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Entertaining our bright side

Yesterday Charmine Assadian wrote that we should dare to make some more shocking ads, to entertain our dark side. Another genre, still successful – and also not necessarily selling a higher purpose – is to superficially entertain our bright side. It’s exactly what this ad does –… More.


Triple beard

First there were creative agencies inspired by hipsters to advertise craftsmanship. Take this ad for beer brand Kornuit. Today it’s fashionable to mock hipsters; Denham and recently top level domain ‘.Amsterdam‘ already did so quite funnily. Now Vodafone, in collaboration with Achtung!, has simply added… More.


Lonely this Christmas?

Feel good Christmas with Vodafone; free data for everyone! As Rikki Khanna from Khanna\Reidinga commented on it; “hard to go wrong with this soundtrack.” True.


Amp.Amsterdam works for Vodafone

Vodafone has hired Amp.Amsterdam to manage all its music affairs; as from now on it will advise the mobile provider on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Quite unique for a brand, but it matches with Vodafone’s new business strategy to hire specialists, rather than… More.


Committing to an open relationship

Vodafone introduced a new “hybride platform”, allowing customers to change their mobile plan every month, depending on their needs and without a lengthy contract. Khanna\Reidinga translated this creatively into the concept of an ‘open relationship’. The film, in which consumers informally make vows to commit… More.


Hashtag holidays

How to become the mobile roaming provider of the Netherlands, is what the briefing for this concept might have been asking THEY and Achtung! Instead of simply telling Vodafone where you want to go to, you tell them on this dedicated website (built by Random) which… More.


We just WordPressed to say…

…we love this topical ad from Vodafone and THEY to celebrate Valentine’s day – click for full image. Doesn’t need much explanation. Which is actually what makes good ads.


The drama of losing a phone

THEY created a campaign around the drama of losing or breaking your mobile phone – which happens to 55,000 Vodafone clients every year. With this campaign Vodafone aims to tout it services of blocking a phone, retrieving it, insuring it, and backing up the data.… More.


The Company Voice of Holland

Vodafone introduces The Company Voice of Holland, a smart variant of the popular talent show on TV. Together with agencies Achtung! and THEY, Vodafone is looking for the receptionist with the best voice. The online audition – built by This Page Cannot Be Found – is… More.


Share like a boss

To promote its Prepaid+ subscription Vodafone has introduced the hashtag #delenalseenbaas (‘share like a boss’). It celebrates the phenomenon of ‘oversharing’. The most superfluous tweets – like “I think my hamster has a cold” – using the campaign hashtag are put in the spotlights on a dedicated website.… More.


Bipolar webcare

A bit of a bipolar ad this. It starts quite art directional with some beautifully directed images and a subtle sound design (Studio de Keuken) that makes it feel special and easily draws you in. And then, about half way down, when the sleepless consumer… More.