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SuperHeroes expands

April 4, 2014, AAB

Evelien Schenkkan, Dimitri Hekimian, Quentin Deronzier and Krister LimaFltr: Evelien Schenkkan, Dimitri Hekimian, Quentin Deronzier and Krister Lima

Creative agency SuperHeroes hired five new creatives: French creative duo Dimitri Hekimian and Quentin Deronzier join the agency after having worked at Euro RSCG, Fred&Farid and Grey Paris. They worked on campaigns for brands such as Lego, Lacoste, Audi, Athena and Martini. Digital producer Evelien Schenkkan brings her eight years of work experience, obtained at agencies as Isobar and Glassworks, to the brand new SuperHeroes headquarters – in which they’ve painted this distinctive mural that we already saw during the opening party. Norwegian Krister Lima joins as designer and in May a new art director will also get on board. Django Weisz Blanchetta, founder and managing director, about the hires: “SuperHeroes is experiencing an exhilarating period of growth and my goal is to further establish us as a creatively ground-breaking agency. We create work that stands out from the crowd with a heady blend of killer content, bold visuals and imaginative approach to technology.” Let’s see how the new members of the SuperHeroes gang will take on their mission: “to save the world from boring advertising”.

SuperHeroes celebrates

December 2, 2013,

SuperHeroes celebratesThe invite promised us a lama, a plane and a priest. SuperHeroes Amsterdam celebrated their 5 year anniversary and has a new lair on the Sarphatistraat – time for us to find out if throwing parties is one of their superpowers. The new office looks amazing, right after we found the ‘secret doorbell’ we discovered that it resembles a big playground for kids with a swing and a plane (for this occasion filled with crisps), that is sure to get the creative juices flowing. When we asked Superhero Rogier Vijverberg (ECD) why there is a miniature plane in their office, he told us he wanted to become a F16 pilot when he was a kid. So we figured his secret superpower would involve flying. It turned out, however, to be ‘saving the world from boring advertising’. If we believe the giant mural of a lama turned into a unicorn with a ice-cream cone, their superpower is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Looking for some more ‘extraordinary’ we headed to the photo booth where you could become your favorite superhero. Fun but not very original because it seems every party nowadays has a photo booth. Thank god for the superhero masks, because the lighting of this booth wasn’t all that flattering. In the meantime the party was saving us from starvation with great snacks and enough candy to go into a permanent sugar coma. Especially the serve yourself hotdog stand that provided hot dogs till 2 in the morning, proved a live safer for some. Check out photos of the party here.


October 1, 2013, AAB

Wow, what a great ad to promote the G2, LG’s newest mobile phone, with a stable lens. The camera is built around the chicken’s amazing ability to keep its head steady when its body moves – the “vestibulo-ocular reflex,” as we learned from the press release. We already knew that LG likes virals. Previously we wrote about one with the bottom of an elevator falling out (18 million hits in 3 months) and one with a ‘window’ in the man’s restroom (2 million in less than a week). This time LG is not trying to fool us though; they created a proper piece of satire that made us laugh out loud. And how well executed! Well done, Superheroes. The agency teamed up with Korean agency Krema and production agency Czar. The film is directed by Willem Gerritsen – who we know from the most classic viral ever; Hi-Tech – and shot by Gabor Deak. Post by The Bakery and Fred Huergo. Sound by MassiveMusic.

Back to the core
Amsterdam Ad Blog

June 27, 2013, AAB

Wow, we couldn’t have said it better. And that’s not just because we’re de Volkskrant’s (one of the leading newspapers in the Netherlands) mediapartner in this Creative Press Challenge. No, it’s because we fully concur with the fact that today “small ideas are blown up by big techniques and mediocre ideas carried by case movies.” So “bad ideas can’t hide in print” is a beaut of an insight. The Creative Press Challenge is an initiative by Thijs Biersteker – ex Wieden, today freelance creative – who a while ago was part of the jury of a newspaper print contest and fell in love again with the pureness of print. As partner of de Volkskrant in this Challenge, we’ll be interviewing Editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant Philippe Remarque later this summer about the state of print, in relation to advertising. And, of course, we’ll be also showcasing the eventual winner in September – without any hipster tunes, of course. The contest is invite only. First of all to make it a bit exclusive. Secondly, because the idea should be good enough to make a chance to win a Lion in Cannes – the winner will be submitted to the festival. The briefing, for that matter, is not yet released, but will be written for a charity; Free Press Unlimited – an organization that supports reliable news in countries where there’s not much press freedom. The jury will consist of Creative Directors from some of the best Amsterdam ad agencies. Finally, de Volkskrant is responsible for the professional execution, which means the concepts will be submitted and judged as sketches. Speaking of going back to the core. This promotional film, by the way, also shows that great ideas can always distinguish themselves – in any form. Not just because of the wonderful copy (Pieter van den Heuvel), but also for the craftsmanship that was put in the installation and the subtle incorporation of digital. Biersteker himself was responsible for the concept. The film was directed by Corriette Schoenaerts and shot by Hessel Waalewijn. SFX by SuperHeroes and grading by Glassworks. Sound by Amp.Amsterdam.

