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Michael Middelkoop & Sharif Abd el Mawla
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May 10, 2013, AAB
Michael Middelkoop and Sharif Abd el Mawla

Partly Egyptian, partly Congolese and partly Dutch; from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Michael Middelkoop (art) and Sharif Abd el Mawla met during their Media studies at the University of Amsterdam seven years ago. The two friends first worked apart, then together on music videos and TV and film production before officially becoming an advertising team. Starting as interns at Strangelove in Amsterdam, they made a video that we featured back in 2011, celebrating Ajax and Amsterdam. During their next stop at Pool Worldwide they, amongst other projects, created a video for Greenpeace’s Fashion Victims, which also caught our attention. The duo’s latest work is a collaboration with Dutch singer Anouk and insurance company Centraal Beheer. As part of the most recent ‘Even Apeldoorn Bellen’ commercial (uniquely made by Pool and not DDB), they created several short videos, fictionally shot mobile-phone-style to create some rumor around the actual commercial. Here‘s one. The videos show Anouk drunk out of her skull before she wakes up in the actual commercialThis project also marks their farewell to Pool Worldwide. That’s why these talents are “looking for a new pool to swim in“. If you want to learn more about them check out their site, hire them, and make sure we can feature some more work in the future.

Fashion Victims

January 9, 2013, AAB

To make online shoppers aware of the price that is paid for cheap fashion, Greenpeace and Pool Worldwide launched a website for the fictitious brand Fashion Victims. Though TV celebrity Zarayda Groenhart at first appears to be giving away 1000 blouses for free, her monologue changes into a story about clothing producers in China, Indonesia, and Mexico, not having very strict pollution laws and most often using toxics that harm the environment and the population. Then Groenhart tears apart the website background to literally give the viewer a look behind the scenes – where an Asian is pouring a toxic in water. We like it. Although we have to say that it made us think of Boondoggle’s Medi-Plaza concept – also a fictitious brand that warns people for buying medicines online.

Eating noodles like a Boss

August 10, 2012, AAB

How to gain exposure as a brand new ad agency? You simply make a kick ass commercial, or rather a viral, for the fictitious brand Boss Noodles. And then you get hundreds of thousands views. Smart move. It proves this agency understands advertising. Khanna \ Reidinga is the product of Rikki Khanna (founder AKQA Amsterdam) and Hesling Reidinga (founder Pool Worldwide). The film was directed by André Maat.

Plan C: a theoretical viral

February 17, 2012, AAB

How to advertise the movie ‘Plan C’ about a corrupt cop? Mmm. We would probably advise our client to seed the trailer, cause as you know a trailer conveys the most (and sometimes only) attractive bits of a movie. But we have to admit, we are a bit traditional. What you could also do – when you’re a creative agency – is link the word ‘corrupt’ to Anonymous, cause Anonymous is hip and happening and that’s exactly the image you want to attach to your movie. So what you do is you just pretend as if Anonymous exposes a corrupt cop, by releasing some audio fragments about a dirty deal. With a bit of luck these bits will become viral and when people eventually find out that it’s a hoax they will get into the mood and visit Plan C. But that’s not all. On top of that, you pretend as if Anonymous is not amused with your hoax. They retaliate by releasing the film showed in this post and hack the website of the creative agency – which today is back to normal again, for hat matter. And this will all generate lots of free publicity for both the movie and your agency. That is, in theory, of course. We’d go for Plan A. Created by Pool Worldwide.

TomTom records Bert and Ernie’s navigation voices

November 17, 2011, AAB

After TomTom recorded the voices of Darth Vader and Yoda – among others – this time TomTom has teamed up with Sesame Street to promote its navigation system. It’s literally the same ad concept as the previous virals made with Star Wars, but a very smart ad (and business!) property and easily more enjoyable to watch than John Cleese breaking free. Created by Pool Worldwide.

Tribal DDB wins 10 Lovie awards

October 31, 2011, AAB

The impressive series of interactive ads created by Tribal DDB Amsterdam in the past year has found the right award show to get fully appreciated; The Lovie Awards. Named after Ada Lovelace, an English writer who lived in the 19th Century and – believe it or not – wrote the first algorithm. That’s how the Lovie Awards should represent “European innovation and creative ingenuity”. Tribal won three golden awards (out of a total of 40) for Philips with ‘Wake up the town’ (featured in this post) and ‘Obsessed with sound’ – and a handful of others. KLM’s ‘Tile & Inspire‘ won two silver and one bronze. Other awarded Amsterdam agencies were LBi Lostboys (Anne Frank), Pool Worldwide (TomTom and Sound Circus – great website!) and Blast Radius (Hugo Boss).

