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Staying in bed

“Getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day.” No word of Spanish in that one. And captured in this film in your typical metaphorical ad language. The metaphor is so thoroughly followed that this bearded man stays in bed the entire day… More.


Jan-Willem de Man ‘y’ Frenkel Schönfeld

The only resemblance between this film and creative team Jan-Willem de Man (art) & Frenkel Schönfeld (copy) is that they have brown and blond hair respectively and did meet in Nerja, close to Malaga in Spain, around April 2001. Oh, and they are both very… More.



Knab is a new bank. A bit of a strange name. But there’s a thought behind the name; it’s what you get when you write ‘bank’ inversely. Which makes sense when you want to introduce a new bank that thinks inversely. It is also what… More.


Less is more

As we all know the mobile market is as busy and versatile as a colony of ants. That’s why providers come up with new jargon and contracts regularly – to be able to say ‘new and improved.’ Take mobile provider KPN; in this online film… More.


Tomorrow Awards

The Tomorrow Awards, founded by Ignacio Oreanumo, were held in Pakhuis de Zwijger on November 17th, 2011. A night of lots of booz and some great speakers: Paul Lavoie (Taxi), Nick Bailey (AKQA), Carl Johnson (Anomaly), and Jean-François Bouchard (Sid Lee) – more info on… More.


The Tomorrow Awards; we live in exciting times

Paul Lavoie, Taxi, talking about the power of doubt at the Tomorrow Awards Yesterday we were at the Tomorrow Awards, the award show that is to inspire the industry to innovate faster, as Ignacio Oreamuno explained in his welcome speech. It proved quite a long… More.


ADCN’s expat night; don’t take Amsterdam for granted

Last Wednesday the ADCN (Art Director’s Club Nederland) hosted a session in ‘De Kring’ on the Rembrandtplein dubbed ‘XXX Expat’ (XXX is part of the city’s shield), with the noble aim of bringing two parts of the Amsterdam ad industry together; the Dutch and the… More.


Eurobest; first day seminars

Yesterday we visited the opening day of the Eurobest festival in Amsterdam. The first seminar we attended was given by Paul Lavoie from Taxi Europe. He talked about ‘trust’ and explained that ideas can only grow big if people give them trust – from the… More.


Creative Lounge: Two worlds of advertising

Last Tuesday the VEA (Dutch Association of Advertising Agencies) and VCP (Dutch Association of Commercial Producers) organized ‘Creative Lounge’ – an initiative that brings the creative advertising scene together. The theme was ‘Two worlds of advertising’, referring to the clear distinction in Amsterdam between the… More.


N=5; O’Kennedy; Cayenne

Telfort this week announced N=5 will be its new agency after having pitched the account between Etcetera, Selmore and N=5. The telco worked with Etcetera since 2005, but wanted to change its positioning – at AAB we don’t know what the positioning was, so maybe a… More.


Indie rock ‘n roll for S-W-H

Agency of the year 2007, S-W-H, changed its name into Indie. Makes sense; we never really understood why so many agencies in an industry that calls itself ‘creative’, weren’t able to come up with a better name than simply the first letters of the founders.… More.