So real it’s difficult to pee

April 22, 2013, AAB

That’s what this film is telling us. In the previous LG commercial the bottom of an elevator fell out, to make us believe LG has monitors with lifelike colors. We were a little disappointed when we found out that the whole thing was staged. This one seems more genuine – which is probably why the screens don’t look very lifelike. But, as with the elevator film (scoring 18 million hits in 3 months), the viral factor of this film seems all in order; it has received more than 2 million hits in less than a week. So, again, whatever you think of it, the message is out there! Created by SuperHeroes, directed by Tobias Pekelharing and Rogier Vijverberg (Revolver).

The Existential Soul of Tim Maia

December 21, 2012, AAB

This fall, record label Luaka Bop released “Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia.” To give Maia’s first international album release – to commemorate what would have been the Brazilian legend’s 70th birthday – some extra attention, SuperHeroes and illustration/design rep Shop Around created this wonderful animated biography. If you don’t know Tim Maia, don’t worry. According to the press release “Tim Maia might well be the greatest (and craziest) soul singer you never heard of.” The press release continuous: “Infamous in Brazil, Tim Maia was a soul grenade that exploded in the 1970’s. He single handedly revolutionized Brazilian popular music and had the best time ever doing it.” The distinctive voice-over is by Devendra Banhart. When we asked Gareth Broadbent, copywriter at Super Heroes, why Devendra, he answered: “He’s been my favourite South American artist for years. He is a Venezuelan folk singer who has curated festivals like All Tomorrow’s Parties. When we asked him, it turned out that Devendra was only too happy to help as Tim was one of his heroes and he also really ‘dug’ the animation we had made.” The idea was conceived by Eric Welles-Nyström (working at Luaka Bop), the animation was done by Fred Huergo, Zoltan Korai, and David Schagerström, and the sound by Sander Houtman. What a great production.

Acting weird

December 19, 2012, AAB

Diesel and Amsterdam based SuperHeroes hypnotised people so they can show the world how happy they are with a Diesel Christmas present. It looks more like method acting to us, but the film says “it’s real,” so then it must be real, of course… You can check out the ‘behind the dreams’ here. It has been done before – hypnotise consumers to like a product – but that doesn’t matter, cause if Diesel wants to be weird, that’s definitely what it got.

So ‘real’ it’s scary…

October 25, 2012, AAB

We do like the concept. To promote its new monitors with lifelike colors – thanks to the IPS technology, whatever that may be – LG and its agency SuperHeroes (together with De Filmwinkel) created this elevator-scare. Can you imagine; the floor collapsing under your feet when standing in an elevator! “So real, it’s scary.” Crafty stuff. The only thing that makes us a little itchy is that we can’t help getting the feeling that these recordings are staged – it reminded us of this one for the Champions League. Then again – staged or not – if the film has been viewed around 5 million times on YouTube within the week, LG will probably be happy. After all, the message is out there.

Fresh & Bright

July 4, 2012, AAB

We all know Diesel for its no so serious advertising. Usually quirky. And always with a look and feel that does not resemble anything you’ve seen before. This piece of advertising is no different. It’s a teaser for an interactive website displaying the new Diesel Fresh & Bright underwear collection; a boxer trunk, a brief, and a boxer brief in different colors. In this campaign the colors have become the heroes. Together with the Swiss/French artists Ben & Julia, Amsterdam based SuperHeroes created “an one online art exhibition” with three simple installations; two spraying arms (‘handroids’), a licking tongue, and a unicorn with piercing eyes, all adding color to the different pieces of underwear. You could call this much ado about nothing, but it does give Diesel its distinctive edge.

Looking forward to the past

May 7, 2012, AAB

Quite a flashy film. It is an activation by the Dutch Openluchtmuseum (‘open air museum’), a museum that displays the last 200 years of life in the Netherlands. Since the Openluchtmuseum exists 100 years it decided – together with interactive agency SuperHeroes – to select ten iconic objects that should be preserved and exhibited for the next 100 years. The crowd can come up with things like … a toilet brush. SuperHeroes made a high quality film to promote the contest – we especially like the styling – but we wondered if it’s not overselling the product a little. Maybe the museum should have first spent some money on a new website.