De Telefoongids is for amateurs

July 12, 2011, AAB

This is a bit of a complicated one – especially when you don’t speak Dutch. Pool Worldwide made a series of 5 short commercials for ‘De Telefoongids’ (the white and yellow pages) to communicate the header in this picture “You can all find it with the free Search & Find app”. The short commercials – pretended to be made by the retailers to sell their businesses – watched in the right sequence (from left to right) create a story about a robbery. The first one shows a tailor (that sells suits), the second one a party store (that sells masks to disguise yourself), the third one a bag store (that sells Claudio Ferrici bags to carry the loot), the fourth one a van rental (so you can drive through a facade), and the fifth one the security at jewelry shop (to rob). The films are purposely made badly to illustrate that De Telefoongids is mainly used by small businesses. What we do like is that the different films form a sort of puzzle – we can even imagine that the pieces are creatively seeded on the web through banners or something. What we don’t like is that the itchy films make us a bit nervous. And though we understand that the commercials address the user of the app, rather than the retailer, this campaign shows how De Telefoongids looks at its customers – quite condescendingly. And then back to us, the target; do we use De Telefoongids to find a bunch of amateurs? Mmm…

Nike’s ‘Write the future’ wins gold in Cyber

June 23, 2011, AAB

Finally, Amsterdam wins its first golden Lion – in cyber. Nike’s ‘Write the future’, created by Wieden+Kennedy has already won a truckload of prizes, but winning in Cannes, is the cherry on top, of course. The campaign won in cyber, because it used social media very effectively; the film received 40 million online views. And since the film is so impressive, we expect it to win (at least) a golden film Lion this Saturday. Two virals were rewarded with a bronze Cyber lion. The first one: TomTom’s special edition StarWars voices – created by Pool Worldwide and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR). This film will surely also win another Lion at the end of the week. The other viral, was Liquid Mountaineering for Hi-Tec by CCCP – a brilliantly executed mockumentary. Interesting detail; this second viral was also directed by Willem Gerritsen. In design two silver Lions were won. One by Amsterdam agency BrandBase for its pallet project, a unique working environment, built entirely from pallets by Most Design. The other silver design Lion went to Heineken’s STR bottle, a bottle that lights up in the dark thanks to its UV-sensitive ink – created by dBOD and Iris.

John Cleese stuck in traffic thanks to TomTom

June 3, 2011, AAB

We, as a blog, always want to feature impactful advertising. This commercial for TomTom, created by Pool Worldwide, is indeed impactful. Not because it teaches us something about TomTom – if anything, we’ve learned that TomTom is a brand for being stuck in traffic. Not because it is sexy. And not because it’s brilliantly executed. It is impactful, because it teaches us that John Cleese doesn’t know when it’s time to enjoy his retirement (does he need the money?) – it is sad to see that a once great actor let’s himself be commercially prostituted like this. There are some more films with other (less famous) people who also sing Queen’s ‘I want to break free’ in a theatrical way when their stuck in traffic. There’s also a Facebook page, where TomTom begs you to ‘Like’ them and thus to become a ‘fan’. Finally, the campaign also has a crowd sourcing element built in by asking the consumer to send in some other ‘break free’ moments. Let’s prepare for more knuckle biting.

Eurobest: Two Grand Prix for W+K and A’dam WW

December 10, 2010, AAB

Amsterdam won two Grand Prix in Film and Design at Eurobest in Hamburg, last Wednesday. Wieden+Kennedy was awarded the prestigious award for its epic Nike ‘Write the future’ commercial – alledgedly the most expensive commercial ever made. And for the same film it won bronze in Film Craft. Amsterdam Worldwide earned a Grand Prix in the category Design for the Onitsuka Tiger ‘Tansu sneaker’. Other than that Amsterdam did not do extremely well, we have to admit. In interactive Pool Worldwide won silver for its brilliant StarWars branded TomTom viral. In the same category 180 Amsterdam won bronze for Adidas’ Match Tracker and NRG3 won bronze for an interactive banner for the EA game Need for Speed Shift. N=5 was awarded silver in the category Media with a ‘Live interactive billboad’ – an aggression awareness campaign. BSUR got bronze in Film for MINI’s Flow, Publics won bronze in Print for KIKA, and JWT bronze in Promo and Outdoor with the MINI Christmas box.