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A colourful collection

June 17, 2014, AAB

Following on from the appointment of KesselsKramer as the new European Brand Communications agency for C&A, we just found out that PostPanic is also part of the repositioning of the global brand. C&A Summer is the second in a series of retail films created by the PanicProgram (PostPanic’s special program nurturing young, emerging directional talent), in association with strategic branding agency Meanwhile. This film, directed by Erwin van den IJssel for instore communication, is based on the seasonal collections from C&A and follows themes in tune with the times of year. Van der IJssel chose a motion graphic animated execution based on the textures of fabrics and colourways from each seasonal clothing range. The result clearly conveys a more creative direction for C&A.

Dutch Digital Design compilation

June 6, 2014, AAB

DDD stillFor those of you who have missed Dutch Digital Design in Pakhuis de Zwijger (and the write-up); here‘s an overview of the evening and here you can find the video registrations of all speakers – Wouter Boon (AAB), Jeroen Barendse (Lust), Jules Tervoort & Mischa Rozema (PostPanic), Harald Dunnink (Momkai), Bram Holzapfel (DDB & Tribal) & Wesley ter Haar (MediaMonks). Created by Lifely.

Let’s skip the Dutch

May 27, 2014,

Dutch-Digital-DesignJules Tervoort and Mischa Rozema (Post Panic) present the making of the ambitious international feature film ‘Sundays.’ Foto credit: Merten Snijders.

A gutsy blogpost by Bert Hagendoorn resulted in a dedicated Creatie magazine and first live-event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, both brand named Dutch Digital Design. With founding father Hagendoorn in the lead, this first event attracted 700 curious eye balls, eager to see the best work in digital design. The evening was themed ‘Made in Holland.

Co-moderator Wouter Boon (Boon Strategy and editor-in-chief of this blog), kicked off reading his column. According to Boon the theme Made in Holland was a first attempt to define Dutch Digital Design, thus being aware the event moved on virgin soil. His end conclusion: “the only style we have in digital design is no style at all – we are culturally neutral.” More…

PostPanic releases teaser for Sundays

May 23, 2014, AAB

Sundays---May-2014Back in 2012 we interviewed PostPanic‘s co-founder and director Mischa Rozema about a project the agency started on Kickstarter. The production company was raising money to realise an intelligent and “epic” sci-fi film titled Sundays. During this year’s OFFF Festival in Barcelona PostPanic released the second teaser for the short version of the film - with this ‘short’ PostPanic will persuade studios in Hollywood to finance a full feature. PostPanic also built a website where you can find behind-the-scenes footage and posters. The site also pays tribute to the company’s backers on Kickstarter, PostPanic told us. The short will be released towards the end of this year, and the production of the feature film is scheduled for the end of 2015. Though the project is – and has been – a long ride for one of the most ambitious production companies in Amsterdam, the project already tastes like more, since recently PostPanic Pictures was founded, the long format division of PostPanic.

PanicRoom edition 8

November 18, 2013, AAB

PostPanic Panicroom - Nov. 2013Back in May we wrote about the 7th edition of the bi-annual PanicRoom, curated and hosted by hybrid production company PostPanic. It was a great success – as usual. This Thursday (21st) edition 8 is already waiting for us; a night where the advertising community comes together to see some of the best international creative minds speak about their inspirations. It’s not a showcase or portfolio night, but about getting an insight into what makes people we admire creatively tick. Past guests have included United Visual Artists, Vincent Fournier, Pleix, Andrew T Huang, Niels Shoe Meulmann, Lucy McRae, and Lernert&Sander – to name a few. Edition 8 features directors Aaron Duffy (1st AveMachine, NYC), Mike Alderson (ManVsMachine, London) and Dutch film artist Johan Rijpma. There is also an exhibition by Filfury and music by Amsterdam’s very own, DJ Clyde. Unfortunateley PanicRoom is invitation only, but as a special guest of the event we are allowed to give 5 tickets away for the young creatives in town. So, best 5 reasons get a ticket – emails to

Connected Consequences

October 24, 2013, AAB

On november 6th TEDxAmsterdam is having its annual event (this time at the Concertgebouw) – the 5th edition already. This year’s topic is Connect Consequences (as in: ConnecTED) and PostPanic was asked to create a matching trailer. The “hybrid production company” asked HeyHeyHey, part of their roster, to do so. The arty duo not just made the film but also did the overall TEDx branding campaign, including print, web and materials to be used at the venue. About the film: ”We’ve tried to tell a story without telling an actual story. It’s all about encounters, connections, everyday life, a book and a goldfish, but not really“. Mmm… Though the trailer feels a bit like a corny Old Navy commercial, what we like is the idea of using a circular set and generating a constant feel of motion with the continuous script of random characters with individual stories intersecting. But let’s see if this ‘chain reaction’ story will become a film ‘worth spreading’ just like last year’s impressive reverse-engineered trailer by We Are Pi.

