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No words

Some commercials don’t really need words. Take this one for Monuta, a funeral insurer that understands the pain of the bereaved. Created by N=5, directed by Rogier Hesp (Caviar).


In the pocket plus

Last week the new iPhone was introduced in the Netherlands. Since there’s not much to say about the iPhone 6, except that it now finally has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy, we were quite surprised that people were still waiting in line. Anyway, since the iPhone 6+ can almost shake hands with the mini iPad, mobile… More.


How to ban cycle-apping?

A typical Dutch problem; many children (and adults, if we may include ourselves) use WhatsApp on their bicycle. As you can imagine this causes many accidents – in one out of 5 accidents, involving children, a smartphone was used. Since in the Netherlands cyclists are legally very well protected in traffic the government wants to… More.


Janssen Brothers United

Bas and Koen Janssen at work at N=5. Last week ‘The Janssen Brothers’ graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with a project called “Janssen Brothers United.” A typical advertising idea (we mean this in a very positive way!). Not a corporate one though, but one that is made for the love of creation. The… More.


Teun’s ‘epic’ 400 train station selfies

In the best case advertising copies art, somebody once wrote on this blog. This ad is not exactly copying art, but it is a good example of how advertising sometimes smartly adopts cultural phenomenons (or memes, if you like). This one, for example, is borrowing the idea of the 3 Year Epic Selfie, which of course… More.


Where are you going today?

The Dutch Railways (NS) probably has the worst brand reputation in the Netherlands. The most important reason is that their trains can’t stand bad weather and their fast trains can’t handle speed – typically they recently changed “NS Hispeed” into “NS International.” Even in commercials by other brands the NS is being mocked. And that’s… More.


Feeling Good

KPN, the Dutch former national telco provider, last year chose its new agency N=5 after a lengthy agency orientation/pitch process. Before that KPN worked with TBWA since 2006 – in that year launching the theme “Let’s connect” (‘Sluit je aan’). This new campaign launched on Monday is to both introduce the new brand theme “Voel… More.


ADCN becomes more accessible

Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.    Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29, and N=5 with 22 nominations. Especially for N=5 this is… More.


Heavy labour discount

  Mercedes Vitos are built for hard working men – yes, we’re sorry, you never see women drive a Mercedes Vito. According to Mercedes, especially the hardest working men deserve a discount. Hence this activation – “Heavy Labour Discount” – that determines your discount after having scanned your hand through your webcam. The more calluses,… More.


Very smart

We don’t come across commercials very often that we find really funny – read: use our kind of humour. But here is one. To support the pay-off that “Holland is getting smarter and smarter” (LOI offers educations in all kinds of fields) the trainee assumes the finance, legal, and technical roles within his company –… More.