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Media, Outdoor and Mobile Lions

June 18, 2014, AAB

FCB Brasil wins the Grand Prix in Mobile with their very useful Nivea brand utility.

Yesterday in Cannes the Media, Outdoor and Mobile Lions were awarded. In Media Lemz won its 6th Gold with Sweetie for Terre des Hommes. Unfortunately JWT only received Bronze with ‘Have a seat’ for Android & KitKat. In Media the Grand Prix went to McCann Lima with Happy ID for Coca Cola. More…

Always Refreshing

May 8, 2014, AAB

In the Netherlands – and most other countries in the world – you’re not allowed to give the impression that alcoholic beverages enhance sports performances. That’s why seeing a Tour de France-like scene with the athletes drinking beer and even “giving a round” looks pretty odd. However, since Amstel Radler 0.0% is “Always Refreshing” you can even drink it when working out. Created by TBWA, directed by Diederik van Rooijen (25FPS) and post and sound by The Ambassadors.

Feeling Good

March 5, 2014, AAB

KPN, the Dutch former national telco provider, last year chose its new agency N=5 after a lengthy agency orientation/pitch process. Before that KPN worked with TBWA since 2006 – in that year launching the theme “Let’s connect” (‘Sluit je aan’). This new campaign launched on Monday is to both introduce the new brand theme “Voel je vrij” (‘Feel Free’) and tell the Dutch that KPN has 4G – all over the Netherlands. Ironically KPN’s daughter Hi (using KPN’s network) already told us so extensively. So it’s no news, really. Nevertheless, the song Feeling Good (made famous by Nina Simone), together with the smooth film does indeed communicate a new dawn. Directed by Michael Wrong and shot by Mark Bliss.

ADCN becomes more accessible

February 26, 2014, AAB

Terres des Hommes - February 2014Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.   

Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29, and N=5 with 22 nominations. Especially for N=5 this is quite an accomplishment, since it is by far the smallest agency of the three. The most successful (digital) production agency was MediaMonks with 23 nominations. On the client side KLM is the big winner with 14 nominations. It is what happens when you ask every agency in town to create some sort of activation. Or rather, that’s what happens when you write inspiring briefings and choose the right agencies to work for you. Sweetie, created by Lemz for Terres des Hommes, won three nominations – a concept that is so BIG that it will probably win at every award show around the world. Two important things have changed this year; all ADCN members are allowed to vote and the ADCN has introduced a bronze light bulb, to decrease the gap between a nomination and an actual award. We can imagine that this is a tempting thing to do, handing out more light bulbs, but it will only cause inflation – that’s not us being critical, but simply how economics work. Then again, we live in the age of (digital) democratization, so maybe it’s just a natural course. The accessibility of the awards is probably also why this year, for the first time, we are allowed to leave our black ties at home when the definite winners are announced in Paradiso on 31 March. You can find the complete list of nominations here.


December 9, 2013, AAB

Poopy PetsThis is what TBWA wrote us when sending us their ‘viral‘; “Poopy Pets is not TBWA’s largest client, but it is a very likable, local, start-up that produces disposable, biodegradable litter boxes named Poopy Cat.” At first we had our doubts, but then we all of a sudden remembered the wise words of John St. and realised TBWA has created a winner.

Budget retirement
Amsterdam Ad Blog

November 13, 2013, AAB

Delta Lloyd Budget Retirement - Nov. 2013Insurer Delta Lloyd’s briefing: how do you get people to think about their pension, when “as soon as the word pension is mentioned people stop listening.” (indeed, we were quite happy to have finally learned to live in the now!) Since hoaxes are the new ‘truth ’ TBWA created a nightmare scenario (case film); an entrepreneur transforms an old jail into a fully automated budget retirement home “where the elderly are kept alive as efficiently as possible” – with small basic rooms, computerized care etc. You can easily imagine how journalists jumped on this. And then the hoax was revealed live in a talk show. This is how Delta Lloyd ‘earned’ €2.1 million in PR. Simple as that.

Media Monks wins 17 Lovie Awards

October 16, 2013, AAB

Lovie Awards MediaMonks - Oct. 2013Production agency MediaMonks won the majority of Dutch prizes at the Lovie Awards; 17. That’s quite a feat – though we have to add that the “People’s Lovies” (7 out of the 17 awards) are mostly about collecting votes among the crowd. On agency-level DDB & Tribal did best with 3 Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze. On project-level we very  much liked KLM Space (DDB & Tribal / MediaMonks). We also liked The Big Internet Museum (TBWA / MediaMonks), about which we did a special piece - it won two awards, as well as two People’s Lovies. Here you can find the complete list of Amsterdam winners. And here you can find all winners with case-links. The relatively new Lovie show is in its third year now and celebrates, according to the website, “the most resonant and pertinent stories in Europe, those inside and outside of the prevailing trends.” That sounds pretty generic for an award show. But the event is actually quite focused – except for the shit load of categories. After all, it is named after Ada Lovelace, who wrote the first algorithm, and thus stands for technologically advanced concepts – so, basically, you could call it the European Webbies. In any case, congrats to all!

A making of, worth watching

October 2, 2013, AAB

Delta Lloyd making off - October 2013Creating the ‘making of’ a commercial seems standard procedure nowadays. But only a few of them are really worth watching. This one is; of insurer Delta Lloyd’s new brand campaign – tip: turn off sound. Here you can see the end result. Created by TBWA, produced by Czar, directed by Lieven van Baelen, and shot by Glynn Speeckaert. The wonderful special water effects were done by Digital District Paris.

Winners never quit

May 31, 2013, AAB

Quite an aggressive film. But necessary, cause the Adidas Nitrocharge is positioned as a boot for the ‘always on’ type of player; one that runs, charges, tackles, and passes with unrelentless energy. That’s why it is compared with sharks, lions, racers, and fighters. To say that “Winners never quit.” Craftully created by United State of Fans\TBWA (concept), Smuggler (production), The Whitehouse (editing), and Glassworks Amsterdam (post production). Track by Nikolai Von Sallwitz, mix by Wave Recording Studios.

The Big Internet Museum

December 12, 2012, AAB

This just blew our mind. What a fantastic idea: The Big Internet Museum, the world’s first museum with a very diverse collection completely dedicated to the internet. The museum has opened its digital doors today and can be visited – as a true online museum – for free, 24 hours a day. The museum displays the web’s most interesting artefacts. And just like a real museum it houses specialised wings – seven in total. Each wing is categorized. For example, there’s the ‘History’ wing, where you can view and read about ARPAnet, the very first form of internet. In the ‘Meme’ wing you can find out more about ‘Chuck Norris’ and ‘Nyan Cat’ (picture). As museums also need to make their own money nowadays, commercial parties can also buy a wing and display their own collection. MediaMonks - who built the whole thing – is the first company to expose their own collection; The History of Flash. What we also very much like about the museum is the fact that the public co-curates the museum; people can submit their own piece and visitors vote whether it should be allowed to be added to the permanent, ever growing collection. The Big Internet Museum is an initiative of Dani Polak (art director, 26), Joep Drummen (copywriter, 36) en Joeri Bakker (accountmanager, 31) – all working at TBWA\Neboko. Congrats, guys, we’re sure this concept will fly very high!