Cheeky idents

August 5, 2013, AAB

We have seen a few too many ‘chain reactions’ in the past years, but these idents for DisneyXD by director Erwin van den IJssel (part of PostPanic’s Panic Program) are quite cute. We like them especially for the playfulness and Dutch feel – which is, for that matter, something Disney explicitly asked for. Van den IJssel crafted the idents entirely out of objects that kids could find at home – hence the chocolate sprinkles and ‘Lange Vingers’ (typical Dutch biscuits) in the first ident. These same kids were cut out of snapshot photos and made into the heroes of the films. Van den IJssel also made the storylines somewhat cheeky, so that they have the potential to raise some parental eyebrows. So, all in all, a very charming project that suits DisneyXD perfectly.

Panic Room

May 3, 2013, AAB

Panic Room - May 2013We’re looking forward to the 7th edition of the Panic Room, on May 16th. The Panic Room, held by hybrid production company PostPanic, is one of the more inspirational events organized in the Dam, we know of. It always invites a handful of the most twisted and brilliant international creative minds to share the inspiration behind their work. Past speakers have included Vincent Fournier (FR), Aaron Duffy (US), Si Scott (UK), Niels Shoe Meulman (NL), and HECQ (Ger). This edition features cheeky Dutch director/artist duo Lernert&Sander, minimalist Norwegian music video/short film director Kristoffer Borgli (check out his recent Real Life Exp. short film) and LA-based director Andrew T. Huang (who turned heads last year with his beautiful Solipsist short film and has since directed Bjork’s latest music video). The evening will be hosted by Fons Schiedon with MassiveMusic’s Philip Oomen providing the sounds. Just like last time PostPanic would like to invite some ‘younger creatives’, who have never had a chance to attend the Panic Room (because the invite-only guest list usually fills up with the senior advertising folk). If you’d like to attend and can still describe yourself as ‘young’ then send an email (with your age in the subject box) to The first 10 emails get an invitation. Hope to see you there on May 16th!


February 4, 2013, AAB

After having been very busy with Post Panic’s Kickstarter project Sundays., director Mischa Rozema is surfacing again with this new short film, Stardust. Just like feature film project Sundays. it poses questions about our relation to the universe. The visual CG orgy, shows the story of Voyager 1, the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system – it is the furthest man-made object from the sun. The film’s story centers on the idea that in the grand scheme of the universe, nothing is ever wasted and it finds comfort in us all essentially being Stardust ourselves. The short film was triggered by the death of Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who died 16th July 2011, aged 39, from cancer. Rozema about the project: “I wanted to show the universe as a beautiful but also destructive place. It’s somewhere we all have to find our place within.” By creating a generated universe, Rozema wanted to take his own ‘camera’ to other angles and places within the cosmos, trying to avoid the clichés of the existing NASA and sci-fi imagery we’re used to. The matching audio, using analogue instruments and featuring “Helio” by Ruben Samama, was done by Guy Amitai (Pivot Audio).


June 19, 2012, AAB

Last week director Mischa Rozema and his production agency PostPanic launched an interesting new project on KickStarter – the crowdsource-funding platform; Sundays. It’s “a film about our future” and will be a cross-over between a trailer and a ‘short.’ Through KickStarter PostPanic wants to raise $50,000 to finance a 5-day shoot in Mexico and plenty of CG post production. Rozema is typically known for using 3D animation to enrich his cinematographic, alien worlds – as he did in the idents for MTV and the leader for OFFF that was recently nominated for the VIMEO awards and viewed 1 million times already. It’s exactly this style that will give Sundays. its distinctive look. Quite an ambitious project. A good reason to ask Rozema a few questions. More…