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Redirect Cebu

July 31, 2012, AAB

Terre des Hommes wants to help the child prostitutes in Cebu, Philippines. With the insight that most of them don’t know where to find help to get out of their miserable situation, New Message created a bridge between on and offline, by creating a website (built by 9Yards) that allows the crowd to place physical arrows in the streets of Cebu pointing to the local offices of Terres des Hommes. Every donation is worth an arrow – both virtual as well as physical. We’re not quite sure how effective this campaign will be (if you zoom in on the map only a tiny part of the entire road is paved with arrows), but it’s yet another example of transforming online engagement into offline impact – with the help of the incredibly handy Google Maps API.

Analogue iPad

February 15, 2012, AAB

In one shot: Arthur Mebius is a modern photographer who hasn’t lost the craftsmanship of an analogue photographer. We’re not sure whether a ‘portfolio iPad’ means he saved his portfolio in the iPad dimensions or whether he actually distributes free iPads with his portfolio on it. In the latter case he must be doing well, cause that is quite an expensive promotion. Then again, busy photographers don’t have to advertise their portfolio. So maybe he just has an iPad friendly portfolio. We guess there’s only one way to find out… The attractive image was created by New Message.

MVA Makelaars sell hard

December 3, 2010, AAB

This one is a classic – that is, we’ve seen it before in different settings. But still, it taps in nicely into that funny Dutch tradition of the grey bearded bishop, riding his white horse on the roof tops to have his helpers – the black Piets – throw presents through the chimneys. This weekend he’ll be extremely busy, since on the 5th of December it is Sinterklaasavond (Sinterklaas Eve). That is, officially, since most people will be celebrating his birthday tonight or tomorrow night. Anyway, this (MVA) ‘makelaar’ (real estate agent) confirms his image; he’s like a car salesman, making the impossible sell. After all, Sinterklaas only visits us two weeks a year – according to the tradition he hangs out in Spain the rest of the year. Why buy a house? Nevertheless, it will make a beautiful full page newspaper ad. Created by New Message.

In the land of the blind, Johnny Loco is king

August 18, 2010, AAB

In the past 5 years the Dutch bicycle scene has undergone a small revolution. Where a bicycle used to simply be a means of transportation, today it is a fashion item. Especially the fixed gear bicycle (or ‘fixie’) is beyond hip (Vans, tattoos, Chrome courier bag, rolled up trousers, funny hairdo, etc.). Ironically, the fixie lifestyle that comes with the single gear bicycle was imported from the US, a country where only the coolest couriers dare to defy the NYC traffic. The first brand to copy American styled bicycles and that started the revolution, was Johnny Loco. It was created in 2005 by advertising agency New Message. In the beginning the bikes were made in China and fell apart within no time, but nowadays they’re pretty reliable. And since no bicycle brand does fashionable advertising, Johnny Loco is the one eyed king in the land of the blind. We don’t mean that in a derogative way; we very much like the ads. We also came across another poster with former Elite “model of the year” Barbara Egeler. It is probably no coincidence that Loco means stupid in Spanish… Which reminds us; the ads are a more classy version of the “Be Stupid” campaign by Diesel that was banned in several countries, because it supposedly provoked ‘stupid’ behaviour. The photos were made by René Kramers.

Budget advertising

February 8, 2010, AAB

Budget Air cheap tickets - Feb. 2010The cheapest tickets, that’s all that matters. Budget Air makes its outdoor posters as small as possible to be able to offer the cheapest tickets – which makes the Mupi lightning visible. We ourselves never use Budget Air, since they never end high enough in our Google search, so maybe next time they should spend some money on Google Adwords. Nice ad anyway. Created by New Message.

