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Holán Dress

May 26, 2014, AAB

When you look at it like this, Holland is not so much different from Brazil. This commercial is the first World Cup tie-in that actually made us smile. The premium, the ‘HolánDress’, was invented 4 years ago by Selmore for the World Cup in South Africa. Back then the ‘DutchDress’ proved a killer premium, confirming the premium image Bavaria was seeking, and turning women into Bavaria lovers overnight. On top of that, it converted the female consumer into a guerrilla marketing tool – Bavaria was not a official sponsor, but had a strong physical presence around the World Cup. So why change this winning team, Bavaria and Selmore must have thought. The dress is almost the same; this time it has a “Brazil binnenkant” (lining). And you can find it “nu in supermercado!” – probably with a crate of Bavaria. Directed by Jelmar Hufen (Comrad) and shot by Mick van Rossum – lucky bastards. Post production by Storm, sound by FC Walvisch, and music by Amp.Amsterdam.

The making of a claymation

April 17, 2014, AAB

Mona---April-2014A claymation, we had never heard of that. Production company The Ambassadors just made one, together with director Vincent Lammers, character designers Nick Groeneveld and Patrick Chin, and agency Selmore - responsible for the concept. Here’s how they did it – more or less. And, yes, at The Ambassadors they have a receptionist and drink coffee. Speaking of which, it’s for dessert brand Mona. You can choose your favourite dessert of the month. And the one with the most votes will reappear on the supermarket shelf. Simple and smart. You can find the final commercial here – with some catchy (Dutch) copy.

Relaxed with Radler

March 24, 2014, AAB

We all know what Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Bruce Lee have in common; they died too young. But now we know now that they’ve simply retired and are chilling on a (desert) island. And it goes without saying that they don’t want to be discovered by Israelian container ships (“For a second I thought I saw Elvis”). With a bit of a detour Bavaria is telling us here – as usual with high production value – that its lemonade beer Radler is to be consumed when relaxed. Created by Selmore and directed by Jonathan Herman (Bonkers).

If you have (seen) too much

January 9, 2014, AAB

We not only help people who cannot see, but also those who have seen too much.” A dog that wakes up veterans with nightmares sounds like a luxury charity – how wealthy can a country be? So if this film is able to find any donors for the KNGF with too much money, the credits should go entirely to Selmore. Impactful, with a nice twist. Directed by Rogier Hesp (Caviar) and post produced by The Ambassadors.

Your own mini-festival

May 23, 2013, AAB

Bavaria Mini-festival - May 2013May 2013 is shaping up to become the coldest May since 1901. A bummer when you’ve conceived an activation for Bavaria centred around the popularity of music festivals, enjoying the sun, and drinking beer with your mates – all at the same time. Through a special page and Facebook app consumers can create a festival poster for their own social get together, invite friends, and create a Spotify playlist for the special occasion. And when you buy a six-pack of Bavaria, you get a mini-speaker to make the party complete. A sympathetic idea. Pity the weather is not cooperating. Created by Selmore.

Beer on the go

May 16, 2013, AAB

Bavaria 0.0% at A4 West - May 2013With the phrase “Beer, even on the go,” Bavaria is the first beer brand in 15 years to sell beer at gas stations along the highway. Of course not their regular label, but their 0.0%. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve partly turned a gas station into a bar and dubbed it “Café A4 West.” Not the most attractive place to hang out with your mates, but a piece of ambient advertising with stopping power most definitely. Created by Selmore.


January 30, 2013, AAB

‘Zo’ (translated ‘Right’) – in the past always followed by “…time for a Bavaria” – is the famous pay-off for beer brand Bavaria, used whenever someone has accomplished something. This tactical ad (click image for full poster) was made by Selmore to celebrate that King Pils (‘beer’) is replacing Queen Beatrix, and in the sliptstream her comfortable royal seat. If he’s doing his New Year’s speech from a bar stool in the future, we hope he’ll keep it shorter and snappier than his mom.

Crazy Dance

September 25, 2012, AAB

How to make the super sales – the ‘Three Crazy Days’ or Drie Dwaze Dagen – at luxury department store de Bijenkorf look chique. A difficult task. In the past advertising agency Selmore used, among other things, wildlife predators and a special police force to metaphorically show how the crowd goes wild when hunting for cheap branded stuff. But especially now, with de Bijenkorf having more and more luxury brands on board, the ad should communicate sales, without losing aspiration. And it seems as if Selmore has cracked it. What a beautiful film. Selmore approached Nanine Linning, one of the best Dutch dance choreographers, to create this piece, called ‘Crazy Dance,’ especially for de Bijenkorf. Linning worked in close collaboration with Clara van Gool, an award winning director of dance films. The music was done by Sizzer. For print Selmore worked with dance photographer Kalle Kuikkaniemi. This shows how the world of advertising can reach greater heights when working with specialists from outside the realm of advertising.

Lemz wins 4 ADCN awards

April 27, 2012, AAB

Photo: Maurice Mikkers
The biggest winner last night at the ADCN (Dutch Art Director’s Club) awards was Lemz. All the ‘bulbs’ – of which one was a Grand Prix (the very best integrated work) – went to their Fireworks campaign. Our very favourite campaign of the year Domino’s Pizza Pepperoni by Indie won one Golden and two Silver bulbs (TV, internet and activation) – in our opinion it was at least as good as Lemz’ work. Wieden also won one Gold and two Silver for Heineken’s ‘The making of The Date’ (internet, TV, and activation). Selmore won Gold for Bavaria and Hugh Heffner – so we can be sure that Charlie Sheen will also win Gold next year. We were a bit surprised that N=5 won Gold for Telfort – not really our taste. Y&R won one Gold and two Silver for LG’s ‘smart thief‘ (internet, TV, and viral). A bit strange that alle these films are winning different prizes for the different channels through which they are broadcasted – does the channel matter? Another one of our favourites was Hema’s with a push-up bra in print, promoted by a male model, going viral big time – by Doom & Dickson. It won Gold and Silver. Note: Hema is one of the most down to earth department stores in the Netherlands. TBWA won Gold with its print campaign for DIY chain Gamma; free Lego – “Just like dad.” In Interactive Tribal DDB won Gold and Silver for ‘Obsessed with Sound’ for Philips. One of the most impactful commercials of the year by Publicis for ALS won Silver – “I have died by now.” Special bulbs went to Mischa Rozema (for directing OFFF), Christian Borstlap (art direction and illustration, for LV and Mr Porter), and Simon Warner (photgraphy, for Octopus).

Charlie Sheen stays sober on Bavaria 0%

April 12, 2012, AAB

Wow, that’s impressive; getting Charlie Sheen to act sober in a commercial. And how relevant for Bavaria 0% – if Sheen can stay sober on this, it must be a hell of beer. Bavaria has a tradition of using celebs in its advertising. But not just any celeb, always a celeb with an edge. Even Hugh Hefner drank Bavaria in his mansion as if it were his favourite drink. And to promote Bavaria’s 0% beer, the brand has already used known alcoholics. A very long time ago Don Johnson. And more recently Mickey Rourke. So today Charlie Sheen is added to the list. Well timed. Just when he’s getting back on track. Created by Selmore and directed by Jonathan Herman (Bonkers).