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Let’s skip the Dutch

May 27, 2014,

Dutch-Digital-DesignJules Tervoort and Mischa Rozema (Post Panic) present the making of the ambitious international feature film ‘Sundays.’ Foto credit: Merten Snijders.

A gutsy blogpost by Bert Hagendoorn resulted in a dedicated Creatie magazine and first live-event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, both brand named Dutch Digital Design. With founding father Hagendoorn in the lead, this first event attracted 700 curious eye balls, eager to see the best work in digital design. The evening was themed ‘Made in Holland.

Co-moderator Wouter Boon (Boon Strategy and editor-in-chief of this blog), kicked off reading his column. According to Boon the theme Made in Holland was a first attempt to define Dutch Digital Design, thus being aware the event moved on virgin soil. His end conclusion: “the only style we have in digital design is no style at all – we are culturally neutral.” More…

Staying in bed

October 31, 2013, AAB

Getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day.” No word of Spanish in that one. And captured in this film in your typical metaphorical ad language. The metaphor is so thoroughly followed that this bearded man stays in bed the entire day – even when the club night should have woken him up already. Quite daringly Philips has agreed to not show its wake-up light, nor what it’s like to wake up with a wake-up light. So the only thing we’ll remember is that Philips does whatever it does with a taste for somewhat surreal, beautifully desolate places in Barcelona. The film, a creative message from Taxi Amsterdam’s grave (unfortunately dead and buried), was directed by René Nuijens and produced by Monodot Brussels.

Hoenderboom and Mol CD at Tribal DDB

November 27, 2012, AAB

Pol Hoenderboom (32) and Bart Mol (27) (read their 10 Questions interview here) have become Creative Directors at Tribal DDB. The team has made a dream career at Tribal; in 2010 Hoenderboom and Mol started working at Tribal and since then they worked on many brands, winning a truckload of awards, like with KLM’s ‘Tile & Inspire‘ and more recently with Philips’ ‘Obsessed with Sound‘ – among which 4 Lions. In their new role they will be closely collaboring with Tribal ECD Chris Baylis and DDB CD’s Joris Kuijpers and Dylan de Backer, which seems to be the next step into integrating Tribal DDB and DDB.

The Sound of Creation

September 4, 2012, AAB

After Philips and Tribal DDB’s enormous success (award-wise) with ‘Obsessed with sound,’ Tribal was allowed to create yet another website around sound. The site gives 9 insights into the acoustic design and craftsmanship behind Philips’ Fidelio product range. For example, step 1, ‘inspiration,’ shows how Philips studied “the intricacies of air movement through a trumpet” and step 5, ‘improve,’ how “moulds were made from 400 different ear shapes in order to create the perfect cushion for the M1 headphones.” Each story makes a clickable frame and sound loop and together all these sounds make quite an uplifting, hypnotic track. As every piece of ad nowadays, this one also has a making of. And funnily enough the making of shows how creating the ad required at least as much research as Philip’s products did. So if no increase in Philips sales, this ad will at least impress the craft jury in Cannes next year. The experience was produced by Stinkdigital and the frames shot by director Gustav Johansson. The sound was designed by Ernest Greene (Washed Out).

Tribal, Y&R and Achtung! win 6 Cyber Lions

June 21, 2012, AAB

Tribal DDB did well last night in the Cyber category, winning four (!) Lions for Obsessed with Sound: Gold (sound), Silver (website), and two Bronze (integrated and user interface). The interactive website Tribal created for Philips made it possible to very smartly single out any of the 51 members of the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. Y&R won Silver for its LG thief. This online video of a thief stealing a very thin TV on a security cam went viral instantly and already won Gold in promo – and many Dutch awards, for that matter. Achtung! won Silver for its sexy Fanwagen; a real Volkswagen van customized into a Facebook fangwagen. In Press 72andSunny won a Grand Prix. That is, the Amsterdam based agency didn’t officially receive the credits – these went to the Italian agency Fabrica – but the agency was partly responsible for the Unhate print campaign for Benetton that made world leaders, like Obama and the Venezuelan Chavez kiss with each other. In Radio and Design Amsterdam didn’t win anything.

Lemz wins 4 ADCN awards

April 27, 2012, AAB

Photo: Maurice Mikkers
The biggest winner last night at the ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) awards was Lemz. All the ‘bulbs’ – of which one was a Grand Prix (the very best integrated work) – went to their Fireworks campaign. Our very favourite campaign of the year Domino’s Pizza Pepperoni by Indie won one Golden and two Silver bulbs (TV, internet and activation) – in our opinion it was at least as good as Lemz’ work. Wieden also won one Gold and two Silver for Heineken’s ‘The making of The Date’ (internet, TV, and activation). Selmore won Gold for Bavaria and Hugh Heffner – so we can be sure that Charlie Sheen will also win Gold next year. We were a bit surprised that N=5 won Gold for Telfort – not really our taste. Y&R won one Gold and two Silver for LG’s ‘smart thief‘ (internet, TV, and viral). A bit strange that alle these films are winning different prizes for the different channels through which they are broadcasted – does the channel matter? Another one of our favourites was Hema’s with a push-up bra in print, promoted by a male model, going viral big time – by Doom & Dickson. It won Gold and Silver. Note: Hema is one of the most down to earth department stores in the Netherlands. TBWA won Gold with its print campaign for DIY chain Gamma; free Lego – “Just like dad.” In Interactive Tribal DDB won Gold and Silver for ‘Obsessed with Sound’ for Philips. One of the most impactful commercials of the year by Publicis for ALS won Silver – “I have died by now.” Special bulbs went to Mischa Rozema (for directing OFFF), Christian Borstlap (art direction and illustration, for LV and Mr Porter), and Simon Warner (photgraphy, for Octopus).

