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The DrawSomething winner

August 15, 2012, AAB

A while ago we wrote about Muse recruiting an intern via a very original contest. They used DrawSomething to find the best artist. Over a 1000 games were played and this video shows the result. Strangely enough the winning drawing isn’t part of this film. When we asked about that Muse told us that the responsible person at Muse left and that the winning intern is on holidays. So nobody knows. Anyway, we still love it and congrats, Hidde Stokvis.

Draw Something to win an internship

March 12, 2012, AAB

Muse created an ad, or rather a contest, using the app ‘DrawSomething’. The one who will make the best drawing of My Little Pony – or whatever the game asks you to draw – gets to do a creative internship at Muse. The copy is a bit clunky (“In advertising a message should be as clear as possible. We’re looking for interns who own this skill”?), so maybe they should have searched for an intern with writing skills, but we like the animation and using an existing social game app to recruit an intern is quite a smart idea.

KLM turns journeys into movies

December 19, 2011, AAB

Yet another cool online activational piece of advertising by KLM, created by Ice Mobile; the KLM Passport app, an app that turns traveller’s journeys into movies. This film, developed by Muse, shows more or less how it works: you choose a theme (adventure, around the world, island hopping, in the snow, etc.), select the best pictures and videos on your iPhone taken during your trip, and the app creates a need little movie. It all looks very smooth. The only downside of the concept is that most people still use a camera instead of their phone to collect travel memories, so the question is how many people will actually use it seriously. Nevertheless it shows once again that KLM understands that travelling is more than just buying a plane ticket.

Samsung stare battle with Keenan Cahill

August 4, 2011, AAB

Not so long ago you at least needed talent to become famous. Even if you looked as unattractive as Paul Pott or Susan Boyle, your voice had to get people’s attention. Today you don’t even need the voice anymore. In fact, even if you can’t playback properly, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame. Take Keenan Cahill. He has become world famous by playbacking 50 Cent, Katy Perry and David Guetta. And now Samsung – or more correctly agency Muse – hires him to sell the new Smart TV. Since this new TV gives access to the internet, we understand that Samsung wanted to use a YouTube celeb – though we would have tried to find something more attractive. The idea is to have consumers participate in a ‘stare battle’ with Cahill – through your webcam – on a special YouTube channel, during which he distractingly explains the special Smart TV features. For the occasion he also recorded a video in which he ‘sings’ De La Soul’s “Me Myself and I” without blinking once. That is, he blinks at 0:13, but, as said, it doesn’t require much skill to become famous nowadays.

Amsterdam wins 5 lions in Cannes

June 22, 2011, AAB

Yesterday was a good day. Not just because it was our first day in Cannes and we enjoyed soaking up all its extremes – Le Palais, the sun, the beach, ‘le canard au miel’, and lots of drinks – check out our photo’s here. It was also a good day for Amsterdam, because it won 5 Lions! Two silver lions went to outdoor; Interbest ‘mail stripper’ and the Go Fast water-bike, both to Y&R Not Just Film. At the time, we weren’t too positive about the unattractive stripper, because we doubted its effectiveness. You could say the silver lion has proved us wrong. Two bronze lions went to the radio commercial ‘sexual harassment’ (Publicis) and an Allsecur outdoor ad (Ogilvy). In Media Muse and Starcom won Silver for their 3D Samsung projection. Earlier, on Monday Amsterdam won two meager bronze lions; the Dutch dress for Bavaria in promo – which definitely deserves more in our opinion – and bronze for Boondoggle’s KLM Suprise in PR – in Holland this won a golden Spin (read: cyber) award. Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate some gold later this week.

Boondoggle’s 5-word Webby acceptance speech

June 16, 2011, AAB

Four Amsterdam agencies scored a Webby award this year. The most serious one went to Boondoggle with Take Mokum (Online Campaigns) for Nike+. Boondoggle has a running gag going that mentions penguins in every interview; hence the 5-word acceptance speech by CD Gaston Serpenti – please note that this is Belgium humour. The others went to Streetview Sudan (Rich Media/Non profit), by Kong; Samsung 3D (Integrated Media Plan), by Muse and Starcom; and LBi Lostboys, with a website around the Anne Frankhuis (Cultural Institutions).

