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Let your pupils party

With the “complete new brand tonality and visual language” designed by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Desperados wants to show us its coolness – cause if the taste doesn’t live in your bottle, you got to create it elsewhere. With seven different, very catchy 20-second spots Desperados takes us back to the 90s with an uncomplicated look that… More.


Any place you can imagine

As ad folk we often defend our profession by saying that consumers actually like to be seduced, by offering them expectations beyond the product. We give them something to fantasize about and thus add a comfortable layer of imagination on top of their lives. The proposition of this commercial for Russian airline S7 strongly supports this… More.


The Match

A ship works well, Heineken and Wieden+Kennedy probably thought after last year’s commercial The Odyssey – in which the main character constantly changes into someone else. Different ship this time. Clearly a bit shabbier. But with some inventiveness the entire crew wears a suit at the end and is able to watch the Champion’s League in style. Heineken, after all,… More.


Storytelling Dot Yeah!

Storytelling, supposedly that’s what advertising is all about today. There’s one agency in town, Wieden+Kennedy, that has not just picked up this trend and made it its true skill. It has even turned it into a sophisticated caricature – if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Thanks to clients such as Booking.com (Booking.yeah!) who have the budget to… More.


Great things start with Netflix

Sometimes it seems as if it’s simply the pay-off that gives a concept mileage. Take the phrase “Great things start with Netflix.” This guiding phrase turns every Netflix series in an inspirational adventure. Add to that the catchy scenes and heavy, cinematic sound, and Netflix becomes the ultimate seduction. Here’s another commercial, zooming in on… More.


Virtual Snow Globe Shakers

The funny Christmas sweaters are out, snow globes are in. That is, two Amsterdam agencies created Christmas greetings by using a virtual snow globe shaker; Wieden+Kennedy (“Merry ‘Dam Xmas“) and AKQA (“Winterlands“). Both websites – that should be checked out on a mobile device to be able to shake the snow – allow you to send a… More.


Donate your voice

This crafty film called “Free Our Voices” for Child Helpline International (that uses an old but catchy trick) is to convey that the calls for help of over 150 million children stay unanswered because many child helplines don’t have the resources to properly answer all their calls. The commercial refers to an interactive online petition where you can… More.


Chasing Horizons

How to advertise the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100? Since this watch automatically adjusts to your current timezone (in three seconds – is that quick?), you could make a film about a trip around the world. This is what Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam/Tokyo did. But then in quite a nice, aesthetic way. They asked photographer Simon Roberts and ex-NATO pilot… More.


We are who we become

“Where you come from is not who you are. And where you start, is not where you finish.” With that line (written by Wieden’s account manager (!) Charlotte Jongejan), the idea of this ad instantly unfolds. The five South African kids that have conquered their problems with sports, together with the beautiful cinematography – graded… More.


Wieden+Kennedy welcomes new talent

From upper left, clockwise: Sean Condon, Emma Wiseman, Josh Chang, Rose Zandvliet, Kelsie van Deman, Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose, Edouard Olhagaray and Sebastian Partika Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is extending its interactive, creative and planning departments with no less than nine new hires! Kelsie van Deman joins as head of Interactive Production, after working for five years at Pereira… More.


Better starts now

The Japanese watch brand Citizen was founded in 1930 and with this visual brand statement it wants to shows that it never stopped moving forward. Citizen believes that “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better.” That sounds like a truism. More distinctively though Citizen also… More.