sitelets. The Wieden break-away We Are Pi was awarded with Bronze for the Human Arabesque for TEDx summit in Doha. In Design Arnold won Bronze for its Arnold bike. And, finally, Wieden also got Bronze in Promo & Activation for Live Serenade.

Tomorrow awards: Lemz and MediaMonks nominated

November 7, 2012, AAB

Two Dutch agencies are nominated for the Tomorrow Awards; Lemz with their Label Lottery (casefilm here) and MediaMonks – together with Work Club and CuteCircuit – with the first wearable, shareable, and programmable t-shirt for Ballantine’s – more info on ‘tshirtOS’ can be found here. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Rooijens exchanges Dawn for Lemz

July 5, 2012, AAB

Art director and co-founder of Dawn, Pepijn Rooijens (42) is leaving Dawn for Lemz. Rooijens, who also worked at Ogilvy and FHV BBDO is known for his designy feel for art direction, resulting for example in the wonderful Artis outdoor stickers. At Dawn Rooijens formed a team with David Snellenberg, though the magic between the two had disappeared already a while ago. At Lemz Rooijens will be creatively leading the IKEA account with Remco Marinus – which hopefully will make the brand a little more attractive.

Cannes: Promo, Direct, and PR; 6 Lions

June 19, 2012, AAB

Amsterdam scores well in the first three Cannes categories. Three golden Lions went to LG Thief, stealing the thinnest TV ever on a security cam, by Y&R (Promo/Best use of social media), ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis (Direct/Charity), and Hema mega push-up bra by Doom & Dickson (PR). The push-up bra – a male model showing how the bra makes something out of nothing – also won Silver in Promo/Product Launch. Lemz won Silver with their firework task-force. Bronze went to Kumpany for ‘Britt’s telephone’ for Microsoft – a concept that allowed the crowd to browse through a Dutch celeb’s entire phone online.

Label lottery

May 18, 2012, AAB

Apparently not many people read the labels on household chemicals. But it’s wise to do so; according to the Dutch Food and Goods Authority 6,000 incidents take place each year by wrongly handling (read: drinking, exposure to skin, etc.) detergents at home. You can imagine it’s mainly young children who are victim – in fact, in a previous campaign the bottles were very smartly shown through the eyes of a kid. Again Lemz was asked to raise awareness around this issue. And the agency took the insight that money is the most effective behavior changer to the supermarket shelves through a Label Lottery. As you can see in the video Lemz attached a special label to a few bottles with one additional line: “Congratulations! By reading this label you have won €1000.” Though all the bottles are sold already, no one has claimed the prize yet – which makes sense if the thesis is that no one reads the label. This week the word is spread through outdoor (the poster has quite some stopping power) and online that reading a label can actually make you money. Hopefully people don’t just frantically scan the bottle for “€1000,” instead of carefully reading the bits about ‘danger.’

Lemz wins 4 ADCN awards

April 27, 2012, AAB

Photo: Maurice Mikkers
The biggest winner last night at the ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) awards was Lemz. All the ‘bulbs’ – of which one was a Grand Prix (the very best integrated work) – went to their Fireworks campaign. Our very favourite campaign of the year Domino’s Pizza Pepperoni by Indie won one Golden and two Silver bulbs (TV, internet and activation) – in our opinion it was at least as good as Lemz’ work. Wieden also won one Gold and two Silver for Heineken’s ‘The making of The Date’ (internet, TV, and activation). Selmore won Gold for Bavaria and Hugh Heffner – so we can be sure that Charlie Sheen will also win Gold next year. We were a bit surprised that N=5 won Gold for Telfort – not really our taste. Y&R won one Gold and two Silver for LG’s ‘smart thief‘ (internet, TV, and viral). A bit strange that alle these films are winning different prizes for the different channels through which they are broadcasted – does the channel matter? Another one of our favourites was Hema’s with a push-up bra in print, promoted by a male model, going viral big time – by Doom & Dickson. It won Gold and Silver. Note: Hema is one of the most down to earth department stores in the Netherlands. TBWA won Gold with its print campaign for DIY chain Gamma; free Lego – “Just like dad.” In Interactive Tribal DDB won Gold and Silver for ‘Obsessed with Sound’ for Philips. One of the most impactful commercials of the year by Publicis for ALS won Silver – “I have died by now.” Special bulbs went to Mischa Rozema (for directing OFFF), Christian Borstlap (art direction and illustration, for LV and Mr Porter), and Simon Warner (photgraphy, for Octopus).