Trojan-horsevertising for Shield Security

January 11, 2010, AAB

Shield_Security - Dec. 2009New Message came up with this idea – hidden letters, visibale on an airport scanner in a briefcase – to help Shield Security find new security employees at Schiphol; “Wanted: experienced security personnel”. Quite an expensive way of advertising it seems; every single message will cost Shield Security a flight ticket. But since the conversion rate will be a lot higher than when you shoot with hail through mass media, it might turn out cheaper in the end. Trojan-horsevertising is not new. We guess the first agency to use it, was TBWA\Neboko with its ‘Quit&Join’ campaign in 2006. It hired professional window cleaners to clean the windows of the biggest agencies in town, while wearing t-shirts showing the different vacancies. In 2008 agency 2010 found a new DTP colleague by delivering a free Abode CS4 (misspelled on purpose) software package – with the vacancy hidden inside – at the doorstep of the best Amsterdam agencies. Another agency – of which we don’t know the name – paid agencies €1 and communicated in the transfer subject that it was looking for a financial colleague with ‘eye for detail’. So Trojan-horsevertising is not completely new, but it is always impactful, effective and a good way to generate PR.

Budget Air uses passengers to spread the word

December 31, 2009, AAB

Budget Air - t-shirts - Dec. 2009This t-shirt says “Haha, I am flying for 51 Euro to Barcelona”. And on the back: “And back again”. As you might know by now, we love uncomplicated advertising that communicates a clear message. And that is exactly what this guerilla campaign by New Message does. Budget Air simply distributed these t-shirts among  its customers and they did the rest when wearing it on their flight. The brand thus uses its brand ambassadors to spread the word (offline!). Very smart. We do wonder however, how many tourists will actually wear a t-shirt like this. It is not something that makes your fellow passengers smile at you – especially the ones that start with: “you fools!”. But, then again, the kind of folk that loves to go for the cheap kill, just might be happy to gloat over it in public. New Message lives up to its name again; not your standard advertising.

MVA organizes house crawl

August 25, 2009, AAB

MVA001-55 Huizentocht Parool 265x396 zetspiegel.inddThe Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam, MVA (professional body of real estate agents), is organizing a house crawl – obviously inspired by the pub crawl. Especially for young urban professionals a busy job is hard to combine with the hunt for a new house. Thanks to this house crawl, invented by New Message, it is possible to see several houses in a single evening. And you even get a drink and a bite at every house you visit. How’s that for insightful efficiency! And we very much like the design of the sign that will be attached to the houses that join the MVA house crawl. No more explanation required; simply brilliant.

Suits Supply suits gays

July 21, 2009, AAB

The Amsterdam Gay Pride is on its way (last weekend of July), so ‘gayvertising’ pops up everywhere. Last week we learned that the Dutch Tourist Board launched a campaign in the US with the slogan ‘Everyone’s gay in Amsterdam’. We hope the Americans will understand the pun, otherwise the amount of visitors might drop dramatically… Today we were sent this very subtle print ad for Suit Supply, made by New Message. “For him. For her”. As you can see, great advertising doesn’t need much words. Gay couples are of course an attractive target group. They usually have the DINK-status and thus much to spend. And since gays invented the metro man – wearing expensive clothes, moisturizers and a little too much after shave – we can imagine why Suit Supply addresses its advertising to this worthy target group. However, just in case, if you are planning to visit the gay pride in Amsterdam, don’t expect a procession of well tailored suits.

NY Festivals; what’s all the fuss about…

July 2, 2009, AAB

With this fantastic idea about global warming for MTV Switch, Ogilvy won a golden Outdoor award at the New York Festivals. Last week we were slightly disappointed with the meagre Amsterdam-score in Cannes (except of course for the wonderful Grand Prix by Tribal DDB); we only won a few silver and two handfuls of bronze – no gold! Fortunately we scored better at the New York Festivals. Although we have to say that their website is so crappy that we doubt the quality of the awards. Anyway, EuroRSCG 4D won four awards – two gold, one silver and one bronze. Gold (2x) was for Volvo – we’re not sure what exactly they made (couldn’t find it on the NYF website), but the awards were won in the categories ‘Art & Technique’ and ‘Interactive’. This doesn’t surprise us, since 4D has won a truckload of prizes in the past years for Volvo already. 4D’s online partnership with Volvo is surely one of the more successful ones in the business. won gold for DHL and New Message silver for promoting a program called The Phone. The program is an Augmented Reality Game (inspired by the great movie The Game) with hidden phones, assignments and the chance to win a big sum of money. New Message hid some ringing phones in TV and Radio programs, which of course generated instant word of mouth. Simple & Smart. It also won bronze in Cannes last week.