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Klaas Weima joins SoDA European Committee

Klaas Weima (left) and Chris Buettner (Executive Director van SoDA) during the SoDA Global Member Meeting in Barcelona Klaas Weima, founder of Energize, was asked to join SoDA’s European Committee. Together with Wesley ter Haar (MediaMonks), Patrick Gardner (Perfect Fools) and Olivier Marchand (Soleil Noir),… More.


Hasan & partners acquires Perfect Fools

(ltr) Tony Sajdak (CTO, Perfect Fools), Timo Everi (Director, hasan & partners), Eka Ruola (CEO, hasan & partners), Ami Hasan (Chairman, hasan & partners), Patrick Gardner (CEO, Perfect Fools) and Töny Högqvist (ECD, Perfect Fools) Helsinki-based marketing communication agency hasan & partners has acquired 51% of Stockholm and Amsterdam based creative digital agency… More.


The sound of London

To promote Fogg, a borderless internet access solution, Amsterdam and Stockholm based creative agency Perfect Fools re-imagned London’s skyline in soundwaves. The track “The Sound of London,” composed by electro-house producer Prova, has taken the distinctive skyline of London and replicated the shapes of the buildings… More.


Chalmers replaces Baylis at Tribal & DDB

After Chris Baylis announced to swap Tribal DDB Amsterdam for London, it must have been a difficult task to find a worthy replacement. After all, Baylis helped Tribal to its growth and international fame with the multi-awarded work for Philips and KLM. But with Mark… More.



The Dutch Metropole orchestra is not subsidised anymore and therefore its existence is currently under threat. To raise some awareness around the orchestra’s precarious situation Havas and Perfect Fools created this ‘Tweetphony’ concept, a dedicated website on which you can write your own ‘symphony’ in… More.


Think 3D, Think LG

LG asked Perfect Fools to show the consumer that “the best things in life are better in 3D”. So the agency picked up a platform that is “universal, loved and fun,” namely Facebook, and turned it 3D. The new application enables you to see your… More.


A creative, social, and digital dinner

We were invited to Digital Dinner at Rainarai, an Aglerian restaurant in Amsterdam. Though the food was wonderful, the portions were a bit meager. And since there was plenty of alcohol, we’re writing this piece a bit hungover. But the good news is that the… More.


Scotch & Soda likes its Facebook fans too

For some brands gathering Likes on Facebook is simply a way to be able to spam your wall, we once said. For other brands it’s a smart way of creating customer intimacy. The latter actually try to have a conversation and – if they are… More.


The Citroën DS5 Twitter Race

This Citroën DS5 Twitter Race is the first race ever (as far as we know) via Twitter. The concept is quite simple; you can navigate the DS5 towards yourself via Twitter and win it. We’ve seen a similar concept by Volkswagen and Achtung!, but using… More.


Coolpix goes into the wild

Since the Coolpix AW100 is shock, water and freeze proof and has a camouflage look, having someone in a bear suit doing outdoor sports and thus going ‘Into the wild’ is maybe a little obvious. But we have to admit that this film clearly conveys… More.


Converse Canvas Experiment case film

We hope that by posting this case film Perfect Fools‘ PR machine will stop sending us e-mails. And though we’re always a bit wary about posting case films – they often have nothing to do with reality – this shoe-machine does look pretty cool. It… More.