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Feel the game

We’ve covered quite a few FIFA games (here’s #14) and we know by now that EA always likes to show us how we can become part of the game. Well, this immersive 2:15 (!) director’s cut, aptly shows how Fifa 15 completely enhances the player’s gaming experience… More.


Lemz wins Grand Prix for Good

Bram Tervoort, Chester de Vries (holding the Grand Prix for Good), Mark Woerde and Niels Pel. As expected, Lemz last night won the Grand Prix for Good with Sweetie. The bold and truly creative case also won its 13th Gold (Branded Content & Entertainment) and… More.



This film is based on an insight, we learned from the press release: “50% of female solo travel enthusiasts are now more likely to holiday alone than they were five years ago, with two thirds (65%) saying they actually feel more confident when taking a trip by… More.