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Phonetic bird tweets

May 20, 2014, AAB

Vogelbescherming-TwietTwietWeek---May-2014The Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds (Vogelbescherming) organises the National Bird Week – from 17 till 25 May. A week that aims to stimulate people to discover new birds. But instead of urging people to go out with their binoculars, the society has given 140 birds a voice through Twitter – how appropriate. Phonetically you can study the sounds of typical Dutch birds, such as the tomtit (“pienk tiek-tiek, pittik. Pruu-tie, pruu-tie, tie-tie-fuu tie-fwie-fwie”), blackbird and magpie – that latter can be quite annoying, we already knew. And of course the less ubiquitous birds are represented through a special Twitter handle: @twiettwietweek. Fortunately every tweet also contains a link to the actual sound, cause reading the phonetics requires some skill – as the tomtit clearly proves. Created by THEY.

Zarb’s colourful champagnes

March 26, 2014, AAB

A few years ago THEY introduced their own champagne brand, called Zarb. What’s special about Zarb is that the bottles don’t look like traditional champagne bottles and that the design constantly changes. The agency created this commercial, together with Amsterdam based  visual artists and director’s duo Ine & Sanne, to promote their new champagne collection ‘Rosé Six Trois’. The name indicates that the bottles have 6 different colours of neck labels, combined with 6 different labels, and 6 different quaffs (“the thingy on top of the bottle”). Do the math and you could have an impressively large (and good looking) champagne bottle collection if you would strive to own all 216 designs. Though the strong colours make you wonder whether it’s meant for consumption, it does look quite hip and arty, especially due to the funky beats of Habstrakt.

Putman Cramer and Disselkoen join THEY

November 27, 2013, AAB

Putman Cramer & Disselkoen - November 2013Our very first Talent of the month Daniel Disselkoen just made his way into Amsterdam’s advertising world: he joined THEY as creative team together with Barbara Putman Cramer. The past year both spent on individual entrepreneurial and client-based projects. Disselkoen, who studied Law and Philosophy before graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, together with a team of programmers, designed and developed Cucalu, a photography game that invites you to stretch your creativity by looking at the ordinary with a new perspective. Putman Cramer graduated in Communications and Industrial Ecology at the TU Delft and started as educator at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As a copywriter, she helped turn restaurant SLA (a salad restaurant) into Amsterdam’s talk-of-the-town. Now both have set up their desks at THEY: “We like how THEY treat the entire agency as one team, not shying away from giving creatives serious responsibilities.“ Both continue to work on their own projects in after-office hours: besides Cucalu, Disselkoen works on a commissioned installation for the Dutch Parliament, while Putman Cramer continues her work in the field of food.


October 25, 2013, AAB

Quite a teaser this commercial made for the Ministry of Social Affairs that advertises a platform that tries to stimulate people to make more out of their working lives. The platform and its experiments have been developed together with the University of Amsterdam, which is actually why it might be a little too highbrow for the lethargic target it tries to motivate. But all in all it’s beautifully executed and a typical THEY concept; educational and well designed. The film was directed by Jeroen Annokkée (CZAR) and the site developed by MediaMonks.

THEY and Momkai win Grand Prix at Red Dots

October 22, 2013, AAB

Aegon Speel je toekomst wins Red Dot - Oct. 2013Last Friday THEY and digital design agency Momkai won two Best of the Best awards at the Red Dots Awards in Berlin with ‘Play your future’ for Aegon in the categories ‘Interface Design’ and ‘Online Communication.’ For the latter they also won a Grand Prix (which you should probably then call ‘the best of the best of the best’). According to the jury the case was awarded because the online platform “manages to tell stories by following a highly interesting approach. Thanks to its interactive features, it allows users to change the story and thus decide on the best personal solution. The complex topic is visualized in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and thus be-comes more transparent.” The maths behind the site were done by EPG, the character design by Comic House, and the ‘game design’ by Subatomic.


August 7, 2013, AAB

BooTube---August-2013Some videos are so bad that you immediately feel the urge to share them with your friends – making them actually good in a way. If you enjoy sharing YouTube’s worst; go ahead and bookmark BoooTube. Cringeworthy guitar solos, bad “German hip-hop” (Money Boy is Austrian, really, but oh well), offensive political rants, or simply videos that have a disappointingly misleading title or thumbnail – BoooTube uses a simple API to find videos that are proportionally rated ‘thumbs down’ by users, in contrast with the ‘thumbs up’. The only problem with this site – that might prevent it from becoming really successful – is that not all bad videos are so bad that they turn good: some are just plain bad. Big kudos though for the initiative. Concept and design by THEY, developed by amphora.interactive.

Momkai wins four Red Dots

July 18, 2013, AAB

Aegon Play your future - July 2013Digital design agency Momkai has won four Red Dot Design Awards this week. One for its very own start-up Lowdi – a good looking compact speaker – and, together with THEY, it won two ‘Best of the Best’ awards (in Online Communication and Interface Design) for Aegon’s ‘Play Your Future’ – see picture. The Red Dot Awards are one of the most prestigious, international design awards – Momkai’s submissions were elected out of 6,800 entries from 43 countries.

Van der Vorst leaves THEY for Singapore

March 15, 2013, AAB

Photo by Johannes Abeling / HH

Last month we wrote about Boris Nihom becoming Head of Strategy at THEY. Today we know why: as of May 1st, Roland van der Vorst, co-founder of THEY, after seven years leaves the agency to move to Singapore and set up some new businesses. Van der Vorst: “THEY is the nicest and most inspiring company I know, but after 14 years of advertising and consulting, I have the urge and curiosity to keep myself busy with other things in a very exciting part of the world.“ As a shareholder, Van der Vorst will remain part of THEY India and champagne brand Zarbintroduced on the market by THEY. Through his move to Singapore, Van der Vorst will help Zarb to further expand in Asia. On the 25th of April the agency will throw a farewell party and introduce the new Zarb Rosé Six³. Van der Vorst will then also present his new book ‘Het Camouflage Effect. THEY are busy…

Nihom Head of Strategy at THEY

February 22, 2013, AAB

Boris Nihom (31) will become Head of Strategy at THEY next month. Nihom, winning the ‘Jonge Haan’ (a marketing award for young, promising marketeers) in 2010 and co-founding the Account Planning Group Netherlands in 2011, joined THEY six years ago. Roland van der Vorst, current Head of Stategy and founder of THEY, about Nihom’s promotion: “In the past years we’ve invested in renewing our strategy department and Boris showed great leadership in this proces.” Asked about his mission, Nihom answers he wants to build the most versatile strategy department of the Netherlands, in which brand and campaign strategy are merged by offering services like business development, data analysis, touch point planning, and community management.

We just WordPressed to say…

February 15, 2013, AAB

…we love this topical ad from Vodafone and THEY to celebrate Valentine’s day – click for full image. Doesn’t need much explanation. Which is actually what makes good ads.