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Staying in bed

October 31, 2013, AAB

Getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day.” No word of Spanish in that one. And captured in this film in your typical metaphorical ad language. The metaphor is so thoroughly followed that this bearded man stays in bed the entire day – even when the club night should have woken him up already. Quite daringly Philips has agreed to not show its wake-up light, nor what it’s like to wake up with a wake-up light. So the only thing we’ll remember is that Philips does whatever it does with a taste for somewhat surreal, beautifully desolate places in Barcelona. The film, a creative message from Taxi Amsterdam’s grave (unfortunately dead and buried), was directed by René Nuijens and produced by Monodot Brussels.

Jan-Willem de Man ‘y’ Frenkel Schönfeld
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 15, 2013, AAB

The only resemblance between this film and creative team Jan-Willem de Man (art) & Frenkel Schönfeld (copy) is that they have brown and blond hair respectively and did meet in Nerja, close to Malaga in Spain, around April 2001. Oh, and they are both very fond of Spain. When we asked Schönfeld, did you really have that fight, he answered: “No, but we probably both thought the other was a bit of a douchebag. I had a bleach-blond-fail hairdo and Jan-Willem was a preppy adolescent with a Honda SS50. At that point we couldn’t have imagined ending up working together in advertising.” But they did. And still do. They started as a team at CCCP, working on – among other brands – The Dutch Maritime Museum. For this museum they created a take-over on Dutch news site and filled it with ‘Spanified Dutch news’ to show that the Netherlands would probably still be reigned by Spain, if the Dutch hadn’t sailed the seas in the Golden Age. After 3.5 years CCCP, they joined Taxi in 2012, where they still work.


November 8, 2012, AAB

Knab is a new bank. A bit of a strange name. But there’s a thought behind the name; it’s what you get when you write ‘bank’ inversely. Which makes sense when you want to introduce a new bank that thinks inversely. It is also what this commercial very soberly and aptly shows. On the website you can learn more about Knab: “Knab is a new bank for those who want to manage their money smartly. Built together with clients out of the conviction that banking can be done more personal and intelligent.” Comparing it with the invention of the light bulb – as the voice-over does – might be a bit too much, but whatever you think of it, the visual is the message. Created by Taxi and Lernert & Sander.

Less is more

August 9, 2012, AAB

As we all know the mobile market is as busy and versatile as a colony of ants. That’s why providers come up with new jargon and contracts regularly – to be able to say ‘new and improved.’ Take mobile provider KPN; in this online film it talks about ‘leasing, charging, and letting go’ your phone/plan. Leasing means less costs and more service and ‘charging/letting go’ means more flexibility. O.k., so that was the client talking. What we found more interesting – especially for a brand like KPN – is the form. Since this film is only distributed online it was given a lot more freedom than what KPN shows on TV. It seems as if the colour green was the only corporate given. Other than that it was able to rid itself as much as possible from all the distractible bull. But it’s not just the film. On the webpage you can very easily and intuitively follow the three steps to lease your phone. We like it. Created by TAXI Amsterdam – website in-house. Film directed by Crabsalad and produced by 100% Halal.

Tomorrow Awards

March 22, 2012, AAB

The Tomorrow Awards, founded by Ignacio Oreanumo, were held in Pakhuis de Zwijger on November 17th, 2011. A night of lots of booz and some great speakers: Paul Lavoie (Taxi), Nick Bailey (AKQA), Carl Johnson (Anomaly), and Jean-François Bouchard (Sid Lee) – more info on AAB. Photo’s by Sigol Eschkol. All photos here.

The Tomorrow Awards; we live in exciting times

November 16, 2011, AAB

Paul Lavoie, Taxi, talking about the power of doubt at the Tomorrow Awards

Yesterday we were at the Tomorrow Awards, the award show that is to inspire the industry to innovate faster, as Ignacio Oreamuno explained in his welcome speech. It proved quite a long afternoon – at some point turning into a night – if you take into account that only 5 awards were given away. It helped that the event, held at Pakhuis de Zwijger along IJ river, was sponsored by Absolut and some other hard liquor brands and was hosted by the hyper active Haley Mancini of Boom Chicago. There was also some improvisational, interactive theater by some actors who perform occasionally at Boom Chicago to keep the crowd going, but only at the end of the evening this seemed to pick up – when the bottles on the tables started to empty. The most interesting part of the show were the four speakers leading some of the best agencies in the world; Paul Lavoie (Taxi), talking about doubt as an essential ingredient for great work and showing an 8 minute film he just made about the last two days of Vincent van Gogh’s life; Nick Bailey (AKQA) talking intelligently about AKQA’s many ‘human platforms’; Carl Johnson (Anomaly), announcing his new office in Amsterdam and wisely stating that the digital era needs more collaboration and less ego; and finally Jean-François Bouchard who very entertaingly and convincingly showed how at Sid Lee underwear is the preferred dress and crazyness key. There was one thing that all the speakers seemed to agree on; we live in exciting times. You’d almost forget that there were also some awards to give away. The winners were: Skype in the Classroom, Made by Many (UK); Halo Reach, AKQA (USA); What Do You Love, Big Spaceship and Google Creative Lab (USA); HypoSurface, Mark Goulthorpe (inventor) USA; Les Paul, Google Doodle Team & Google Creative Lab (USA). All cases were, as Oreamuno promised at the beginning of the show, digitally advanced. It was a pity though that there were only Anglo-saxon winners. But since this is only the second year of the Tomorrow Awards, it probably just needs some more time to get discovered by the rest of the world. In any case, we definitely agree with Oreamuno; less awards is more.