Tribal DDB and Lemz win big at the SpinAwards

April 6, 2012, AAB

We weren’t physically there when last night no less than 30 ‘Spins’ (rings, either gold or silver) were awarded to the best digital work of the Benelux at the SpinAwards. Instead, we were mingling with the lesser gods at the NewWork Pre-Party. After ten, though, when the SpinAwards opened their doors for the after party, we were able to congratulate all the winners in person. First of all, Tribal DDB. The big winner with three golden awards; two for Obsessed with sound and one for KLM Tile & Inspire. On top of that Tribal won the agency of the year award. Lemz also won big with five Spins. Three Silver Spins went to Taskforce Tracing Bomb makers, targeted at teenagers making their own bombs around New Years and showing the impact proudly on YouTube. The Taskforce downloaded the videos and re-uploaded them with a warning to the bomb makers. Lemz also won two silver spins with KLM Live Reply. And – not much of a surprise – KLM became advertiser of the year. Buutvrij For Life won two awards with their ‘Pass it on day’ – they asked all their Facbook friends to form a line through Amsterdam to pass on their office interior when they were moving offices. Unofficially they also won a third award together with Cote d’Azur for ‘Everything smells like chocolate.’ Boondoggle won two awards with ‘Cordeals’ for Cordaid and with for the government. The latter case is slightly similar to the Taskforce concept; consumers who were buying medicines online were led to Medi-Plaza, when about to make the transaction they were confronted with the message that buying medicines online is a dangerous affair. Red Urban won two awards with the Russian Roulette app for Duyves and their ‘Like’ campaign for KPN. Click on picture to see the entire list of winners.

Amsterdam does well at Eurobest and Epica

December 2, 2011, AAB

With a track record like Tribal DDB it’s hardly a surprise that they became interactive agency of the year at Eurobest this year. Throughout the year they’ve been making great and award winning work for KLM and Philips. The climax of their award victory march has been Eurobest this week; out of the 12 nominations they won 9 awards – for Philips Obsessed with Sound 4, for ‘Wake up the town‘ 2, and for KLM Tile & Inspire 3. What really took us by surprise was ‘The Legendary Making of The Date’ for Heineken by Wieden+Kennedy winning a Grand Prix in film. We already noticed that every big budget commercial nowadays gets a making of to create some relatively cheap content – and PR for the agency, for that matter. But actually winning a Grand Prix with the side project of a campaign is quite something. Back then we said: “Not your standard ‘making of’, but one made with ‘joie de vivre’ and lots of CG jokes. If we weren’t already, this would want to make us work in advertising”. The commercial itself, ‘The Date’, also won silver in film, and ‘The Entrance’ won gold. We were told that AKQA’s London office sent in the work of AKQA Amsterdam, so you could say that the Grand Prix and Gold in Mobile for Heineken Star Player (social betting on football matches), also went to Amsterdam. DBB and 180 won silver in film for ‘Old Lady’ (Volkswagen) and ‘Marked for Life’ respectively. We also had the Epica awards last week. W+K won 5 Epica’s plus a Grand Prix for ‘The Entrance’ and ‘The Date’ combined. Again W+K won an award (gold) for the ‘extra’s’ – some extra mini scripts around ‘The Entrance’. 180’s Marked for Life won gold and silver. Finally Lemz did well with 2 silver and 2 bronze for IKEA 365, KLM Live Reply, and ‘Children see things differently‘. In total Amsterdam won 22 Epica awards. One final note to Eurobest and Epica; can you guys please merge? There’s no reason to have two identical continental award shows – except making lots of money, of course…

KLM listens

October 7, 2011, AAB

We don’t really like this case film – though Lemz’ new case film voice-over is an improvement – but we do very much like the ‘Live Reply’ concept conceived by Lemz. KLM wanted to convey the message that they have a social media service, which answers all your questions 24/7 through Twitter and Facebook within the hour. That in itself is quite innovative. And communicating it through 140 KLM employees that physically hold up the answer gets easily picked up by the same social media. The only unfortunite thing is that we tried it and only received an answer the next day. We’ll forgive KLM though, since it shows they embrace both new ways of communication and their customers. A lesson to be learned; if you actually listen to your customers, they will be very forgiving.