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The lock you should have had

Amsterdam is the city of bikes. Which naturally means also the city of bike thieves. Each year about 9.616 bikes get stolen – not even that many if you know that the city has close to a million bikes. Anyway, AXA now presents the “strongest bike lock on the… More.


Refreshing Happy Meal

This a-typical McDonald’s film is made without CG. Which makes you wonder whether McDonald’s want to move away from a world where plastic is fantastic. However, since kids probably simply prefer plastic toys the film is especially made for moms – and served in their… More.


The easiest brief in the world

Since Sinterklaas (with his black faced helpers) has finally left the country, it is now definitely time for Christmas in the Netherlands. Unfortunately though we haven’t really come across any good Christmas ads. Except maybe the supermarket feel good ad for Albert Heijn – created… More.


Of course we’re for sale

Last week SAB Miller tried to buy Heineken. But the Heineken family, owning just over 50% of the stocks, informed SAB Miller it wants to “preserve the heritage and identity of Heineken as an independent company.” And then TBWA\Neboko created this ad; “Of course we’re for… More.


TBWA obtains share in Mobile Strategy

TBWA has obtained a share in full service mobile agency Mobile Strategy. Mobile Strategy will remain independent, but its offices will make the move from Utrecht to TBWA in Amsterdam. TBWA’s motivation to make this move is obvious. CEO Simon Neefjes: “It goes without saying that we… More.


Media, Outdoor and Mobile Lions

FCB Brasil wins the Grand Prix in Mobile with their very useful Nivea brand utility. Yesterday in Cannes the Media, Outdoor and Mobile Lions were awarded. In Media Lemz won its 6th Gold with Sweetie for Terre des Hommes. Unfortunately JWT only received Bronze with ‘Have a… More.


Always Refreshing

In the Netherlands – and most other countries in the world – you’re not allowed to give the impression that alcoholic beverages enhance sports performances. That’s why seeing a Tour de France-like scene with the athletes drinking beer and even “giving a round” looks pretty… More.


Feeling Good

KPN, the Dutch former national telco provider, last year chose its new agency N=5 after a lengthy agency orientation/pitch process. Before that KPN worked with TBWA since 2006 – in that year launching the theme “Let’s connect” (‘Sluit je aan’). This new campaign launched on… More.


ADCN becomes more accessible

Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.    Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29,… More.



This is what TBWA wrote us when sending us their ‘viral‘; “Poopy Pets is not TBWA’s largest client, but it is a very likable, local, start-up that produces disposable, biodegradable litter boxes named Poopy Cat.” At first we had our doubts, but then we all… More.


Budget retirement

Insurer Delta Lloyd’s briefing: how do you get people to think about their pension, when “as soon as the word pension is mentioned people stop listening.” (indeed, we were quite happy to have finally learned to live in the now!) Since hoaxes are the new ‘truth… More.

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