ADCN’s expat night; don’t take Amsterdam for granted

November 11, 2011, AAB

Last Wednesday the ADCN (Art Director’s Club Nederland) hosted a session in ‘De Kring’ on the Rembrandtplein dubbed ‘XXX Expat’ (XXX is part of the city’s shield), with the noble aim of bringing two parts of the Amsterdam ad industry together; the Dutch and the expats. Some would say these two groups are surely two sides to the same coin, others would say these are separate entities with little or nothing in common other than geography. The somewhat lacking relationship between these two communities has been well documented over the years, yet despite this, nothing has ever quite bridged that gap, except of course – modest as we are – Amsterdam Ad Blog. Lode Schaeffer (ECD at Indie), new chairman to the ADCN is determined to branch out and readdress the balance. The idea was simple; get five speakers from leading agencies in Amsterdam to each give a presentation about the experience of living and working in Amsterdam as an expat.


Eurobest; first day seminars

November 26, 2009, AAB

eurobestYesterday we visited the opening day of the Eurobest festival in Amsterdam. The first seminar we attended was given by Paul Lavoie from Taxi Europe. He talked about ‘trust’ and explained that ideas can only grow big if people give them trust – from the creative director to the client. To illustrate this, he invited a Dakar Rally driver, a female porn producer and a knife thrower. They all had to trust the people around them or the other way around. We very much liked the unconventional character of his presentation – especially the circus-like show with the knife thrower was spectacular! – and the fact that Lavoie put his ego aside to let other people talk about his subject.

After Lavoie, Jeff Kling from Wieden+Kennedy took the stage and started his talk by making sure that everybody understood he was not responsible for the slight change in the title of his talk: ‘Show me the ad, you motherfucker’. It had been changed in (…) Motherf*****. He loved the word ‘fuckin’ and used it several times to make this point.

Creative Lounge: Two worlds of advertising

November 12, 2009, AAB

Creative LoungeLast Tuesday the VEA (Dutch Association of Advertising Agencies) and VCP (Dutch Association of Commercial Producers) organized ‘Creative Lounge’ – an initiative that brings the creative advertising scene together. The theme was ‘Two worlds of advertising’, referring to the clear distinction in Amsterdam between the typical Dutch agencies that make typical Dutch advertising and the international expat scene mainly working for international clients. One important difference between the Dutch professionals and the expats, as talent recruiter Keith White of Wieden+Kennedy explained, is the fact that the Dutch are used to work from 9 till 6, while the Wieden+Kennedy’s of this world live in a parallel world and often start their day when the Dutch go to bed. There’s  a different work ethic. It helps of course that for expats social life is for the biggest part happening within their working environment. When the question was raised why the international agencies never work with Dutch production agencies, Clair Finn of U-Turn (180) said it was partly due to the lacking service level of the Dutch. White added to this that it’s not just within the agencies, but in general; Dutch restaurants, shops, the service is overall quite poor. Paul Lovoie (Taxi) suggested that you should do your advertising in Amsterdam, while outsourcing the service to the French. We’re not sure whether that’s a wise idea, but without a doubt learned that Amsterdam has to raise its service level.

Source: Adformatie

N=5; O’Kennedy; Cayenne

July 3, 2009, AAB

Telfort this week announced N=5 will be its new agency after having pitched the account between Etcetera, Selmore and N=5. The telco worked with Etcetera since 2005, but wanted to change its positioning – at AAB we don’t know what the positioning was, so maybe a wise decision. Taxi Europe will do the ‘below the line’ work. We were surprised to hear this, since we thought Taxi was a full service agency. O’kennedy, former MD Wieden+Kennedy and at the moment non-executive director at Indie and Perfect Fools Stockholm, will become CEO of D&AD. Sounds like O’Kennedy is living the life! Finally some sad news; Cayenne has not been able to overcome the loss of Canon Europe – the Japanese consumer electronic producer left Amsterdam suburb Amstelveen. Unless Japanese agency Dentsu - owning the majority of the stocks – decides Amsterdam is an important hub for Cayenne, the agency will disappear.