A creative, social, and digital dinner

March 22, 2012, AAB

We were invited to Digital Dinner at Rainarai, an Aglerian restaurant in Amsterdam. Though the food was wonderful, the portions were a bit meager. And since there was plenty of alcohol, we’re writing this piece a bit hungover. But the good news is that the evening was packed. Achtung!’s Dick Buschman did the introduction, explaining that Emerce initiated the event to connect with the Dutch creative industry. The organization (Achtung!, Bert Hagendoorn, and Pop The Campaign) then asked Creative Social to select some interesting speakers. Marc Chalmers (Perfect Fools), founder of Creative Social explained how members of Creative Social have to introduce theirselves; they have to show what they are working on and finish their presentation with the words “That’s me that is.” So we had the honor to witness the introduction of the 10 new Creative Social members.


Amsterdam does well at Eurobest and Epica

December 2, 2011, AAB

With a track record like Tribal DDB it’s hardly a surprise that they became interactive agency of the year at Eurobest this year. Throughout the year they’ve been making great and award winning work for KLM and Philips. The climax of their award victory march has been Eurobest this week; out of the 12 nominations they won 9 awards – for Philips Obsessed with Sound 4, for ‘Wake up the town‘ 2, and for KLM Tile & Inspire 3. What really took us by surprise was ‘The Legendary Making of The Date’ for Heineken by Wieden+Kennedy winning a Grand Prix in film. We already noticed that every big budget commercial nowadays gets a making of to create some relatively cheap content – and PR for the agency, for that matter. But actually winning a Grand Prix with the side project of a campaign is quite something. Back then we said: “Not your standard ‘making of’, but one made with ‘joie de vivre’ and lots of CG jokes. If we weren’t already, this would want to make us work in advertising”. The commercial itself, ‘The Date’, also won silver in film, and ‘The Entrance’ won gold. We were told that AKQA’s London office sent in the work of AKQA Amsterdam, so you could say that the Grand Prix and Gold in Mobile for Heineken Star Player (social betting on football matches), also went to Amsterdam. DBB and 180 won silver in film for ‘Old Lady’ (Volkswagen) and ‘Marked for Life’ respectively. We also had the Epica awards last week. W+K won 5 Epica’s plus a Grand Prix for ‘The Entrance’ and ‘The Date’ combined. Again W+K won an award (gold) for the ‘extra’s’ – some extra mini scripts around ‘The Entrance’. 180’s Marked for Life won gold and silver. Finally Lemz did well with 2 silver and 2 bronze for IKEA 365, KLM Live Reply, and ‘Children see things differently‘. In total Amsterdam won 22 Epica awards. One final note to Eurobest and Epica; can you guys please merge? There’s no reason to have two identical continental award shows – except making lots of money, of course…

A new light, A new dawn

November 29, 2011, AAB

Last month we wrote about Tribal DDB’s campaign for Philips ‘Make me a morning person’, which asked real people to share their Wake-up Light experiences. Here’s the result; Iris works at Artis and is very grumpy in the morning, but as you can see she has totally changed thanks to the Wake-Up Light. Here‘s another one with Wernke. A new light, A new dawn, so to say. We like the look and feel of this film; the stop motion effects and playful edits make sure Philips doesn’t take itself too seriously – after all we’re talking about an alarm clock here – and give the product the needed emotional touch. Nicely done by Revolver Media.

Philips shows us what light can do

November 4, 2011, AAB

Quite an integrated campaign this new work ‘See what light can do’ by Tribal DDB and DDB Amsterdam for Philips. A ‘lightover’ team – based on the successful home make-overs – visits 29 homes in 8 countries around the world to show how the right lighting can transform your house into a much more atmospheric environment – the insight behind it; light changes your mood. The results are presented online. This content is not exactly our kind of content, since we’re not big fans of home make-over TV, but we can easily imagine it will persuade enough consumers to start thinking about LED and – more importantly – see Philips as the thought leader in this field. Part of the platform is a ‘3D Home Lighting Designer’ app that helps consumers to choose between different lighting options and advises them on which (Philips) products to buy. There’s also a Facebook page where you get in contact with the experts on ‘light design’. To generate mass attention Tribal/DDB also created a (bit of a corporate) commercial in which Philips presents its platform as the future of lighting. Together with the recent Wake-up Light campaigns, Philips is firmly reclaiming its strong heritage of being the lighting expert.