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W+K hires Monclús and Lowe

March 12, 2014, AAB

Monclús and Lowe - March 2013Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has hired Art Director Victor Monclús (left) and Copywriter Will Lowe as creative team. They started at DBB London, creating award-winning work for Volkswagen, Marmite, the Financial Times, and Harvey Nichols, including the Cannes and D&AD awarded “Daylight Robbery” campaign. In 2012 Monclús and Lowe moved to the mainland to work for 180 Amsterdam, where they created campaigns for clients like Qatar Airways, PlayStation and Barber. Now they have travelled up the Herengracht canal to join W+K. Executive Creative Directors Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy at W+K about the new hire: “Will and Victor are one of those perfectly matched teams who compliment each other wonderfully. They have made some really fresh, well crafted work across a range of clients, so we’re really happy that they’ve landed here at W+K Amsterdam.“ The duo about their new position: “We’re doubly pleased to be joining Wieden+Kennedy. Not only do we have the chance to work with some of the best creative minds in the industry, but we’ve also cut 5 minutes off our daily commute!” Haha, Amsterdam in a nutshell; 5 minutes off your daily commute makes a world of difference.

Casting Heineken’s legendary actors

February 4, 2014, AAB

Following the ‘Everyone is legendary at something’ film we featured last week, Heineken has now released a ‘PR film’ addressing the people that don’t believe Heineken indeed cast 20 non-actors to play the protagonist in its Odyssey. Though the scene with Heineken’s PR lady is maybe a touch too playful (with, haha, a shark fin in the back – and Wieden’s office, for that matter), the individual casting sessions featuring the different actors are quite well done. Not real, of course, but at least showing that Heineken is truly that international brand it promises to be. You can also watch the original commercial interactively, and click on the different actors to see their casting as they come along. Just like the original commercial, this extra content was also created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Tom Kuntz (MJZ), and shot by Tim Maurice Jones.

Everyone is legendary at something

January 30, 2014, AAB

‘The Odyssey’ is the latest Heineken film built on the ‘Open your world’ theme. More of the same we thought at first, but there’s actually a nice twist in this ‘Brazilian’ film. This time the protagonist is not just one smooth looking Mr Perfect, but an entire raft of them. And with the Nike-like proposition ‘Everyone is legendary at something’ it does end with a hopeful promise. Besides, critical or not, these kind of  films make commercial breaks worth watching. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Tom Kuntz (MJZ), and shot by Tim Maurice Jones. Post by The Mill and music by Noriel Vilela.

Standing out

January 17, 2014, AAB

We know it’s meant as ‘over the top (yeah!)’ this commercial for, but even then we’re glad it’s made for the American market. It makes us a little nervous. And if there’s one association that doesn’t match with picking your holiday destination, it’s nervousness. But – to the credit of the film – it does stand out, and it goes without saying that standing out does help in the dense jungle of online holiday booking. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed and produced by Traktor, shot by Bojan Bazelli, and post produced by MPC Amsterdam.

The winter is your playground

November 29, 2013, AAB

At least in Russia it is. Kick ass commercial – the opening shot is already a piece of art. Not much to add. Except that it was made for Nike – as you can imagine – by W+K Amsterdam, directed by Mark Zibert (Imperial Woodpecker), shot by Chris Soos and post produced by MPC London/Amsterdam.

New Blood in Amsterdam

November 20, 2013, AAB

Mini-Blood-FestivalD&AD (British Design & Art Direction) represents the creative, design and advertising communities, not just in Britain, but worldwide. End of this month they are bringing their New Blood Festival to Amsterdam in a pilot event: Mini New Blood Festival. Amsterdam based creative agencies and studios are opening their doors to give participants a peak behind the scenes. Design Bridge, Sid Lee, Artbox and Wieden+Kennedy host a series of free events, from talks and tours to workshops. The mini festival gives new talent the chance to network and explore their career options around town. The festival takes place on 28th and 29th November and is free and open to students, recent graduates and under 24 year olds. Go here for program and sign up information.

Becoming Messi

November 20, 2013, AAB

Last week we wrote about the life-size Messi, this week a commercial has been launched promoting the site – and FIFA 14 of course. Very nicely done. It reminded us of this commercial for the PS3 game The Last of Us, created by 180. This Messi transformation was created by Wieden, directed by Tomek Baginski (Stink) and post produced by MPC.

Life-size Leo

November 15, 2013, AAB

FIFA 14 LEO - November 2013Leo is a life-size avatar of Lionel Messi – created by Wieden+Kennedy for FIFA 14 – with which you can interact on a dedicated website. That is, if you have super fast internet and a powerful computer, cause at the AAB head offices (where we have pretty high computing standards) discovering Messi was a faltering affair – we could barely take a screenshot while our Macs were working hard to process the life-size data. No wonder, according to the press release Leo was built in Maya – by Amsterdam based Resn – from “hundreds of high-resolution photos of the real Messi and 3D scans, which were projection-mapped over 750 ‘bones’ to mimic and reflect human actions.” What’s more “through artificial intelligence LEO’s actions change based on how you treat him.” This sounds a little like Tamagotchi, but it’s probably more innovative than that. If you don’t get Leo to work properly on your desktop, you can also check him out on your mobile, through a custom-built HTML site. Though on mobile Leo doesn’t have the Tamagotchi skills, you can still check him out head-to-toe, cause the mobile site utilizes swipe, gyroscope and accelerometer, making for an intuitive exploration. In any case, the message that FIFA’s avatars are hyper realistic is out there.

Sponsored by Ketel One

November 8, 2013, AAB

Ketel One CCD - Nov. 2013We’re not sure what’s the most important part of Mark van der Heijden and Valentijn van Santvoort’s Creatives, Cocktails & Dreams (held a few weeks ago) but One thing is sure, Ketel has negotiated well. Since the transparant spirit takes the leading role in this smooth commercial - while the creatives are the extras and the dreams didn’t even get a part. But, cynicism aside, a very attractive film that certainly makes us want to visit the second edition in NYC – maybe we should ask Ketel One to sponsor our ticket. It was created by Robin Pijpers (W+K) and the sound was done by Bird on the Wire.

Haunted hotels

October 21, 2013, AAB haunted group - Oct. 2013In the first ad Wieden+Kennedy made for Amsterdam based, it was already clear that this travelsite had the ambition to position itself away from the competition – though we were still looking at palm trees and a turquoise see. With these fantastic Halloween print ads (and commercial) it becomes crystal clear that W+K has educated the accommodation broker into advertising that goes beyond travel clichés. While there are so many agencies that can hire someone to make this kind of craft, the most difficult part is convincing your client that it can actually do something for you to say that your hotels are haunted (!). The beautiful posters were created by Akiko Stehrenberger, a movie poster designer who does everything herself “from concept to photo compositing, illustrating, and type layout.” Here you can see all the ‘haunted’ posters - together with some info about the hotels. The commercial was directed by Wieden’s own ECD, Mark Bernarth, shot by Maxime Alexandre, produced by Concrete Films, and post produced by MPC Amsterdam. The sound was done by Raja Sehgal from Grand Central.