Boondoggle and KLM surprise at SpinAwards

April 11, 2011, AAB

Last Thursday the SpinAwards were divided between the top digital agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. In ‘Online’ there were two golden awards; ‘Philips wake up the town’ (A fantastic concept by Tribal DDB) and ‘Hi-Tec Liquid Mountaineering’ (a very strongly executed viral by CCCP – judged as the best mockumentary of 2010 by Adage). There was one silver in Online; KLM Surprise (see embedded case film) – this also won gold in ‘Cross Media’. KLM Surprise winning two Spins was indeed a surprise. The concept is quite thin; passengers at Schiphol airport using Twitter or Foursquare were given a special gifts that matched their travel plans – seeding the shaky film footage online didn’t make it a stronger concept. In our opinion the only fair award for this surprise would have been in ‘Social Media’. Speaking of social media, in this category Boondoggle won silver for ‘Take Mokum’ – “a great way to activate your audience” is how we judged it back in September. The three awards for Boondoggle made it digital agency of the year – regardless the surprise a fair decision. KLM – also winning a second golden award for iFly Magazine in ‘Content’, created by Born 05 – became digital advertiser of the year. Considering the amount of innovative stuff KLM has created in the past year, their award was entirely deserved. Muse & Ice Mobile won gold in ‘Innovation’ for their app ‘Appie’. Indeed one of the more innovative concepts we’ve seen last year. Another gold went to the addictive game ‘Noisia Infection’, created by Flavour – “playful branding”. A very strong SpinAward (gold) went to the Blurshirt for Beachmasters (party holidays for teenagers), in the category ‘Young Talent’. It was  created by Nik Sluijs and Nanette Visser of de Willem de Kooning Acadamy. The shirt has a shotcode underneath the collar so that, when embarrassing pictures are uploaded on social media, the face above the collar automatically gets blurred. Now there’s a concept that taps into a serious target group need.

Shopping list with voice recognition

March 29, 2011, AAB

Supermarket Albert Heijn (AH) has added yet another feature to its app; voice recognition. You can add groceries to your list by simply saying the words. As with the previous update of the app, AH is hiding some Easter eggs in the app (‘grappies’ – meaning jokes); this time products with musical connotations – ‘boodschappen wijsjes’. We’ve recorded the ‘drumsticks’ for you – there’s also bietjes (phonetically ‘beats’), popcorn, and nootjes (meaning nuts and ‘notes’). When you’ve found them all you can see them  perform together on AH’s website. There you can also create your own ‘grappie’ and win an iPad. Created by Muse.

Hot Wheels’ Race Battle in 3D

March 11, 2011, AAB

Agency Muse did it before for Samsung and H&M, so why not a third time for Hot Wheels; a 3D projection on a building. This time not on an Amsterdam building though, but on Customs House in Circular Quay, Sydney. The beautiful animation, that had to fit exactly on the complex architecture of the building, was created by PostPanic. If you see this kind of 3D projection for the first time, it’s very impressive – otherwise, 3 minutes and 36 seconds is quite a long time…

Philips Avent’s ‘My Baby & Me’ app

February 4, 2011, AAB

The ‘My Baby & Me’ app made for Philips’ sub brand Avent can help you keep a log of your baby’s growth, weight, sleep, and feeding. The app also allows moms to upload photos, register milestones – like first time crawling – and gives practical tips. Here you can see the instruction film. With this new app, created by Muse and Ice Mobile, Philips is yet another step closer to the simplicity in its own pay-off ‘Sense & Simplicity’. It shows that Philips (finally) understands the importance of intuitive software that enhances the functionality of its hardware. Welcome to the future of consumer electronics.