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In the name of Orange

Left: Primary School De Boemer (Wesley Sneijder) Right: Club Spartaan ’20 (Bruno Martins-Indi) Some really simple, smart and sexy work by Anomaly for Nike. The agency took today’s top 20 Dutch National Football players and asked them where they fell in love with their sport.  Anomaly then visited each clubhouse, pitch, square, sidewalk and turf to… More.


All about the colours

This installation, at the famous fashion house Colette in Paris, was created by Random Studio to promote the new Nike Fuelband SE (according to Gizmodo the SE is merely an iteration and doesn’t offer much more than “a splash of color on the band”). The “RGB LED infinity tunnel,” showing colourful animated light patterns, was… More.


Cool under pressure

A few weeks ago we wrote about the animated film for Nike that was created by Glassworks; ‘breathable warmth.’ Apparently Glassworks has made a series of three, and here is the second one. Again, a beautiful animation with a sharp eye for detail. This time it advertises the new home kit for France – the team is… More.

Ad of the Month

The winter is your playground

At least in Russia it is. Kick ass commercial – the opening shot is already a piece of art. Not much to add. Except that it was made for Nike – as you can imagine – by W+K Amsterdam, directed by Mark Zibert (Imperial Woodpecker), shot by Chris Soos and post produced by MPC London/Amsterdam.


Human Printing Press

Speaking of craft! This commercial, showing the translation from movement into (limited edition) print art, was made through building real installations powered by athletes, such as football players Burak Yılmaz and Didier Drogba, runner Gamze Bulut, and basketball players Engin Atsür and Birsel Vardalı. It was created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for Nike Turkey together with Director James Frost – who… More.


Nike becomes talent scout

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created this sympathetic 2.5 minute mini documentary centered around a talent scout, Alexander Shpakov – who’s name strangely enough is not being shared in the video – and talent Andriy Shevchenko, who was discovered 17 years ago in Kiev. Together the two look back at the moment when Shevchenko – who still plays in… More.


A balanced tone for Nike

We received an e-mail from Audentiy’s Niels den Otter about a new Nike film – featuring Moussa Coly, who lives and plays in Pigalle for Goutte D’or – for which he did the music and sound design. Den Otter: “My inspiration for designing the sound in this film comes from how I see Paris; a city… More.


Nike is always on

Wherever you are in the city, you’re favourite sport should always be with you is Nike’s thought behind this dressed up ad ‘peperbus’ (pepper mill) that can be used as a sports attribute – click to see the entire picture. Here and here two more. There’s a URL on each peperbus that refers to a… More.


Nike and Adidas play cool – with toxic polluters

The first commercial ever in which Nike and Adidas live peacefully in co-existence, we thought. Nope, not true. It is Greenpeace that wants to educate us about these love brands. It’s a good thing that Marco Della Coletta and Zoe D’Amaroclearly (Godmother) can show off their skills while helping Greenpeace in its fight for a… More.


Wieden+Kennedy wins 13 Lions for Nike and Heineken

Picture: ECD’s W+K Amsterdam Mark Bernath (left) and Eric Quennoy (middle), mainly responsible for Wieden+Kennedy’s huge success in Cannes and Enrico Balleri from Nike, just after the award ceremony last Saturday. What a great closing night for the Amsterdam agency it was. Nike’s ‘Write the future‘ scored seven more Lions – earlier in the week… More.